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"Nuttin Bafflin" - The Story of the Anguilla Racing Boat

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[Nuttin Bafflin'] Another fantastic new book on Anguilla has been published-- this one is about the history, theory, and practice of Boat Races, the national sport. "Nuttin Bafflin" by David Carty, the well-known Anguillian boat builder, is packed with well-written and interesting history and anecdotes, going back to the 17th century. This book gives a fascinating insight into a unique national enthusiasm that is central to the Anguillian culture. And it is fun to read. The title, "Nuttin Bafflin", is boat talk meaning "no bad winds ahead". If a 'flaw' or puff of wind is coming across the surface of the sea towards the boat, the way the fine surface ripples appear allow it to be read. A baffling flaw is one that comes at a boat almost head-on and will surely head the boat away from the finish if it hits.
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1997 Easter Race.
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Read this book to find out the history that makes sailing such a part of the Anguillian psyche. Do you wonder what keeps these open boats from capsizing? The secret is in the Captain's foot, but you will have to read the book to discover why. The book is $10US and is only available in Anguilla. You can buy a copy with you VISA card by phoning Olive Hodge at the Anguilla Drug Store at 264-497-2738 and she will mail it to you.

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