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[Click to enlarge flame tree] Summer is the time when the flame trees bloom, and this summer they are extravagently in bloom. The flame tree is also called the flamoyant or poinciana. It is distinguished by its bright red flowers and long feathery, fern-like green leaves. In the winter, when most people visit the island, the leaves drop off and you notice the distinctive flat seed pods up to 2 feet long that hang from the bare branches.
[Click to enlarge yellow flame tree]

Flame trees usually have a bright red bloom, but there are also yellow flame trees. The one pictured here is located by the traffic light at George Hill Landing.

Here is a picture of another flame tree, located in in Blowing Point. There are also some nice flame trees along the street to Koal Keel restaurant in The Valley.  Revised: July 22, 19100

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