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Gene Reports on Caribbean Festival

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Gene Augustus is away at college in the United States. Here he reports on Anguilla participating in a Caribbean festival.

My Fellow Anguillians, as the Anguilla Flag stood flying in the sky along with its fellow Caribbean counterparts it was a dream come true at our first Caribbean Festival at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

I will like to thank all of those people who sent me emails in their support. The day of the event looked very overcast, that their was a 60 percent chance of it raining that day. After talking to members and advisors the hold program was based on my job to Cancel the event, but with Gods guidance it went on.

We had over 400 people through out the day, that all the vendors were happy and well at peace. All the performances were outstanding as well as OSHA BAND, TSTT Steel BAND, Tornado and many more.

The music seemed very stange to various people, but they enjoyed it as well as the local Caribbean dishes.

I will like to thank all of you for your support and enjoy the rest of the year.

Yours Truly, Mr. Gene Augustus

 Revised: May 16, 1998

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