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Quaint Little Church Refurbished

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[Click to enlarge exterior of church] If you have been in Long Bay Village in the past, you may have wondered about the small church building, fallen into disrepair but still showing signs of its former charm. Now that church, set back in the trees across from Mahogany Grove park, is reopened as the "Mahogany Grove Lutheran Church". This old church was abandoned and unused until the Graffs of nearby Skiffles Resort, refurbished, repainted, and reopened it. It is very charming and welcoming now.

The church's mission is to provide a place of worship for anyone wishing to worship - using the Lutheren Liturgy. This church is what is called a "home" church, meaning that the Pastors are visiting unpaid Pastors. Services are at 9:30 AM, Sundays.
[Click to enlarge interior of church]

Feel free to stop and take a look and leave a donation. The door is not locked, but is a little tricky to open - push the right side and the left side pops open. As funds are accumulated from contributions, they will be deposited into a savings account at a local bank and used for any future disaster to help those Anguillians who may be homeless, destitute, or suffering.

 Revised: March 03, 1998

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