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[Click to enlarge] Glen Richardson of Island Harbour has created a luxurious new dive boat for Shoal Bay Scuba. With her name still to be decided, the 36-foot vessel was launched on February 23, 1999 following the blessing ceremony performed by Reverend John Gumbs. It is anticipated that due to the wide beam this dive boat may be able to take divers to spots that were inaccessible before. And it is powered by two outboard Yamaha 250 engines purchased from local distributor Mithcell Hodge craft.

Dive Master Michel Faligan and Shoal Bay Scuba owners David Stephan, Ray Knudsen and Leander "Bull" Bryan are also hoping to promote Anguilla internationally as a premiere professional boat building center through the use of a specially made video that chronicles and documents the building of their new boat.

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