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Sandy Ground Beach and Village

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Sandy Ground is the closest thing Anguilla has to a lively tropical seaport. (Note: First photo above was taken in 2013. Second photo was taken in 2001)

A working port, this is a beach and village with character and charm. The locals are friendly and inviting, and the bay is often dotted with sailboats and yachts that are exploring the Caribbean. This is also where our weekly containers carrying all of our goods unloads.

On the beach, you have the popular Elvis' Beach Bar, the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club (they will rent you Hobie's that you can take on a leisurely sail around the bay), Body & Soul rental apartments, Sammy's BBQ (ribs are the best!), Johnno's (I recommend the whole fish), Maria's Villas, Dolce Vita, Sand Bar, Barrel Stay and Roy's.

Roy's is one of our absolute favorite restaurants on the island. Fish & chips are delightful, as are the steak skewers and their Sunday roast. Wonderful.

One road in the from the beach you have Pumphouse (Thursdays really get busy here) , Sea View rentals, Sydans, Ripples, Kenny's BBQ, Bijoux Boutique and Lynne Bernbaum's art gallery.

Surrounding the area's large salt pond (which was once used for salt mining), you have special spots like Bonjour Cafe and Pineapple Gallery.

There is so much to do and see in Sandy Ground. If you are looking for a fun beach with local character, visit Sandy Ground.

For A Picture Of Sandy Ground Circa 2001, Keep Reading...

When you mention Sandy Ground to people, the first thing they usually think of is Johnnos night spot. But there is so much more. Actually, Sandy Ground is the area between North Hill and South Hill at the head of Road Bay. It has a beach and a salt pond and a narrow spit of land in between which holds a village, bars, restaurants, customs house, piers, even a small luxury cottage resort!

Let's start at the northern end. Last place on the main drive is the ice plant for the long-lines fishing project. To the left is the end of the beach and a pile of discarded conch shells (the best ones can be purchased from the resident of the small house next to the discard pile). Just around the corner to the right and up the hill at the first driveway are the Bay View Studio Apartments. Great view and nice prices.

Going back toward South Hill and the entry to the village, you come to the Pumphouse bar and restaurant. Reasonable food at reasonable prices and good company. Next is Sea View, which offer two-bedroom and one-bedroom accomodations, with kitchen, across the street from the beach and Sandy Deep Dive Shop. (snorkel gear, beach wear and charters on their new boat). Next door is the Body and Soul guesthouse, sailor's Internet cafe, juice bar and fitness center.
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Next along the road is friendly Sydans Guest House with studio and one-bedroom apartments, with air conditioning if you need it. Next is the much-photographed and painted White House and across from it on the waterfront is the parking lot and driveway for Johnnos and the Customs House with police pier. This is where you usually catch boats to Prickley Pear Cays, such as the catamaran Chocolat.

Back to the main road where we might meet some goats, a few steps brings us to Ripples Restaurant and their popular bar. Then we reach the driveway toward the beach where Ships Galley serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus cold drinks right on the sand.

Our next stop is Maire Richardson's La Palma Guest House and Restaurant, right on the waterfront. But keep a sharp lookout for the it -- the sign is tiny.

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Continuing west, we come to the Barrel Stay restaurant and Ian's Chandlery (need some parts for your boat?). By the way, Sandy Ground is the place where traditional Anguillian boat races usually start and/or or end.

The village road terminates at the main road which comes down from the roundabout on South Hill. If you were driving down the hill, you would pass Jerry Brown's nursery, La Veranda restaurant, the Old Manse and the Anguilla Rums plant, then drive along the edge of the salt pond. You get into the village by turning right along the salt pond, ignoring the huge signs that point to the left for the trucks! If you contined straight ahead instead, you would pass 3 C's grocery, . just before the pier. on the same road as Anguilla's small container pier and the Le Saint Claira French restaurant.

On the other side of the pier the western end of the beach Pelican Villas with private pool and tennis court, plus the Mariners resort. And don't forget the Pineapple Gallery.
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Directions: From the west end hotels, take the main road east until you reach the first roundabout. Turn left, head down the hill, past the salt pond on your left, and turn right where all the arrows suggest you should keep left! If you continue to the north end of the village and follow the gravel road along the pond, you will pass the Green Cuisine greenhouses, the old well (still working) and the Road Well Cafe, returning to the main road near Anguilla Rums.

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