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Looking for an out-of-the-way beach that is still near The Valley and on a reasonable road? . . .

[Click to enlarge view of Limestone Bay]
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Hidden Anguilla: Limestone Bay

Limestone Bay is about 100 yards of scenic perfection on a rocky coast. Ideal for picnics, there is even a tree or two for shade. The surf can be treacherous here on the north coast, but it was calm and swimmable when we took these pictures.
[Click to enlarge view of Limestone beach]

Directions: drive up Coronation past Ashley's, Public Works and Koal Keel restaurant to the top of the hill, where you turn right on a paved road that dips down into a small valley and back up. Follow this road until it dead ends at Limestone Bay, resisting a tempting turn to the right along the way and passing Little Bay on the left shortly after the last house.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Miss Anguilla Wins Miss Ecstasy Contest. There was a regional beauty contest at Landsome Bowl last weekend, won by Karen Ross, Miss Anguilla.

Telecommunicatons Seminar. The Government of Anguilla and the CTU (Caribbean Telecommunications Union) held a 2-day seminar recently on the changing world of telecoms. The meetings were in the auditorium upstairs of the library.

UK Passports? According to this article on the BBC web site, the UK is leaning toward giving British Passports to those in the remaining "Overseas Territories", including Anguilla

Carnival Has Started, with 10 straight days of boat races, dances, music, parades, and night life. Here is the schedule and links to more information.

Historian Colville Petty was featured in American Way magazine recently:

Visitors to Anguilla can savor the island's rich history and culture simply by paying a visit to Colville Petty. The historian, author and longtime collector of island memorabilia, operates his own museum, called the Heritage Collection at his home in Pond Ground.

Petty's small but informative attraction spans the entire range of Anguilla's history, including its Amerindian days and the 1967 revolution when it seceded from a federation with St. Kitts to become a dependent British territory. The bloodless revolution turned the eyes of the world to the tiny Caribbean island, which was nicknamed "The Mouse That Roared." Photographs of British troops landing on its shores and island currency that was never put into circulation recall the rebellion, as do Petty's personal stories, which he gladly shares.

For more information, call 1-264-497-4440 or email.

Boot Camp 98 continues at the computer club, with the children scanning pictures from home and writing small essays to be turned into web pages. Now you can read the entire history of the club on this web page.

Mitchell Harrigan is New Police Commissioner. Read about it in Issue 254 of The Light, Anguilla's weekly newspaper, where you can also read about 4 visiting students from Italy and 20 Anguillians studying at NYU this summer.

Flame Trees

[Click to enlarge flame tree] Summer is the time when the flame trees bloom, and this summer they are extravagently in bloom. The flame tree is also called the flamboyant or poinciana. It is distinguished by its bright red flowers and long feathery, fern-like green leaves. In the winter, when most people visit the island, the leaves drop off and you notice the distinctive flat seed pods up to 2 feet long that hang from the bare branches.
[Click to enlarge yellow flame tree]

Flame trees usually have a bright red bloom, but there are also yellow flame trees. The one pictured here is located by the traffic light at George Hill Landing.

Here is a picture of another flame tree, located in in Blowing Point. There are also some nice flame trees along the street to Koal Keel restaurant in The Valley.

Take the Elevator to a World of Surprise

[Click to enlarge view of xxxx] Ashley and Sons grocery has the Anguilla's first elevator. And it takes you up from the groceries floor to a whole new floor of general merchandise: dishes, party favours, toys, ... everything a general store ought to carry!

Directions: The elevator is easy to overlook. When you enter the store, it is on the right, past the weekly specials. Ashley's store is located in The Valley, between Landsome Bowl and the Basketball court.

Updates and Feedback

Feedback on Scilly Cay:
We had the best vacation ever on this beautiful island with the nicest people we have ever met! The only thing that could have made it better would have been sharing it with our children. Well, maybe not :)

On our way to the airport to head back to Dublin, Ohio, we decided that we wanted to end our visit with a wonderful reminder of Anguilla and stopped in to say goodbye to Eudoxie and have one of Scilly Cay's fabulous rum punch drinks. We had the most pleasant conversation with him for about an hour and really enjoyed getting to know him and learning more about this wonderful place.

Hopefully, we'll be back soon!

Karen and Wayne Lane

Taxis Don't Queue at Hotels. In many countries, the taxis queue outside hotels and restaurants where they are likely to catch a fare. In Anguilla they queue at the airport and Blowing Point ferry terminal, although you sometimes see a few at Shoal Bay. If you need a taxi, ask someone at the front desk to call you one, they will know the number of a driver living in the area. The taxi's in Anguilla do not have meters, but don't be alarmed. The fares are all established by section. For example, Blowing Point to The Valley is US$12. For the complete list of fares, check this web page.

