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Where Can You Discover This?

This photo collage shows a beach, a natural stone bridge, a crashed plane, an ancient water-catchment cistern, and an abandoned hotel. Where in Anguilla can you find them? Want to go on a vicarious exploration?

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Maps, to keep your from getting lost.
Pitch Apple Hole, fossil home of the extinct 'Giant Rat'.
Captains Bay, for a perfect remote picnic.
A Quaint Little Church, lovingly restored.
'What Is It?', a challenge for those who think they know Anguilla.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

UFO wins the Boat Races! UFO is the boat from Island Harbour that is always a contender. And the Anguilla Day Boat Race is one of the big ones--all the way around the island. It starts in Sandy Ground, heads east against the wind, toward Island Harbour, shoots through the narrow and dangerous passage between Scrub Island and Windward Point, then with the wind down the south coast, around Anguillita island and back into the wind for the final stretch to Sandy Ground. This year the winner was UFO, which was also victorious in the warm up race from Sandy Ground to Shoal Bay on the previous weekend. Congratulations. For more on boat racing, follow the links.

New Radio and TV Stations! Well not actually new, but reborn. Check out 105.7 FM and live TV on channels 3 and 9 (not on cable) for the broadcast offerings from West Indies International Network, whose studio and antennas were destroyed in 1995 by Hurricane Luis. in Anguilla

click to enlarge club airco
Airco at the Computer Club. Just as summer is about to start, the Anguilla Library Computer Club has managed to get a 5-ton air conditioner installed. This should be sufficient for 20 computers and 40 students, and is only possible due to a very generous donation from one of the owners at CoveCastles Resort.

The Anguilla Search Engine. Brilliant Anguillian physicist Julian Niles has created, a custom search engine just for Anguilla. Give it a try right now. Just type some key words such as "explore beach", then click the Search button.

Enter some key words to search by:

Cap Juluca Wins Award. The resort has received this year's American Express/CHA Environmental Award for Stewardship.

When the Cat's Away is a comedy to be performed by the Sunshine Theatre Company at Ruthwill Auditorium, starting June 4-5-6 and repeating the next weekend. Starts at 8pm (they are usually quite punctual), fee at the door is EC$25, and lawyer Elson Gaskin is playing one of the characters!

Slick Prepares for Paralympics

[Click to enlarge view of Slick Carty] "Slick" Carty of Anguilla needs your support and donations in order to attend the Paralympics in Sydney Australia in the Year 2000. Slick plans to compete in track and field and, if he can get sufficient coaching, in tennis too (but only the top 16 in the world get to compete in tennis).

Slick's real name is Euclid, and his job is inspecting vehicles at Public Works. He has been confined to a wheel chair for the past 11 years due to a motor accident.

Slick needs $20,000 for special sports wheelchairs, which cost $5,000 each, coaching, plane tickets, etc. Any excess funds will go into a foundation for Anguillian sports, so don't hold back!

Cable and Wireless kicked things off with a $1000 US donation and Cap Juluca topped that with a special donation of $3500 (see picture). Persons wishing to make donations, get more information, or help in any way, contact Slick at 264-497-6809, or 497-2652, or just wire your donation to account 7552771 at the Caribbean Commercial Bank.

In the USA you may call Chris Zizza at 254R Hillside Avenue, Unit #1, Needham, Mass 02194, 781-433-0369, email Chris and his wife Heidi got involved while visiting Anguilla last month. When they heard about Slick, they called him from Madeariman Reef restaurant on Shoal Bay and immediately offered a $500 donation. Then Pressure King donated all his umbrella rentals from the last week in January 1999 (that is a busy week).

The Paralympics is an elite athletic competition. A simple way you can help out is to buy a Slick T-shirt for $20. They are available at Madeariman Reef restaurant, Public Works in The Valley, or Slick's family business, C&C Fashions on the main road in South Hill.

The Coffee Lovers Guide to Anguilla

Coffee in the Caribbean? Why would you want to drink a hot drink in a hot climate? For one, you're addicted, just admit it. Secondly, because the steamy brew on your insides will make your outsides feel cooler as the ocean breezes swirl around you. And if Anguilla is your Paradise of choice, then you're in luck because there are many delightful coffee spots that you can sample here.

The first stop on the tour is Ranny & Joe's Anguilla Ice-cream Parlour located in the Old Cotton Gin complex in The Valley. The name, however, gives no indication of the delicious cappuccinos that await you inside. Unlike many overpriced cafés in the US, a cappuccino can be had at this Anguillian café for less than US$2. They also make excellent iced cappuccinos and have a quaint patio in front where you can observe Anguillian life at your own pace.

To get your caffeine fix before or after swimming and sunbathing, head to Madeariman Reef Restaurant at the main entrance to Shoal Bay Beach, opposite Uncle Ernie's. Watch the pelicans and seagulls dive for their lunch while you relax after yours, drinking your comforting java. This is an excellent place to associate the coffee drink of your choice with reggae, friendly faces and the constant crashing of the ocean waves instead of the ringing telephones, cranky co-workers and the fluorescent lighting of an office.

Anther secret coffee retreat is Coconuts restaurant at La Sirena Hotel. This casual bistro serves up coffee, cappuccino, or espresso in a pool-side setting. The proprietor and staff of Coconuts are very friendly and sincere in making your time there as soothing and satisfying as the coffee you are drinking.

If you're the type who drinks a cup before you go to bed, you want to stay up all night, or you like mixing caffeine and alcohol, The Pump House in Sandy Ground opens at 7pm. They have an espresso machine, feature live music many nights of the week, and are a favorite night spot for tourists, expatriates and locals.

