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Carnival 98 and Boat Racing

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The boat race at Meads Bay was just one of many during Carnival. [Click to enlarge]

Boat racing is the national sport in Anguilla, and boat racing during carnival week is the high point of for the year.

Light and Peace was the race winner on Thursday at Meads Bay, followed by De Tree and UFO in third. As at all boat race events, there were food stalls along the beach, large crowds of eager spectators, music, ribs, etc. Here is another picture of the Meads Bay race--notice Malliouhana hotel in the background.
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The important August Monday boat race is held at Sandy Ground. On this day, UFO was the winner. As you can see in this photo, there are a lot of sailboats entered in the race.

August Monday is a national holiday in Anguilla, as are Thursday and Friday, so not much work gets done this week! Actually, Carnival lasts 12 days and starts on the Thursday before August Monday with fireworks, music and an opening show at Landsome Bowl in The Valley. Here is the schedule.
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And there was another important race on Wednesday from Sandy Ground to Blowing Point. Viking was the winner, with UFO in second place. As in all races, crowds of enthusiastic fans follow the race in numerous chase boats and in cars along the shore line.

On Sunday the winners of the preceding races face off in a Champion of Champions race. This is like the heavyweight crown for the year.
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Here is the start of the Champion of Champions race on Sunday. You may not be aware that these boats do not have a keel, making the handling of them quite different from standard sail boats. Bags of sand and rocks are used for ballast and can be jetisoned if necessary during the race. For an introdcution to the subject, read the book "Nuttin Bafflin".
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UFO from Island Harbour, was this year's Champion of Champions, easily winning the final race on Sunday. Stinger came in second (see picture above).

Because your reporter missed most of carnival attending the large HPWorld 98 show in San Diego, he is very grateful to Brenda Carty for sharing these pictures of boat racing during Carnival 98.

More Action During Carnival Week

But boat racing was not the only action during carnival week. Marisa Gumbs won the Miss Anguilla contest, and once again it was the candidate sponsored by National Bank of Anguilla that was victorious. Marisa wins EC $10,000 and a trip to New York or Miami on American. See the contestants.

8-year old Olufunmike Banks-Devonish and 9-year old Rhys Carter from the Gloria Omolulu Institute won the Prince and Princess Show. The title of Miss African Heritage was awarded jointly to Pamela Maynard and Noreen Gumbs. La Toyah Matthew of Little Harbour was crowned Miss Talented Teen on Tuesday night.

Mighty Springer defeated last year's Calpyso King Mighty Splinter and went on to win the Calypso Monarch title, beating out stiff competition from Antigua, St Kitts, St. Martin, and other islands. Mighty Springer's songs were "Masa Day is Past" and "Good Things We Can Do Today". Read article in The Light.

For the full schedule of carnival events and links, click here.

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