Feedback about Blue Waters on Shoal Bay West. Geri Nebor posted this recommendation on the Travel Talk Forum:

We recently stayed at Blue Waters Beach Apartments on Shoal Bay West. You asked about reasonably priced places to stay ... this is it! Off season, one bedroom condo directly on a lovely beach (around the corner from Cap Juluca) is only $125.00/night plus 8% tax and 15% service. We had a second floor unit (0nly 9 total) and loved how the front opened completely to the sea ... nice balcony. Every morning we had our coffee on the beach with no one else in sight (of course we are early risers), but this was typical the entire day. The landscaping is exceptional, especially for a small property, complete privacy and a wonderful quiet beach (actually all the beaches are quiet on Anguilla). Call Carolyn at 264-497-6292 or FAX 264-497-6982.

Non-Stop Action at Tennis Camp

[Click to enlarge view of xxxx] Can you imagine 250 local children filling the courts of the Malliouhana and Carimar resorts? Well, that is what happened this summer at Tennis Camp 98. The camp is the creation of Mitch Lake who convinced four teammates from Gardner-Webb University to come to Anguilla and coach for a week: Murray Wellington of Perth Australia, Jason Allen, Brad Burgess and Timothy Parker. Then he convinced the hotels to donate use of their world class tennis courts for the week. The turnout and enthusiasm awed the instructors from the USA.

The picture here shows children wearing the Anguilla Tennis t-shirts and caps that were donated by Carson Products and Caribbean Silk Screen.

This is the 3rd year of Summer Tennis Camp in Anguilla and this year it is bigger than ever. The public courts at Ronald Webster Park now have lights so that they can be used at night (thanks to the tennis lovers of Anguilla and all the donors who made this possible). Marc Grenouilleau, a French tennis pro from St. Martin, visited the camp and is now working on a tournament for the young players of Anguilla, St. Martin and St. Maarten.

The tennis camp has its own web page at and Mitch is busy planning more tennis activities for Anguilla in the future.

Read earlier news about the tennis camp.

Louis Price: Mr. Enthusiasm

[Click to enlarge Louis Price] One of the most enthusiastic and fit people here is Louis Price, registered massage therapist and personal trainer, and now he has a new clinic. Some people can't go without their workout, even when on vacation. Louis is perfect for them. He will bring the workout to your hotel or villa. All you need is a shaded porch or couyrtyard and Louis brings the mats and runs you through a personalized exercise workout, focusing on strength and aerobics, followed by a massage if you like.
[Click to enlarge Louis Price]

His clinic has massage table and workout room where he does private personal training and groups of 2 or 3. He also does a lot of massage work at hotels and deep tissue massage work at the hospital. Business is booming and Louis would like to build a facility large enough to hold exercise classes. Louis is from Canada but has lived in Anguilla for several years, married, and put down roots.

Here is Louis with one of his private clients, Pastor Ambrose of the Christian Fellowship Church (on the road to Blowing Point).

Directions: Louis has moved his clinic from Rey Hill to the main road in "Water Swamp" (1/4 mile east of the Sandy Ground roundabout), in the building that used to house the Studio Beauty Spa. Telephone: 1-264-497-3962.

Web Sites About Anguilla

Room for Rent in Waterswamp/Old Ta private home, for 1 adult, as of Sep 21. US$200/mo, plus phone and water (if cistern goes dry). A very private and quiet area, centrally located.

Anguilla is for Children! Recently there have been some postings on AOL suggesting that there is "nothing for children to do" in Anguilla. While it is true that Anguilla doesn't have a Disney World with canned entertainments, if you open your mind to activities where the child participates, there are dozens of things to do: hike, explore, waterski, snorkel, swim, visit the computer club, tennis, body surf, sail, boat to deserted offshore cays, and much more. Here is a web site recording the adventures of two boys, 9 and 12, who visited Anguilla for 5 weeks this summer. They ran out of time before running out of things to do.

Summer Shutdowns. Here is a list of restaurant closing dates, courtesy of the AHTA.

Conde Nast Anguilla Site. CN's Traveller magazine is one of the better travel publications and they have an Anguilla section on their web site. Unfortunately, the information is considerably out of date and incomplete.

Email Addresses:

Historian Colville Petty:
Bill fishing charter boat Rampoosin:
Teacher Kathy Sotiaux:
Computer Club Helper Eulanda Dupie:

Click to get current water temperature map

Water Temperature Map. Visit this web page for a current map of the water temperatures around North America and the Caribbean. Very interesting.

Tropical Storm Alex is the first storm of the season. It is out in the Atlantic, drifting eastward toward the islands at 18 MPH, having trouble developing. Follow its progress on the or web site.

