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In Anguilla, it is still not uncommon to be welcomed by a big smile. . . .

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Anguilla Smile of the Week

Read stories about local life and local events you can take part in while visiting Anguilla.

More Student Art on Stamps

[Click for picture of Pope Head cactus] Last year Anguilla held an art competition for school children. The theme of the contest was "Hidden Beauty of Anguilla". Some of the winners had their art recognized and selected to appear on Anguillian postage stamps.

Here is the $0.15 stamp showing a scene of traditional Anguillian home by student Jervayne Daniels while at West End Primary School.

For the other student art stamps, Click Here and Click Here and Click Here.

Events in Anguilla

Events, holidays, activities

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at [email protected] or the Hotel Association at [email protected]

Beaches Video Release! Rewind Studios product "The Beaches Of Anguilla Video Tour" should be available in local retail stores on Anguilla by November 1st, 1999. The video was shot this summer and includes stunning views of Anguilla's beaches set to soothing island rhythms. Exclusively available only on Anguilla so get it when "on island". For more information, email Buck at [email protected]

Cricket Matches. Red Stripe Bowl 1999. 1st Class Regional One Day Cricket. Ronald Webster Park, featuring Trinidad & Tobago vs. Canada (Wednesday Oct 27), Leeward Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago (Saturday Oct 30), Leeward Islands vs Canada (Monday Nov 1), and Trinidad & Tobago vs Barbados (Tuesday Nov 2). Directions: from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, continue straight past Island Car Rental, Anglec, and NBA, turn left at Albert Lakes Supermarket, go past the high school, turn right on Queen Elizabeth and turn into the parking lot.

Restaurants Reopening. Since the first of October, Restaurant Ici, Blanshards, Hibernia, and other places have reopened after their short summer break. The remainder will reopen between now and November 15th. News tip: popular chef Shamash says he is now at Overlook on backroad. To review all the restuarants in Anguilla and see what they have to offer, including past prices, visit

Best Village Competition 1999. The annual best village judging will be on October 29th, 1999. Residents will be out cleaning up and enhancing their villages so that the judges will select theirs as the most beautiful village in Anguilla. Sandy Ground has won for the last two years. Who will stop them from making it three in a row? First prize is US$1,000 worth of plants.

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Full Moon Dinner/Dance Parties on Beach. Ken Rogers at Serenity Restaurant on Upper Shoal Bay says he is planning to continue his full moon dinner and dancing on the beach. Last year he had nice Caribbean music by Sprocka, a rustic dance floor, and cocktails on the sand. Worth trying. You can come for dinner and stay for dancing. They sometimes shifted slightly from the full moon to coincide with the weekend, but the next three full moons are Sun Oct 24, Tuesday Nov 23, and Wed Dec 22. Call 1-264-497-3328 to check on the exact date for each party.

Flower and Garden Show. The second annual show will be held Feb 12-13, 2000.

"Tourism Week" Becomes Tourism Fete 99. The annual week of activities to launch the upcoming tourism season has been expanded, allowing more people to partake. November 2nd will be an Open house celebration at the offices of the tourist board across from Wallblake House. Other events include: village competition, primary school visits to hotels, hospitality staff awards, and hotelier of the year.

Questions of the Week

Which Question Can You Help With?

The Internet brings many fascinating questions to, but we don't have the answers to many of them. Can you help? Below are some questions that came in recently. We will post the answers we receive so everyone can be enlightened.

Where To Order Vape?

I don't know where else to turn. I am looking to buy Vape for mosquitos and have gone bonkers looking over the WWW for it until I saw your little piece.

Do you know where I can purchase the product? I used it overseas in Saudi Arabia, but the product has dried up or something there.

Anything you can come up with I will try. Thanks

Bob Rutzel

Vape is an electronic gadget that slowly burns small mats, designed to control mosquitos. We bought our last package of Vape refills at Vista Market for $EC12.95 per 30 pack; their telephone is 1-264-497-2804. The label is in English, French and Spanish. Vape is manufactured by Fumakilla Ltd, Japan.

