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Update September 2013

Is Casa Nadine still open? If you know, please contact us at!

We've tried calling the number below several times, and even have visited the property. Nobody was around and the building doesn't look well maintained. Based on that, we would like to assume that it's no longer in business, but aren't 100% sure. If you have luck reaching Casa Nadine, let us know! :-)

Read below for full details and contact info...

[Click to enlarge] Anguilla has budget accommodations as well as luxury ones. Casa Nadine is probably the least expensive.

It is recommended as a good choice for those who would be seeking a youth hostel in these postings to Julian Niles' Tête-à-Tête Forum for Anguilla.

Casa Nadine telephone: 1-264-497-2358

Below is a review of Casa Nadine from a visiting teacher with a backpack:

Hi Bob,

Met you at the Computer Club last Thursday. It was nice to see the good things going on (and the enthusiastic kids!)

O.K as promised a quick review about Casa Nadine in The Valley

A nice place, especially if you consider the cost (20 dollar a person). The owner is very friendly and helpful, rooms are clean and have a fan and shower / toilet. The only negative is the kitchen, that could use a thorough clean up, but for making a breakfast it is still o.k. (there is a fridge).

Anyway, all the best with your good work over there, if you ever want to let your kids do / exchange e-mails, I have loads of students willing to do so, just drop me e-mail by then.


Marcel Ideler
International School The Hague
The Hague, Holland

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