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[Click to enlarge view of Ship's Galley] Ship's Galley is a fun local place on Sandy Ground beach. It is owned and operated by Mike Carty, out front at the bar, and his wife Norita and daughter Marie in the kitchen preparing Creole and Continental dishes.

With their location right on the beach, their umbrellas and lounge chairs, plus the colorful tropic decor, this is a fun place that sells a lot of cold drinks and filling food to thirsty, hungry boaters and swimmers. And they have a beach volleyball court too!

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations recommended for dinner. Closed Thursday. Modestly Priced (see May 1998 menus below). They also cater weddings and parties. Telephone: 1-264-497-2040.

Lunch Menu
Onion or Chicken Soup 5.00
Fish Soup 6.00
Conch Chowder 7.00
Vegetarian 7.50
Tuna 9.00
Lobster 16.00
Shrimp 18.00
Chicken 10.00
Pate 5.00
Salami 4.00
Tuna 5.00
Ham and Cheese 4.50
Chicken 5.00
Lobster 6.00
Burger 6.00
Burger and Chips 10.00
Cheeseburger and Chips 11.50
Chicken and Chips 12.00
Fish and Chips 14.00
Spaghetti 10.00
Curried Chicken 14.00
Curried Goat 15.00
Crab and Rice 16.00
Fish Special 16.00
[Click to enlarge view of Ship's Galley]
Cake of the Day 4.00
Sly Lemon Pie 5.00
Chocolate Mousse 5.00
Cheese Cake 4.50
Tea or Coffee 1.75
Expresso 2.25
US Dollars. 15% service charge is added on.

Dinner Menu
Corn on the Cob 6.00
Fish Cakes 5.00
Curried Conch 10.00
Whelks 10.00
Conch Ceviche 10.00
Crab 10.00
Vegetarian 7.50
Tuna 9.00
Lobster 16.00
Shrimp 18.00
Fish Soup "Provincale" 6.00
Onion Soup "Gratinee" 5.00
Chicken Soup "Anguillian" 5.00
Apple Soup "Anguillian" 6.00
Carrot Soup "Anguillian" 6.00
Conch Chowder "Anguillian" 7.00
Peanut Soup "Anguillian" 6.00
Pork Chop 16.00
Chicken "Ships Galley" 15.00
Gammon Steak (with pineapple) 18.00
Steal Charcoal (grilled with onions) 23.00
Green Pepper Steak 25.00
Conch Curried 20.50
Conch Scallop 18.00
Whelks 22.00
Shrimp "Italiano" 30.00
Crab "Ships Galley" 26.00
Fish in Shell "St. Jacques" 18.00
Fish in Creol Sauce 22.00
Stew Fish 23.00
Red Snapper (in Lemon Butter and Herb) 18.00
Red Snapper Charcoal Grilled (in Garlic Butter) 20.00
Lobster "Ships Galley" 30.00
Lobster Thermidor (Specialty) 35.00
Grilled Lobster (with Garlic Butter or Lemon and Herb) 28.00
Seafood Platter 38.00
Cake of the Day 4.00
Cheese Cake 4.50
Ships Galley Tart 7.00
Chocolate Mousse 5.00
Sly Lemon Pie 5.00
Frozen Lemon Pie 5.00
Tea or Coffee 1.75
Expresso 2.25
Blanc de Blanc, P Dourthe
Chardonnay, P Dourthe
Chateau Grange Neuve, Entre-Deux-Mars
Chablis 1995, La Chablisienne


Cotes De Provence, Tonic Cadou
Cotes De Provence, St Tropez


Rouge, P Dourthe
Cabernet Sauvignon, P Dourthe
Gamay de Touraine Dmme Charmoise
Beaujolais Villages, Chateau Souzy


Grandin Brut, Methode Champenoise
Charles Laureno, Brut
US Dollars. 15% service charge is added on.

Breakfast Menu
Fried Eggs 4.50
Boiled Eggs 4.00
Scrambled Eggs 6.00
Ham and Eggs 7.00
Bacon and Eggs 7.50
Salami and Eggs 6.50
Spanish Omelette 8.50
Italian Omelette 9.00
Ships Galley Omelette 10.00
(all egg dishes served with toast, butter and jam)
French Toast 3.50 Pancakes 4.00
Juices (orange, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, tomato or cranberry) 2.50
Tea or Coffee 1.75 Expresso 1.25
US Dollars. 15% service charge is added on.

 Revised: July 30, 1998

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