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Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay, Anguilla

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Cap Juluca stretches right across Maunday's Bay (except for a little section at the beach's west end)! What's Cap Juluca like? Let me tell you...

Is your idea of heaven to lounge on a talcum-powder white beach and have complimentary ice water brought to your side? Try Cap Juluca. [Click to enlarge moorish villa]
Due to Cap Juluca's critical review in the Wall Street Journal, your reporter had to make the big sacrifice and check the facts out in person. So my wife and I decided to celebrate our anniversary with a single night at Cap Juluca, at the other end of the country.

Before checking into our Moorish villa, and even though we had our own car, one of the many attentive and friendly staff chauffered us in a golf cart to George's beachside restaurant for lunch.
[Click to enlarge bath/garden]

We had a Junior Suite, which includes the famous garden bathroom. And it lived up to its reputation. Tub for two, marble shower, private walled garden. Makes you feel like one of the rich and famous. And our minibar came fully stocked with free drinks and a bottle of rum!
[Click to enlarge half the beach]

To assist you in forming your own opinion, I wanted to give you a picture of the whole beach. But the beach it is too long. I couldn't get it all in one picture. So here is half of the beach, looking east toward Pimms restaurant on the point. We usually swim at Anguilla's Shoal Bay, but this beach is better. Warmer, calmer, and with much finer, powdery sand (although Shoal Bay has better snorkelling).
[Click to enlarge western beach]

This is the west end of their Maunday's Bay beach? Does that look like "no beach" to you? I don't think so! Most resorts in the Caribbean would kill for a beach like this. The privacy in these pool villas at the end of the beach is total.
[Click to enlarge entry to pool villa]

We were allowed to sneak a peek into one of the pool villas while unoccupied. The entry way goes right over your pool and into a spacious one-bedroom villa. And with the narrower beach, these villas feel like you are right in the water. Ultimate honeymoon location.
[Click to enlarge landscaped path]

The landscaping of the grounds is lush, tropical, original and ecological (they won an award for use of native plants--more on the landscaping in future news issues). Here is one of dozens of cool, shaded pathways, this one leading past a pool villa to the beach.

Check their official website for rates.

Revised: September 20, 2013

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