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Anguilla has comfortable temperature and humidity levels year round. For example, on Saturday March 29th, 1997 at 10:10 am the sky is sunny an the temperature is 81 F (it got down to 74 F during the night). The best weather in Anguilla is probably April-May and October-November. Winter temperature is usually around 80 degrees. Summer temperatures vary from 80-85 degrees with humidity around 60-75%. Very nice summer weather, compared to the east coast of the United States.
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For on-line Anguilla weather forecasts, try

Here is an excellent page on Anguilla weather.

In Anguilla, the average high June temperature of 86F is only 4 degrees above December's 82F. (Source: CN Traveller)

The Anguilla Local News has been tracking the minimum and maximum temperatures and the humidity for over a year. You can link back through the news issues to see what it has been, but the results are pretty boring. It is almost always nice! Anguilla averages about 40 inches of rain per year, which is semi-arid. Most of it falls in sudden tropical downpours or in nightly showers.

Summer Weather. Here is an email exchange from July 15th, 1997:

Message: Hi. Today the temperature in Anguilla is 86 and the humidity is 69%. How is it in Minnesota?

Reply: Today we are pushing 90F, humidity is in the 80% range, tomorrow is warmer and higher humidity! Minnesota wins!

Thunderstorms! July, 1997 had some impressive thunderstorms, which blew out modems, and a few rainy tropical wave days, but was generally nice. We in Anguilla are spoiled, however. The temperature rose above our normal 85F to hit 88F last week and many locals were complaining of the heat. Humidity has been steady around 60% to 68%. Humidity rises to 90% in the middle of a tropical downpour, so I have stopped reporting "maximum humidity in the last 30 days" since it is meaningless. The "lowest humidity" value is a better indicator of comfort.

Hurricane Season. From a recent email message:

    I'm having trouble locating the hurricane season for Anguilla and 
    the best and worst months to vacation. Can you help?
Hurricane season starts in June and runs until November. In 1996 we had a small hurricane in early July, which is very unusual. Statistically, the vast majority of Caribbean storms occur during the 2-week period centered around September 10th. That is why many hotels close for the month of September.

For information during Hurricane season, check Gobeach, Weather Underground or ATWC

When a hurricane crosses a Caribbean island, communications becomes very difficult. The most useful source for Anguilla information during a hurricane is the Anguilla Mailing List. Another useful web site is the Caribbean Hurricane Home Page, which has reports from correspondents on many islands.

Water Tempertures?

Thomas Peabody of the The Dive Shop sent this information on water temperatures:
I've been keeping rough track for the last 8-10 years of our local water temperatures, especially since the advent of accurate multi-level dive computers. I've consistently noted during August-October water temps averaging 82F-84F. These high temps are required to bring about the algae blooms so critical to keeping the food chain happy and balanced.

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