Finding Anguilla Info. Indirectly, this page links to all known Anguilla web sites, including the many articles in the Anguilla Local News. The three year news archive can be searched by key word:

There is a site map at the bottom of all news pages, with fast links to selected news articles by topic. And, there are so many web pages on Anguilla that we have gathered them into an "Internet Yellow Pages" by topic.

Ship's Galley Restaurant

[Click to enlarge view of Ship's Galley] Ship's Galley is a fun local place on Sandy Ground beach. It is owned and operated by Mike Carty, out front at the bar, and his wife Norita and daughter Marie in the kitchen preparing Creole and Continental dishes.

With their location right on the beach, their umbrellas and lounge chairs, plus the colorful tropic decor, this is a fun place that sells a lot of cold drinks and filling food to thirsty, hungry boaters and swimmers. And they have a beach volleyball court too!

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations recommended for dinner. Closed Thursday. Modestly Priced (see May 1998 menus below). They also cater weddings and parties. Telephone: 1-264-497-2040.

Lunch Menu
Onion or Chicken Soup 5.00
Fish Soup 6.00
Conch Chowder 7.00
Vegetarian 7.50
Tuna 9.00
Lobster 16.00
Shrimp 18.00
Chicken 10.00
Pate 5.00
Salami 4.00
Tuna 5.00
Ham and Cheese 4.50
Chicken 5.00
Lobster 6.00
Burger 6.00
Burger and Chips 10.00
Cheeseburger and Chips 11.50
Chicken and Chips 12.00
Fish and Chips 14.00
Spaghetti 10.00
Curried Chicken 14.00
Curried Goat 15.00
Crab and Rice 16.00
Fish Special 16.00
[Click to enlarge view of Ship's Galley]
Cake of the Day 4.00
Sly Lemon Pie 5.00
Chocolate Mousse 5.00
Cheese Cake 4.50
Tea or Coffee 1.75
Expresso 2.25
US Dollars. 15% service charge is added on.

Dinner Menu
Corn on the Cob 6.00
Fish Cakes 5.00
Curried Conch 10.00
Whelks 10.00
Conch Ceviche 10.00
Crab 10.00
Vegetarian 7.50
Tuna 9.00
Lobster 16.00
Shrimp 18.00
Fish Soup "Provincale" 6.00
Onion Soup "Gratinee" 5.00
Chicken Soup "Anguillian" 5.00
Apple Soup "Anguillian" 6.00
Carrot Soup "Anguillian" 6.00
Conch Chowder "Anguillian" 7.00
Peanut Soup "Anguillian" 6.00
Pork Chop 16.00
Chicken "Ships Galley" 15.00
Gammon Steak (with pineapple) 18.00
Steal Charcoal (grilled with onions) 23.00
Green Pepper Steak 25.00
Conch Curried 20.50
Conch Scallop 18.00
Whelks 22.00
Shrimp "Italiano" 30.00
Crab "Ships Galley" 26.00
Fish in Shell "St. Jacques" 18.00
Fish in Creol Sauce 22.00
Stew Fish 23.00
Red Snapper (in Lemon Butter and Herb) 18.00
Red Snapper Charcoal Grilled (in Garlic Butter) 20.00
Lobster "Ships Galley" 30.00
Lobster Thermidor (Specialty) 35.00
Grilled Lobster (with Garlic Butter or Lemon and Herb) 28.00
Seafood Platter 38.00
Cake of the Day 4.00
Cheese Cake 4.50
Ships Galley Tart 7.00
Chocolate Mousse 5.00
Sly Lemon Pie 5.00
Frozen Lemon Pie 5.00
Tea or Coffee 1.75
Expresso 2.25
Blanc de Blanc, P Dourthe
Chardonnay, P Dourthe
Chateau Grange Neuve, Entre-Deux-Mars
Chablis 1995, La Chablisienne


Cotes De Provence, Tonic Cadou
Cotes De Provence, St Tropez


Rouge, P Dourthe
Cabernet Sauvignon, P Dourthe
Gamay de Touraine Dmme Charmoise
Beaujolais Villages, Chateau Souzy


Grandin Brut, Methode Champenoise
Charles Laureno, Brut
US Dollars. 15% service charge is added on.

Breakfast Menu
Fried Eggs 4.50
Boiled Eggs 4.00
Scrambled Eggs 6.00
Ham and Eggs 7.00
Bacon and Eggs 7.50
Salami and Eggs 6.50
Spanish Omelette 8.50
Italian Omelette 9.00
Ships Galley Omelette 10.00
(all egg dishes served with toast, butter and jam)
French Toast 3.50 Pancakes 4.00
Juices (orange, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, tomato or cranberry) 2.50
Tea or Coffee 1.75 Expresso 1.25
US Dollars. 15% service charge is added on.

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