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Is your idea of heaven to lounge on a talcum-powder white beach and have complimentary ice water brought to your side? Try Cap Juluca. . . .

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Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay, Anguilla

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Due to Cap Juluca's shocking review in the Wall Street Journal, your reporter had to make the big sacrifice and check the facts out in person. So my wife and I decided to celebrate our anniversary with a single night at Cap Juluca, at the other end of the country.

Before checking into our Moorish villa, and even though we had our own car, one of the many attentive and friendly staff chauffered us in a golf cart to George's beachside restaurant for lunch.
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We had a Junior Suite, which includes the famous garden bathroom. And it lived up to its reputation. Tub for two, marble shower, private walled garden. Makes you feel like one of the rich and famous. And our minibar came fully stocked with free drinks and a bottle of rum!
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To assist you in forming your own opinion, I wanted to give you a picture of the whole beach. But the beach it is too long. I couldn't get it all in one picture. So here is half of the beach, looking east toward Pimms restaurant on the point. We usually swim at Anguilla's Shoal Bay, but this beach is better. Warmer, calmer, and with much finer, powdery sand (although Shoal Bay has better snorkelling).
[Click to enlarge western beach]

This is the notorious beach erosion at the other end of Maunday's Bay (west). Does that look like "no beach" to you? Most resorts in the Caribbean would kill for a beach like this. And with the beach narrowed from 100 yards to 20 yards, the privacy in these pool villas is total.
[Click to enlarge entry to pool villa]

We were allowed to sneak a peek into one of the pool villas while unoccupied. The entry way goes right over your pool and into a spacious one-bedroom villa. And with the narrower beach, these villas feel like you are right in the water. Ultimate honeymoon location.
[Click to enlarge landscaped path]

The landscaping of the grounds is lush, tropical, original and ecological (they won an award for use of native plants--more on the landscaping in future news issues). Here is one of dozens of cool, shaded pathways, this one leading past a pool villa to the beach.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Caribbean, Cap Juluca's summer special starts June 1st: $245/night for locals. If you don't live here, the rate is still only $290. A bargain for a resort of this caliber.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Classical Organ Concert. Saturday, May 16, 1998, Mr. Jonathan Martin, who is the examiner from the Royal Board of Music, will perform a concert of classical selections for the organ at St. Mary's Anglican Church. In The Valley, across from the fruit market. 7:30 PM. Everyone welcome.

Tyden Air Grounded Temporarily. David and Candice write "We heard today that Tyden has stopped flying. Is this true? If so, we have lost our best way to get from St. Martin to Anguilla, as the other airlines do not have Tyden's flexibility if the flight to St. Martin from NY is delayed." No, it isn't true. They are only out of action for a few weeks while they change their planes from US flag to British flag and have them re-register in Antigua.

Karate Team Does Well. The team, under the leadership of Instructor, Emmanuel Laud, captured 21 medals, including 12 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze, from a field of almost 300 competitors. As in last year's competition, the team members were outstanding in their performances:
Black Belt, Emmanuel Laud, captured two gold medals, while Lanford Morton one silver in the Grand Championship Cup contest. Also excelling were Sheviane Hughes who took two gold medals and one bronze, Mirabelle West and Jelani Banks, with two gold medals each, Shridath Rey, with one gold and two bronze, Juan Gomez, with a gold and a silver, Delon Skellekie and Aidon Scipio, each capturing a gold and a bronze medal, Devin Hodge, silver, and Wayne Richardson, bronze. Read all about it on the club's web page.

New University Building. The University of the West Indies operates a remote campus in Anguilla, upstairs in the library. Now that there are 79 part-time students enrolled, the University has decided to build a permanent facility, between Ronald Webster Park and the hospital.

Slick Carty Aims High. Anguillian athlete Slick Carty is confined to a wheel chair but that doesn't stop him from playing tennis and participating in track and field competitions. Now his goal is to represent Anguilla in the Paralympics in Sydney, Australia in Year 2000. Those who live here know Slick as the Public Works Employee who inspects our cars every year for road worthiness. To get to Australia, Slick has to train hard for the next 2 years and raise about US$20,000 for travel and equipment. If you would like to help out, enquire by email or call Judith Sadler-Bryan at 264-497-5058.

New Exchange for Cellphones. In Anguilla you should now dial 235-xxxx for a cellular phone instead of 497-xxxx.

A Long Line Fishing Boat, AXA Fishtec, arrived in Anguilla this month, as part of a program by the Fisheries Dept to upgrade the fishing industry.

Rocket Launching on Sombrero?