Recipe For Cracked Conch

I am looking for a recipe for cracked conch. Could you please help? I have been to several of the islands and have had this dish and since My husband and myself won't be able to return for a year due to an injury I suffered, we have purchased some frozen conch to get us through. I need recipes for cracked conch, conch fritters, and conch chowder for my husband to make here in Anaheim, California.

Thank-you. Carol Dionigi
(Email: [email protected])

When Is St Gerards Garden Party

Do you have any idea when the St. Gerards Garden Party will be in February? Don't want to miss it this year.

Connie Wehmann
(Email: [email protected])

How To Get Anguilla 2000 Calendar?

We enjoy your newsletter and like to make believe we are there.

Would you know how I could get an Anguilla 2000 Calendar as I won't be there until March.

Thanks for your help.

Myra Robinson
(Email: [email protected])

Primary School "Be Aware" Environmental Clubs

[Click to read about Wetlands book] This past summer there was a 2 week Primary School Environmental Camp called CAMP BE AWARE. The Day Camp was held from 12-23 July, 1999. A total of 42 children were involved in the Camp with 1 teacher from each school acting as a Camp Counselor.

We saw Anguilla's environment as we never saw it before. We went spelunking, glass bottom boat sightseeing, horseback riding through the Bush, as well as, taking trips to the Agriculture Dept, the Salt Ponds, the water wells, Green Cuisine lettuce plant, Cap Juluca's nature trail and the Rocky Hill Pig and Poultry Farms.

All participants had a blast. From the outset the children knew that the six Campers from each of Anguilla's Primary Schools would have to go back to their schools and begin an environmental club by 1 October, 1999.

West End School was the first to start their BE AWARE Environmental Club the first day of school. Out of 76 children they have close to 40 members. Since then the other schools have pledged to have their Clubs organized by 1 October.

West End has cleaned up their School grounds and have kept them clean. They have also sent 6 huge garbage bags of glass to the Environmental Health Dept. for their Pilot Project for Recycling Glass.
[Click to enlarge]

Every Club will elect a group of officers. The officers will be chosen from the children who were enrolled in CAMP BE AWARE. Each Club will meet one day every week. Other children, community persons, businesses, parents, and visitors are welcome to join our Clubs. The dues are EC$1.00, once a month. If you are not able to attend any of the Club meetings and you would like more information you can E MAIL the BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB at [email protected]. Eventually, a newsletter will be printed with information about all of the Clubs.

The dues will go toward the purchase of gloves for picking up debris, garbage bags, copy paper to use for their newsletters when they get started, and for field trips so all of the children of Anguilla will become Environmentalists. When these young children grow to be Anguilla's future Anguilla will be clean and environmentally sound.

The Environmental Health Department has already pledged garbage bins to all of the Clubs for glass recycling. They are also interested in assisting with Club activities. All of the Clubs' members hope that more people follow their example and JOIN UP!
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Please send all dues to BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS, P. O. BOX 959, Anguilla, BWI. You may send checks if it is more convenient. Make checks out to BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS. The money will be shared equally among the 7 BE AWARE CLUBS, unless you specify that you have a special CLUB that you would like to see receive your dues. The following is a list of BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Teacher Art (email: [email protected])

Updates and Feedback

Feedback to Email updates and feedback on news stories to [email protected]

Translations: Anguilla News is also available in Italian and German. Click here to see what issues have been translated.

Tête-à-Tête Forum: Read and post feedback on Julian Niles' Anguilla Home Page

Ecommerce Works.   David Park (email: [email protected]) sends feedback about a product from his Cornelia Park stores that appeared on our Beachshack Tropical Construction Page:

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 
Subject: Many Thanks 
Thank you very much for putting our fish knob on your site. We have had 4 orders so far.

Trying to convince my wife for a return trip to Cap Juluca.

Thanks again

David Park

New Meal Delivery Service. A new business has opened in Anguilla, "Meals On Wheels". Get your lunch order in to them at 497-3141 by 11AM and they will deliver to you it between 11AM and 2PM. Local dishes offered.

What A View

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Rent a New Waterfront Villa

The owner of the Allamanda Beach Club, is finishing up a double villa on the coast a short distance up from Shoal Bay Beach. Click to enlarge the view from the villa.

