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[Click to enlarge] Students in Grade 4 at Valley Primary recently produced their own newspaper. It was called "The Sun" and sold for EC$ 1.00 (equivalent to $0.37 US). Here are some highlights:

My Class. The name of my class is Grade 4. My teacher is Teacher Vivienne Vanterpool. My class is rectangular in shape. The colour of my class is cream and yellow. The blackboards are black. There are twenty two pupils in my class. In class at mornings we have Maths, Composition, and Reading. In the afternoon until school finishes we have Social Studies, General Knowledge, Science and Comprehension. At the end of the day we have homework. When school is finished we put up the chairs, close the windows, say our prayers, put on our bags and go home.

By Lesandra Morton

All For An Apple. Once upon a time there was a boy who always went by a farmer named Ken. One day he decided to go over by the farmer. When he went over he saw an orchard with a lot of apple trees. A dog was sleeping behind the tree. He ran to pick an apple to eat. He fell down. The dog woke up. The dog smelt someone in the yard. The dog started barking. The man came outside running and saw the boy. The dog stopped barking. Ken called hs mother and told his mother all what had happened. His mother talked to him. He never got permission to leave the house again.

By Kerlyn Hughes

School Library. Our school is presently setting up our library. We have some books, but we need more. Help us if you can.

By Teshana Brooks

A Poem.
Remember "M"
Remember "E"
Remember yourself
Then remember me.

By Renee Dore

My Little Pear Tree.
I have a little pear
It bears every year
But when I got to feed it
It goes very bare.

By Kishena Webster

[Editor's Note: avocados are called "pears" in Anguilla]

Thanks The staff and pupils of the Valley Primary School wish to say a big THANK YOU to La Serena for the lovely plants which decorate our school yard. We really like them very much. We will take good care of them. Thanks also to Wilmoth Richardson Backhoe Services and Terry for digging the holes for us.

By Kenville Hall

Sports Day. The annual interschool Sports Day of the Primary Schools will be held on the 25th of March. It will be on the Ronald Websters Park. The six primary schools will be taking part in these sports. There will be races such as relay, long distance running, bicycle race for boys and girls and many more. We hope to see you there.

By Malone Richardson and Genrick Reid

The Head Teacher of Valley Primary, Veda Harrigan, has email at, in case you wanted to donate some books to their new school library.

 Revised: April 22, 1999

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