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No one wants to go away on vacation and be under-dressed or uncomfortable. So, we regularly receive questons like this email message:

>Finally we'll be visiting Anguilla Jan 4 - 18. Last night
>some friends told us that appropriate clothing for lunch (even
>at beach bars and grills) is slacks for men and skirts or dresses
>for women. is this true? If it is, we'll have to make some big 
>changes in our packing plans quickly.
Not true. Both of you can go to even the fanciest restaurant for dinner in shorts. The only real rule to remember is not to go to The Valley in your bikini - throw on a beachwrap. Some Caribbean islands are more conservative in their dress than Anguilla.

Pack a Carry On: Anguilla's airport runway is too short and not level enough, and doesn't have re-fueling facilities. This means that American Eagle can't carry a full load of people and luggage into Anguilla. We have had our luggage left behind in San Juan several times. Therefore, you should pack shorts, swimsuit, t-shirt and toothbrush in a Carry On Bag. Perhaps this is all you need anyway!

Here is the advice we send our visitors:

Temperature: Winter is 73 to 86 F (23 to 30 C) morning, noon and night. Summer is 78 to 88 F (26 to 32 C). For more information on Anguilla weather, read this article.

Clothing: There is no need for a sweater or rain jacket, you will never be cold. Although "Winter" is a little cooler than "Summer" here, you still won�t be cold but you may want a sweater for the plane and that would also work here if we happen to get a cold spell and the temperature plunges to 74.

Casual clothes will suffice for every event. Summer shorts are acceptable attire for men or women. For dinner in a fancy restaurant, dressy casual will suffice, gentlemen will not need a tie or jacket, women can wear anything but will probably feel comfortable with slacks or summer dress. Essential clothing is swim suit or beach wear, beach shoes, beach cover-up, sunglasses, sun-tan lotion and a hat if you want.

If you should be invited to a local party or function, here is how the dress code works. All party invitations indicate the dress expected Formal means men wear a tie. Casual means men don�t have to wear a tie. Black-tie means men wear a jacket�can be tux or suit or blazer�whatever you have. In all cases women wear whatever they want (usually dressy).

Do I Need Air Conditioning in Anguilla?

Some people planning their first visit to Anguilla are concerned that many hotels, most villas and all guest houses don't have air conditioning. What is wrong with these places? Don't they know that Anguilla is in the tropics?

The answer is the wonderful, beautiful, Caribbean trade winds. Some islands have mountains to block the wind or lush forest to raise the humidity. Anguilla is very narrow (maximum width is three miles) and flat, so the sea breezes surround you everywhere. Cooling, relaxing, tropical breezes. Who would want a noisy, drying airconditioner? A well designed accomodation has strategic windows opening to the east to catch this embracing breeze.

Admittedly the wind can sometimes disappear for a week or two in the summer and you immediately notice the 85 degree temperature much more. A fan or two is necessary to get to sleep and airco might not be so bad in August and September, but never in the winter (brrr..).

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