If you are serious about your coffee and only make your own, or if, like me, you don't like to set foot outside in the morning before you've had a cup or two, you can purchase a large variety of home brew at Vista Market near the Sandy Ground roundabout. There you can buy whole-bean coffee from other islands such as Jamaica and Haiti. Or you can stick with low maintenance, pre-ground brands like LaVazza or Santo Domingo that are quicker to prepare and just as tasty.

Guest article by Jo Hastings

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 86F 30C 62% Humidity, Sunny June 1
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 90F 32C
Low humidity since last news report 56%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link

Updates and Feedback

click to enlarge new roof at wallblake
Update on Wallblake House Progress. The team of volunteers who have undertaken repairs to historic Wallblake House have been very busy. Wood and shingles to rebuild all structures has been purchased, offloaded, and new roofs have been built for the bakery and the stables. An extensive program has been undertaken to stop termite damage and keep it from resuming later. Additional repair work will commence on stonework, doors, windows, etc., as more funds are raised.

Visitor Feedback

Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting message that came in recently:

Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 12:34:28 -0700
Subject: Thanks!

With each new issue of the Anguilla Local News I say a mental thank you to you, but thought an electronic thank you might be be in order.

My husband, Chuck, and I have been going to Anguilla for at least 12 or 13 years. First as day trippers from St. Martin, and soon skipping St. M entirely and heading directly to Anguilla. The island's natural charms are greatly enhanced by the naturally charming and incredibly warm Anguillians. To be able to catch a glimpse of this island that means so much to us through you is a real gift. Not only do you cover the tourist news (which is such an incredible timesaver for vacationers like us); but even better, you highlight the day-to-day goings-on of the island.

When the "front page" of the May 15th edition popped into view, I was transported to Maundays Bay. It's a beach we discovered long ago, and happily the construction of Cap Juluca has not diminished it. I did not see the review in the Wall Street Journal but got the gist from what you wrote. How kind of you and your wife to sacrifice to set the record straight (tough assignment I bet). We use the beach almost daily when we are in Anguilla and have always found the resort staff to be extremely gracious and hospitable. I can only imagine what it's like when you actually stay there. Thanks for giving those of us who have not stayed a peak and setting the record straight.

Thanks again for providing a delightful read twice a month.

Molly Birenbaum

Read more email from visitors.

Sand Dune Rehabilitation Project

[Click to enlarge sand dune fence] The "fence" made of shipping pallets at the upper end of Shoal Bay and the similar one at Savannah Bay are a pilot project to rehabilitate the sand dunes. You can read more about it at the Anguilla National Trust.

Web Sites About Anguilla

Please Complete Thelma's Questionaire! Thelma Lee is working on her MBA from UWI using the distance learning system from Anguilla. In order to get her degree, she is doing a project on the Internet and tourism in Anguilla. She has prepared a short survey with a few simple questions. Please take the time to fill our her survey form. Thanks.

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Seven Days in Anguilla is the incredible new web site for Jo-Anne Saunders' new showing at the Savannah Galley. The gallery is located in The Valley up Crocus Hill.

Fountain Beach Hotel on Shoal Bay now has a web site.

Make A Free Anguilla Web Page. The computer club has put together a site that explains how to create a free web site on the Internet. Very little experience is necessary and the club's project page has instructions, tips, and links to tutorials for those who are confused. When you get your page done, send us the address.

Sean Hastings, who is a big help at the computer club, has a personal home page.

The Light, our local weekly newspaper has some interesting articles on their web page:

Caribbean Property List

[Click to enlarge view of Sandy Ground] If you are interested in island real estate, you should check the Caribbean Property List magazine. This 48-page color-photo magazine is published by Jerry Ritter as a labour of love. He lists 500 Caribbean, Latin, Bahamas and Mexico properties for sale quarterly. All locations, prices and Advertisers contact data are with each photo. Listings include small hotels, villas, condos, land and businesses.

Jerry has a web site that describes some of the properties, including David Yate's Anguilla Villa above Sandy Ground, on back road near Overlook Restaurant. You can see the exact view from David's house in the picture here.
Exact Location on Map

The magazine is available by hard-copy mail subscription only at $39/yr. Email: Telephone: (941)772-1747

School Exams in Anguilla

June is a traditional time to study for exams in Anguilla. The education system of the Caribbean is primarily based on the British system which is renowned for its diverse and challenging curriculum. Students sit the CXC exam at the end of their high school education. The CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) was developed in Barbados and is offered in June and January.

If they achieve 4 or 5 passes in the CXC exam including Maths and English, students may enroll in "6th Form" here for an advanced education. This is a two-year programme set by the Cambridge University Board in England, leading to an exam commonly referred to as A-Levels (Advanced Level). A-level is very programme, and students receive credits in the U.S. universities for successful completion.

Another exam offered in the Caribbean is the RSA exam, created by the the Royal Society of Arts. And the newest exam is CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination), developed by the University of the West Indies in Barbados. Anguilla is one of the few islands that has begun to use the CAPE test in history on a pilot basis, with an eye to eventually replacing the Cambridge A-Levels. As you can see, a significant emphasis is placed on examinations in the Caribbean.

Guest article by Tara Carter.

Marc Alvarez at CoveCastles

[Click to enlarge view of Chef Marc] Hidden on Shoal Bay West is a romantic little restaurant with delicious food. But you might want to hurry. The contract of Chef de Cuisine Marc Alvarez at CoveCastles resort expires in August and the new chef for next season has a high reputation to live up to. Marc told us he is thinking of working in Australia next.
Exact Location on Map

Telephone 264-497-6801 for reservations, since they only have a few tables and villa guests have preference.

Click to enlarge dish
Here is one of their delicious appetizers,
Grilled Marinated Tenderloin of Lamb,
with wilted arugula, preserved tomatoes, warm goat cheese and a balsamic reduction $13.00

Click here for the full 1998 menu and more pictures.

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