[Click to tour Sombrero] Forty miles northwest is the furthest outpost of Anguilla, Sombrero Island. The persistent rumours about Sombrero have hit the world press: Beal Aerospace wants to use Sombrero to launch commercial satellites, spending $270 million dollars and launching before the year 2000, according to their web site. Sombrero is a long way from Anguilla and previously was best known for its lighthouse and the difficulty of landing by boat (you climb a cliff on a ladder). Soon you may have another reason to come to Anguilla -- to watch the rockets being launched, from a safe distance.

GEM Radio's electronic news service reported that "Technical calculations of the project, to be launched at the beginning of 1999 are being made by the British National Space Centre which is part of the structure of the Industry and Commerce Ministry. ... The island is known as one the biggest ornithological reserves possessing rare specimen of brown pelicans and other birds. British environmental organizations have expressed concern that the construction of a new cosmodrome might produce a strong negative effect on the environment."

According to St. Maarten's Daily Herald newspaper, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK has contacted the Anguilla National Trust to find out the current situation. And Beal Aerospace met with Government officials on August 22, 1997 and expressed an interest in Sombrero for satellite launches. This meeting agreed that an environmental impact study would be undertaken, which is scheduled for May 1998 (now). The RSPB points out that the terns do not arrive on Sombrero until June and the booby nests from November to March, so they won't be there either.

Nick Nuttall, reporter with The Times of London is looking for reaction from Anguilla about the satellite launches, as is Carl Holcombe, a newspaper reporter at the Virgin Islands Independent ( "Beal Aerospace is apparently coming to the USVI to build a rocket assembly plant." )

Gene Reports on Caribbean Festival

Gene Augustus is away at college in the United States. Here he reports on Anguilla participating in a Caribbean festival.

My Fellow Anguillians, as the Anguilla Flag stood flying in the sky along with its fellow Caribbean counterparts it was a dream come true at our first Caribbean Festival at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

I will like to thank all of those people who sent me emails in their support. The day of the event looked very overcast, that their was a 60 percent chance of it raining that day. After talking to members and advisors the hold program was based on my job to Cancel the event, but with Gods guidance it went on.

We had over 400 people through out the day, that all the vendors were happy and well at peace. All the performances were outstanding as well as OSHA BAND, TSTT Steel BAND, Tornado and many more.

The music seemed very stange to various people, but they enjoyed it as well as the local Caribbean dishes.

I will like to thank all of you for your support and enjoy the rest of the year.

Yours Truly, Mr. Gene Augustus

The Old East End School

[Click to enlarge East End School] The old East End School is no longer used for classes, but it still remains an anchor in the community. The single 50ft by 30ft classroom was built on wooden piles, using lumber and shingles carried from St. Kitts. This structure became a school and later a monument, which survived many hurricanes. Its sturdiness enabled it to substitute as a school in 1995 when Luis severely damaged the new primary school.

The school has produced a number of prominent Anguillians some of which include: Mr. James Ronald Webster, Mr. Osbourne Fleming, Mr. Felix Fleming, Mr. Vivien Vanterpool and Mrs. Idahlia Gumbs.

If you would like to know more about the school, read Mr. Colville Petty's book: A SCHOOL AND ITS COMMUNITY: The East End School 1917-1974. This work recounts the tales and experiences in the old East End school. If one would like a copy, it can be purchased at the Anguilla Drug Store or borrowed from our Public Library.

The Old East End School was indeed a vital element in the advancement of the the community and its people. The motto still remains evident throughout the community and its alumni: "NEVER SAY FAIL".

Directions: From the gas station in The Valley, head east toward the Farrington and Sandy Hill. Take the right fork at the roundabout. Continue straight into East End Village where you will see the old school in front of the new primary school and tennis court.

Guest article by Tara Carter

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 90F 32C 58% Humidity, Sunny/Hot May 15
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 90F 32C
Low humidity since last news report 57%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

Hot! Hot! Hot! It has been unusually hot, and for several days the wind even stopped blowing. We were all glad to see it spring back into cooling action.

Visitor Feedback

Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting message that came in recently:

Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 16:50:25 -0500
Subject: Thanks

Just a quick note to thank you for your special Internet newsletter. We used it to research our Anguilla vacation. We had a wonderful time and found the info in the newsletter to be helpful and accurate. We used the newsletter as our guide when we rented our "jeep" and scouted out places like Windward Point where you can see Scrub Island, the Katouche "rain forest", Cavanaugh Cave, Little Bay (we climbed down!), the Palm Grove Restaurant etc, etc. Knowing ahead of time all this info about the island really enhanced our vacation.

Here's some of our "best" list.

Best snorkeling - Little Bay
Best beer - Newkie Brown at Roy's
Best beach - Rendezvous (with about ten people on 1 1/2 mile beach)
Best fish soup - Barrel Stay
Best adventure - Trip to Windward Point

The people were great, the island is lovely and your newsletter is the best.

