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Anguilla has over 30 beautiful white sand beaches. . . .

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Can You Identify This Beach?

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The 1999 Easter Monday Boat Races

At Sandy Ground, where the boat race returned from Sandy Hill, the Mussington Brothers Band entertained the large crowd that came to view the boat race. I arrived at 6 o'clock and saw so many people, actually I was surprised to see so many. I was quickly reminded of the festivals in August: the colors, music, the smoke of the many grills, people laughing and dancing, just out having a good time. But, what was most surprising to me was when I asked who won, no one seemed to know. I got conflicting reports. I heard Viagra, No UFO, Oh no way it's Light and Peace. Well it's now confirmed, the winner was Light and Peace, and second was UFO, third was Viagra.

Reporting by Jamel Lake,

Arista Gourmet Deli

[Click to enlarge] In addition to several fine grocery stores, Anguilla has an excellent deli as well. Proprietor Spiros Anastas stocks incredible Greek and French pates and a wide variety of cheeses, , delicious Italian sausage, pork chops, veal chops, steaks cut whatever thickness you prefer, salmon, and more. Arista Foods makes fresh humous, salads, and has a selection of basic gourmet cooking supplies (virgin olive oil, cous cous, etc.). And they have a small cafe too.

My wife loves their food. One time we bought Pate de Provence, Greek pate, hot Italian sausage, 4 huge steaks, goat cheese, dry salami, aged asiago cheese, St. Andre triple cream cheese, gorgonzola cheese, and balsamic vinegar in a small recycled bottle so we didn't have to buy a gallon. Arista foods provided us with ice packs so we could get the food back to the other end of Anguilla without it spoiling.

Telephone: 1-264-497-6506, fax 1-264-497-6507. PO Box 797.

Directions: Arista Foods is located in the South Hill Plaza on the main west end road between Anguilla Trading and the turn off for Anguilla Great House. From the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then turn left again and drive past the airport, through the roundabout, straight down the island, through the Sandy Ground roundabout and into South Hill. Stay on the main road; when you reach the speed bumps ("sleeping policemen") at Anguilla Trading, watch for Arista on the left.

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Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Sunny 82F 27C 66% Humidity, April 15
Low temp since last news report 73F 22C
High temp since last news report 82F 27C
Low humidity since last news report 48%
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Apr 16. The Brownies and Girl Guides of Anguilla and Nevis present a musical at Ruthwill Auditorium, 7pm.

Apr 17. Evan Webster, the Gospel Harmonies, and special friends in concert at Landsome Bowl.

May 1-3. Masters Cricket at Ronald Webster Park.

May 28. DeBrodah's Gospel concert at Landsome Bowl.

Art Festival: July 26 to Aug 1, deadline for registration is May 31st.

Carnival: Aug 1 to 10. Music, street dances, parades, boat races, pageants, etc.


[Click to enlarge] Parasailing has arrive at Shoal Bay beach. The ten minute parasailing adventure takes the brave hearted on a spectacular aerial tour of Shoal Bay East and its surroundings, guided by "Parasailing" an aptly named power boat operated by a new watersports company which has set up shop on the island's most popular beach. The cost of the ride is US $55.00.

But if parasailing isn't your thing you can also try your hand at several other watersports activities now being offered by Second Wind Watersport, operated by Anguillian Dandy Richardson, who is well known on island for his watersports exploits and expertise.

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One of Anguilla's premier windsurfers, Richardson closed down his last watersports venture "Hook'd on Watersports" on Cove Bay to move to the United States in 1997. He recently returned to Anguilla and decided to start a new business on Shoal Bay.

Other activities offered by Second Wind Watersport include windsurfing, sailboating, kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boats at a cost of US $50.00 per session.

For more information, drop by Shoal Bay East any day between 9:00am and sunset. The beach hut is located to the east of Uncle Ernies, in front of Shoal Bay Resort.

Information courtesy the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Assoc.

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Update on Valley Primary Newspaper. The Head Teacher of Valley Primary, Veda Harrigan, has email at, in case you wanted to donate some books to their new school library.

Malliouhana Holiday Raffle Tickets. The Wallblake House Trust is holding a new raffle. The prize is a week for two at Malliouhana Hotel, including round trip airfare (from anywhere), car rental, and five dinners for two at five local restaurants. Only 500 tickets to be sold. Cost of tickets are $50. Drawing on Nov 26, 1999 at the Malliohana Hotel at 5 pm. For more information, contact Margie at or Fiona at

Update on Julian Niles. Julian, the creator of the first Anguilla Home Page, successfully defended his PhD thesis in molecular physics last month. So, now he is a Dr! He is planning a trip from Georgia to Anguilla this July to visit family and friends. Congratulatons! Well done Julian.

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Feedback on "No Mercy" Charter Boat:
Visitor W.D. Hale ( writes:

We had the good fortune of being the first day charter onboard NO MERCY. While seas were running 10 - 15 ft. the boat had a comfortable and stable ride. Our fishing adventure took us out to DOG Island. Even with the rough seas we managed to catch several large barracuda..always fun to catch. Captain Shaun is very knowledgable of the local fishing HOT SPOTS and a day on NO Mercy will surely result in a great fishing experience.

"No Mercy" also offers charter trips, water skiing, and tubing!

Web Sites About Anguilla

Internet Yellow Pages: all known Anguilla web sites are indexed in this "yellow pages" directory.

Rose's Place. This large waterfront villa in Island Harbour, near Hibernia, is actually a double villa, with a two bedroom/two bath villa upstairs and another downstairs. Air conditioned. Web site:

The Pumphouse has a web page now at

Personal Home Page of Leroy Hill is at

Anguilla: The Short Tour is available from Netconcepts. is a new web site for Anguilla's beaches.

Hurricane Predictions. The updated forecast for the 1999 season from Dr William Gray has just been released. The full text can be found on this web page.

Webster and Dyrud, a legal firm, has a web site at

Offshore Finance Laws of Anguilla are indexed at

First Anguilla Trust now has a web page.

Wild Frangipani - Pigeonwood

[pigeon wood] This small tree with the pleasantly scented and beautiful white flowers is known in Anguilla as Pigeon Wood or Poor Man's Frangiapani..

It grows wild in many parts of the island. In the old days, Anguillans used the sticky sap of the Pigeon Wood to seal envelopes. This was especially useful because the glue on envelopes gets moist here and sticks before you can even use it!

To conserve water in the dry season, the natural Frangiapani plant drops all of its long thin leaves.

By coincidence, a giant, voracious caterpillars with very distinctive yellow and black bodies appear on the scene at just the right time and eat all of the leaves just before they drop off. Then the Frangiapani trees go into a dormant phase and the caterpillers turn into hawk moths.

A visitor sent us a digital picture of the wild frangipani this month and asked what it was:
[Wild Frangipani]

From: Butch Marofsky
Subject: Recent visit
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 21:36:27 -0400

Hello Bob, I just thought I would send you a note and thank you for the wonderful web site. I check it out at least twice a week just wishing we were back on the beaches. We spent most of Feb just beach hopping and loved every minute . We are coming back again all of Feb 2000. It is a long way off and I will be checking in regular for the latest.

Can you help me identify the picture I took [see pix to the right]. It came out quite well and some one asked me what kind of tree it was and I don't know. If you know I would appreciate it.

Thanks again, Butch

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