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[Click to enlarge Louis Price] One of the most enthusiastic and fit people here is Louis Price, registered massage therapist and personal trainer, and now he has a new clinic. Some people can't go without their workout, even when on vacation. Louis is perfect for them. He will bring the workout to your hotel or villa. All you need is a shaded porch or couyrtyard and Louis brings the mats and runs you through a personalized exercise workout, focusing on strength and aerobics, followed by a massage if you like.
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His clinic has massage table and workout room where he does private personal training and groups of 2 or 3. He also does a lot of massage work at hotels and deep tissue massage work at the hospital. Business is booming and Louis would like to build a facility large enough to hold exercise classes. Louis is from Canada but has lived in Anguilla for several years, married, and put down roots.

Here is Louis with one of his private clients, Pastor Ambrose of the Christian Fellowship Church (on the road to Blowing Point).

Directions: Louis has moved his clinic from Rey Hill to the main road in "Water Swamp" (1/4 mile east of the Sandy Ground roundabout), in the building that used to house the Studio Beauty Spa. Telephone: 1-264-497-3962.  Revised: July 30, 1998

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