Thanks again, Doug Brown

Read more email from visitors.

Computer Club News

[Click for larger view of computer class] The Anguilla Library Computer Club is very active on the island.

Programming Course. The Computer Club, Public Data, and Offshore Information Services are sponsoring a course in Visual Basic programming, starting Monday, May 18th 1998 and lasting three weeks. Classes are Mon-Fri, 7-9 p.m. at the computer club. This is a great opportunity for people to learn a very valuable skill. Instructor Nowell Rogers (pictured here), has been off in the U.S where he studied programming and the basic language for about twelve years.

Cost of the class is US$100, which includes the textbook, Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 hours. This book comes with a CD containing Visual Basic software. No programming experience is necessary to participate in this class. To register please call 497-8469.

New Computers for Schools. At the invitation of Larry Franklin of the Government Computer Unit, club members gathered on two Wednesday evenings to unpack 50 boxes of computers at the high school. These were donated by Mohawk College, courtesy of Gordon Cillis (ALHCS teacher in Canada for a year), and flown to Anguilla this winter in a Canadian Forces practice flight. But no one knew what was in the boxes! It was very exciting and we managed to get 25 computers working in 4 hours. Now the teacher's lounge at the high school has three computers in it for the first time ever. Of course the systems came loaded with Windows, but without a single mouse. So if you have a spare PS/2 mouse, drop it by the computer club on your next visit.

Summer Plans. For 1998 we plan to be open 5 hours per day, thanks to our latest volunteer, 33-yearold Business Professor Gaetano Di Palo of Italy. In response to our call for a free room for him, we had many offers from the community, including private homes and hoteliers at Cinammon Reef, Sonesta, Fountain Beach and La Sirena. So he should be able to live 2 weeks at each place, lightening the load on his hosts and allowing Gaetano to see all parts of Anguilla. The programs are still in the planning stage, but may include organized programs for children in the morning and business computer classes for adults in the evening.

Cool! Saving the best for last, the really big news is that the club has ordered an air conditioner. With 30 children and 15 computers running, our concrete building can get very hot. Plus we have to leave the windows open and the salt air eats up the computers. This big improvement was made possible by a very generous donation from one of the owners at CoveCastles.

Read earlier news of the club.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

Don't forget that May 29th is a public holiday, Anguilla Day, with a round-the-island boat race and Food-n-Fun festival at Sandy Ground. June 1st is also a holiday, as is June 15th.

The Anguilla Cultural Festival has a nature walk scheduled for May 23 (register at the National Trust in The Valley.

Updates and Feedback

Click to enlarge the pier

Update on Cove Bay. Cove Bay is the long curving strand of white between Sonesta and Cap Juluca. There is now a new pier for the local fishing boats at the far left (eastern) end of the beach. It looks very nice and there were children jumping off it into the water last weekend!

Classic Book. A classic book that we studied intently before moving to Anguilla is finally available for purchase on the Internet: How to Live on a Tropic Island. It covers every place from remote South Pacific atolls to relatively developed places like BVI.

Update on Practical Tips: Jay Lackritz writes, "I will be visiting the island next week, and was wondering if they use 115 Volt/60 Hz power and plugs Ala US power." Good question. The answer is yes, US standard power and plugs.

Seduced by an Impulse Day Trip: Maurice and Kim Correia from San Diego California found Anguilla last year after taking a ferry from St. Maarten. They left their rental car and hotel in St. Maarten and stayed in Anguilla for four days. The just fell in love with the place, the people, and the goats. They came back this year for more of the sun, sand and sea, but mostly because of the people. And they ought to know a good place to visit when they see it, since they run a RAMADA INN in San Diego:

"Nothing like the beaches of Anguilla. White, white, white sand. Crushed coral. As pure as the friendly people."
Maurice P. Correia
San Diego, California

Web Sites About Anguilla

Statistics about This Site. Traffic at the Anguilla Local News is at 6,986 hits per day, up from 3,780 last summer. On a typical day, we serve up 50,000,000 bytes of information about Anguilla (including pictures). Read all about it on our statistics page.

Anguillian Divers has a web site now, with lots of information on dive sites in Anguilla.

Link Ferries has a new web site with details on their Link Cat ferry and airport service. But the web site also has an extensive picture gallery, showing what it is like to travel between Anguilla and St. Martin/St. Maarten. Topics shown include:, has been updated with lot's more pictures of Mary Ann's more building project, including roof rafters for the technology center, Mexican tile floor in the guest villa, and how to build a rock wall!

The Light newspaper posts recent articles on their web site:

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