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[Click for larger view of UFO winning race] Island Harbour's own UFO won the round-the-island boat race on Anguilla Day, 1997. The race started in Sandy Ground, went around the east end of Anguilla, then around west end and back to Sandy Ground. This pictures shows a typical winning move -- as the boats approach Island Harbour, UFO sails right in among the dangerous reefs, tacking only at the last possible moment and missing disaster by yards. But, this maneuver gives UFO a longer run before having to tack and suddenly UFO has a substantial lead. (At least that is how it appears from the shore!).

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Update: There was a special boat race on July 27th, 1997 from Sandy Ground to Grand Case in St. Martin, continuing to Blowing Point, and back to Sandy Ground. The "UFO" from Island Harbour won the prizes for all four legs of the race. UFO also managed to win two of the big races during the 1997 Carnival week in August, but broke a boom at the start of the Champion of Champions race.

There is a good on-line article on Boat Racing in Anguilla by Judith-Anne Sadler at this web site.  Revised: March 17, 1999





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