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The boat race at Meads Bay was just one of many during Carnival. . . .

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Carnival 98 and Boat Racing

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Boat racing is the national sport in Anguilla, and boat racing during carnival week is the high point of for the year.

Light and Peace was the race winner on Thursday at Meads Bay, followed by De Tree and UFO in third. As at all boat race events, there were food stalls along the beach, large crowds of eager spectators, music, ribs, etc. Here is another picture of the Meads Bay race--notice Malliouhana hotel in the background.
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The important August Monday boat race is held at Sandy Ground. On this day, UFO was the winner. As you can see in this photo, there are a lot of sailboats entered in the race.

August Monday is a national holiday in Anguilla, as are Thursday and Friday, so not much work gets done this week! Actually, Carnival lasts 12 days and starts on the Thursday before August Monday with fireworks, music and an opening show at Landsome Bowl in The Valley. Here is the schedule.
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And there was another important race on Wednesday from Sandy Ground to Blowing Point. Viking was the winner, with UFO in second place. As in all races, crowds of enthusiastic fans follow the race in numerous chase boats and in cars along the shore line.

On Sunday the winners of the preceding races face off in a Champion of Champions race. This is like the heavyweight crown for the year.
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Here is the start of the Champion of Champions race on Sunday. You may not be aware that these boats do not have a keel, making the handling of them quite different from standard sail boats. Bags of sand and rocks are used for ballast and can be jetisoned if necessary during the race. For an introdcution to the subject, read the book "Nuttin Bafflin".
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UFO from Island Harbour, was this year's Champion of Champions, easily winning the final race on Sunday. Stinger came in second (see picture above).

Because your reporter missed most of carnival attending the large HPWorld 98 show in San Diego, he is very grateful to Brenda Carty for sharing these pictures of boat racing during Carnival 98.

More Action During Carnival Week

But boat racing was not the only action during carnival week. Marisa Gumbs won the Miss Anguilla contest, and once again it was the candidate sponsored by National Bank of Anguilla that was victorious. Marisa wins EC $10,000 and a trip to New York or Miami on American. See the contestants.

8-year old Olufunmike Banks-Devonish and 9-year old Rhys Carter from the Gloria Omolulu Institute won the Prince and Princess Show. The title of Miss African Heritage was awarded jointly to Pamela Maynard and Noreen Gumbs. La Toyah Matthew of Little Harbour was crowned Miss Talented Teen on Tuesday night.

Mighty Springer defeated last year's Calpyso King Mighty Splinter and went on to win the Calypso Monarch title, beating out stiff competition from Antigua, St Kitts, St. Martin, and other islands. Mighty Springer's songs were "Masa Day is Past" and "Good Things We Can Do Today". Read article in The Light.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

TWA is planning to start flights from the East coast to St Martin in mid December.

Just Back from Classes in NY. Twenty Anguillians just completed a short, but concentrated learning experience in New York state. The students attended special programs in either Hospitality or Agriculture. Tom and Dawn write:

We have 20 Anguillians here now. Tom and I will attend their graduation today. They spent two weeks of intense training at our State University of New York at Cobleskill. Many compliments from the professors regarding their desire to learn.

Winner of Photo Contest. Adele Greenhut of Longmeadow, Mass won Savannah Gallery's photo contest with a beautiful depiction of Little Bay. The winning photo and the many other excellent entries from visitors are on display at the gallery, with copies for sale through August and September. Proceeds from the sale of these photos will go to Slick Carty's bid to represent Anguilla at the Special Olympics in Sydney in 2000.

Children's Craft Program is being held at Island Harbour Primary School this summer. This program is sponsored by volunteers from the ladies craft group, and organized this year by well-known artists Lynn Bernbaum and Marjorie Morani. If you have ever bought crafts from the group at the Christmas Fair and wondered what happens to the money, now you know.

American Eagle. Over the next few years they will be replacing the current ATR 42 aircraft with new ATR 72s. The ATR 72 cannot land in Anguilla unless the airport is extended by 1000 feet. American Eagle assured people that they would continue to service Anguilla.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 86F 30C 66% Humidity, Sunny August 15
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 90F 32C
Low humidity since last news report 54%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities. The upcoming period is pretty quiet, although school does restart in September.

2nd International Art Festival and Competition. Work has started on organizing a repeat of 1997's successful art festival. Artists from around the world will gather in Anguilla July 25 to August 1, 1999 (just before carnival) to soak up the ambience and create. During the week there will be workshops on pastels, oils, watercolors and stained glass, plus lectures, tours and social events. Then in February there will be a competition amoung the works created by the artists, which must have an Anguilla theme. Prizes money is US$15,000 with $10,000 for the overall winner. For more information, contact the tourist board.

Updates and Feedback

Update on the Tennis Academy. Mitch Lake and Euxodie Wallace and a few of Anguilla's young players were in St Martin recently to compare notes on Junior Tennis progress with counterparts there. After a series of friendly matches, they arranged for monthly competitions between the two islands, with the venue switching back and forth.

