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Julian Niles Julian Niles is an Anguillian doing graduate study in Atlanta, Georgia, and the creator of the first Anguilla web site. He set up the Anguilla Home Page before there was any kind of Internet access in Anguilla. Julian remembers that he started the web page "to answer questions my classmates at Georgia Tech would ask about Anguilla." Today there are dozens of Anguilla web pages, but Julian was the pioneer. Be sure to visit the Anguilla Home Page using this link. He has pictures of beaches and tropical fish, history, culture, taxi fares and holidays, the Tete-a-Tete forum for posting messages, and much more.

Julian is a legendary brain in Anguilla. People's favorite story about him is how, when the teacher got sick, Julian took over and taught math at the high school. Now Julian is defending his doctoral thesis in physics at Georgia Tech: "The structural, electronic and vibrational properties of the C78 fullerene system".

"Fullerenes are a new class of all carbon compounds, much like diamond and graphite, with c60 and c70 being the two forms that occur in abundance. In the case of c60 and c70, there is only one isomer associated with them.

The fullerene that I am studying has five possible isomers associated with it. This fullerene system has been the center of eperimental and theoretical discrepency for a while. Of the five possible isomers, only three are observed experimentally. The various theoretical calculations predict results that do not agree with each other nor with experiment.

My research, which is theoretical, had me looking at things systematically and simulating the actual growth process of these isomers in attempt to understand the origin of the discrepency. These calculations are BIG and had to be done on Cray Supercomputers, just to give you a sense of the computing platform I use. The visualization and analysis of the results are done on Macs."

Big News, Apr 99.
Julian has successfully defended his PhD thesis in molecular physics. So, now he is a Dr! He is planning a trip from Georgia to Anguilla this July to visit family and friends. Congratulatons! Well done Julian.

Julian grew up in South Hill. His mother, Vivian Niles, once operated a bakery and his father, Collins Niles, was in the boat building business. On the side, Julian also has a fun web business where you can buy and sell Toys, Pogs and Comics. Just the place to get that impossible to find Buzz Lightyear your children desperately want.

Whenever possible, Julian's preferred computer plaform is the Apple Macintosh. He noticed that the Anguilla computer club only teaches Microsoft Windows technology--why not Mac? There is a simple reason: only one Mac has been donated (by Marje Morani) and it is broken. But another Mac enthusiast from Phoenix, Bruce Toback, has provided the cable for an external SCSI disk drive and found a used external SCSI drive for it also.  Revised: April 22, 1999

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