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The Old Cotton Gin Ice Cream Shop

Cotton Gin equipment at Ice Cream Parlour
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If you drive by a small blue and white truck that says "El Gelaterooo" parked on the side of the road, stop, stop immediately. You have been fortunate enough to spot Ranny and Joe's travelling Anguilla Ice Cream emporium. For a very small fee you can have a cone or a quart of the best home-made ice cream I have tasted in years (Italian style, but just a bit less "icey" and a tad more creamy).

If you have trouble tracking down the El Gelaterooo truck, your troubles are now over. You can get their ice cream any time you have a craving, right in downtown The Valley.

Ranny and Joe have opened a fantastic ice cream shop in the old cotton gin building. You will find them next door to the tourist board and across the street from the Catholic church.

In the truck they usually carry only ten of their flavors, but in the shop they have all 24, including Mango, Soursop, Passion Fruit, Tangerine, Papaya, Lemon, Rum Crunch, Hazelnut, Pistachio,Glanduja (hazelnut and chocoloate) , Malaga, and Nougat (made with crushed nougat candy). Oh yeah, and chocolate and vanilla. But that isn't all. Now they have sundaes, and milk shakes, and slushies, and banana splits (a first for Anguilla). And they server expresso, cappuccino, and cocktails including exotic European specialties. And also they make ice cream deserts like Strawberry cake (it was delicious), Proflitteros, Canoli, Tiramisu and a special French dessert of light pie crust with extra-rich ice cream and chocolate chips.

They also serve light, elegant sandwiches so you can have a quick and tasty lunch too. From your table you can study the ancient cotton gin equipment that dates back to when cotton was a cash crop on Anguilla. The place has been nicely redecorated and is pleasantly cool. Give it a try. 264-497-5676.

 Revised: January 28, 1998

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