Question on Medical Jet Services:

My wife would like to bring her mother who is 89 and in good health. However, she is concerned about flight connections and possible emergency flight home. Is there a charter jet company operating in the area?
There is charter jet services available from Anguilla. The company is Melmic Aviation in St. Maarten. The contact is Bobby Bower, Cellular No. +599570725. He flys a Lear Jet and can evacuate to Puerto Rico or the USA.

Web Sites About Anguilla

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National Bank of Anguilla has a web site at

The Institute of Healing was created by Dorothy Martin-Neville. She has a web site at and Dotty runs intensive retreats in Anguilla. Here email is

Caribbean Travel Roundup has a long and detailed May trip report by Joe Gavula, who stayed at the Boathouse villa and dined all over the island. Plus a first visit report by Steve Barrymore, who also ate all over Anguilla, but spent the last night at B&D's BBQ along side the road at Long Bay. On Fri. and Sat. night a lady (Bernice) sets up plastic tables in her front yard and serves BBQ. Total bill for 2 of us was $12! This was a great meal! .

Bali Hai Villa has a new web page address

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Pumphouse - The People's Place

[Click to enlarge crowd at The Pumphouse] " Jah lives!", the crowd chants repeatedly after the Reggae Groovers end their rendition of Tony Rebel’s mega hit If Jah. This is the usual scene at The Pumphouse on a Saturday night where patrons are entertained by the local group Reggae Groovers.

Nestled between the Salt Pond and the Sandy Ground beach is the ever popular Pumphouse, where lots of people gather almost nightly to relax , dine, sip on cocktails, and be entertained by Anguilla’s local live bands.

[Click to enlarge Laurie Gumbs]

The Pumphouse is owned and operated by Laurie and Gabi Gumbs. It opened its doors to the public on 4th August, 1995. The site is rich in history in that it was home to the Anguilla Road Salt Company Factory which in its time was the main export of Anguilla.

Laurie Gumbs, the owner has managed to restore some of the equipment which was used in the salt production process and has them displayed at his bar, his intention being to create a ‘Mini Salt Industry Museum’. During the tourist season, the archaeological society arranges tours of the site.

The Pumphouse has 7 staff members, his wife and himself included. The entire staff is kept very busy catering to their patrons’ needs. The Pumphouse boasts an extremely impressive well-stocked bar. You can get the drink of your choice all at very reasonable prices. There is also the ‘Pumphouse Rum Punch’, which is the house drink , and very tasty, the ingredients of which only the staff members are privileged to know.

The Pumphouse!

The menu may be informally chalked on the wall, the food is absolutely delicious. Read this earlier news report on their food.

During the tourist season, there is nightly entertainment five nights a week. On Tuesday nights the house dee-jay offers ‘Pumphouse rock’ which includes alternative music and rock ballads from the most famous rock bands. Wednesday nights are for the reggae lovers. Hotshot and his band Hod Nox plays their reggae favorites much to the delight and enjoyment of the patrons. For all those who enjoy Spanish music, Thursday nights are the ‘Meringue Magic’ nights. One can dance the night away to the melodious music of Keith and Raphael. Friday nights again there is the Pumphouse rock by the house dee-jay and it all ends on Saturday night with the ‘Reggae Groovers’ belting out reggae hits which usually has the crowd on its feet begging for more.

At present, during the off-peak season, there is entertainment three nights a week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Pumphouse is opened nightly from 7:00pm to 2:00am and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Guest article and photos by Monique Ragbir

Visitor Feedback

Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting message that came in recently:

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 20:29:39 -0700
Subject: Comments from recent trip

We just returned from a lovely week on Anguilla. We used your website ahead of time to get a lot of ideas on what to do. Coming in July during the off season is highly recommended. The weather was gorgeous, no crowds and never a problem with dinner reservations. You just have to know when some are closed.

Mead Bay was just right to stay at. It's quiet and the beach is beautiful. Olivers, Blanchards and Mangos are nearby and you can't go wrong with any of these. We're sending Oliver some Old Bay seasoning from Baltimore so you might be surprised at some new dishes soon. Spend a day at Shoal Bay. It's more active, the beach is pretty and you get to eat Uncle Ernie's HOT ribs.

We found our best dining experiences were when we went to the owned and operated ones and always met the owners. This also included Straw Hat, Arlo's and Gorgeous Scilly Cay. I recommend driving out by the airport to the silver trailer for some chicken with rice and peas. I took this back to Carimar Beach Club, and enjoyed watching the sailboats with a cold Carib from the balcony. Also did the same thing with Chinese from the Landing Strip.

Everyone on the island was so friendly from passerbys to shopkeepers that you didn't want to leave. We did take the ferry to St. Martin only to return just one hour later. We missed the tranquility. I would have wanted to try Leduc's but understand the owner was in an accident. I hope he is OK. I also had a very good diving experience with Anguillan Divers. Feel free to pass my comments onto your readers. I know other comments I read helped me plan my trip. Keep up the good work on your website. We'll be returning.

David and Shirlee Morris

Read more email from visitors. is On Summer Break

With the end of Carnival week, the Anguilla Local News is taking a short summer vacation. We will still publish a truncated edition of the news every two weeks, but we won't be updating the indeces and cross-references. The next major issue is scheduled for October, with lots of news about the upcoming high season.

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