There are 3 bedrooms in the downstairs unit and 4 bedrooms up. Furnished. Telephone 264-497-5217 to inquire about rentals.

Update on New Foundation: The Anguilla Community Foundation was recently launched to build permanent endowment funds through contributions from many donors on and off the island. It plans to support charitable activities focused on local needs Contributions can be sent to P.O Box 1097, The Valley, Anguilla. For tax deduction for US citizens donations can be sent to the Anguilla Community Foundation Fund c/o the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, P.O. Box 11790, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00801. Further information is also available on e-mail from [email protected]

Subject: We Love Anguilla!!!

Hello there Anguilla, I just want to say thank you to everyone I met on my holiday to Anguilla in the summer. I had the time of my life. The people were amazing, I have never met such friendly people!!

My friends and me want to say a special hello to the staff at George's restaurant at Cap Juluca, especially Jason, Algie, Ade and Felix. We all had such fun with them all and they were such great people. We are all planning on returning next summer and hope to meet up with them all again because we miss them so much already.
Thanks again,
Joss, Kate and Kimxx
(email: [email protected])
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999

Jamaica Jim's Anguilla Trip Report is at a new link and now he has a picture tour of Anguilla too.

Microsoft Expedia has moved their Anguilla Page to a new link, not that it is very interesting.

Caribbean Travel and Life for September 1999 has two articles about Anguilla topics, covering Savannah Gallery and Paradise Cove Resort. Updated. Webmaster Chris Mason announces:

The Anguilla Guide has been updated with a total make-over. In addition to new graphics, we have revised the content and have added information to the current events page on carnival, the Arts Festival, and the Culinary Competition. We welcome any tourism or local event related information that would add to the site.

International Calls Now Cheaper From Anguilla

[Click to enlarge] As of October 1st, 1999, international phone rates from Anguilla have been reduced by Cable and Wireless. The reductions are across the board, including daytime, average 27%, with many rates falling 50% or more.

Keep in mind that the rate chart below is in EC dollars. Converted to US dollars at 2.7 EC per US, that works out to $1.20 per minute during the day, $1.00 per minute evenings and 74 cents weekends. Prices apply only to International Direct calls. Prices for operator calls. cellular calls, pay phones calls, card calls, Inmarsat calls are unchanged.

International Call Prices
Cable & Wireless Anguilla
(Effective 1st October 1999)

Destination Rates
Timeband: Day Evening Weekend
USA 3.25 2.70 2.00
Canada 3.35 3.00 2.30
UK, Ireland 4.00 3.35 2.67
Antigua & Barbuda 1.75 1.30 1.00
Barbados 3.15 2.45 2.20
Bermuda 3.15 2.45 2.20
British Virgin Islands 1.75 1.30 1.00
Cayman Islands 3.15 2.45 2.20
Dominica 3.15 2.45 2.20
Grenada 3.15 2.45 2.20
Jamaica 3.15 2.45 2.20
Montserrat 1.75 1.30 1.00
St. Kitts & Nevis 1.70 1.25 0.95
St. Lucia 3.15 2.45 2.20
St. Vincent 3.15 2.45 2.20
Trinidad & Tobago 3.15 2.45 2.20
Turks & Caicos Islands 3.15 2.45 2.20
Guadeloupe 1.75 1.30 1.00
Saba 1.65 1.20 0.95
St. Barts 1.65 1.20 0.95
St. Eustatius 1.65 1.20 0.95
St. Maarten 1.65 1.20 0.95
St. Martin 1.65 1.20 0.95
Rest of Caribbean 3.20 2.60 2.25
France 4.55 3.90 2.67
Italy 4.30 3.60 2.67
Rest of Europe 5.10 4.45 2.67
Central America 4.75 4.15 2.67
Guyana 4.70 4.00 2.67
Rest of South America 4.85 4.30 2.67
Rest of World 5.40 4.70 2.67

All prices are EC$ per minute. Day = Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Evening = Monday to Friday, before 8am and after 6pm. Weekend = All day Saturday and Sunday, from Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday, and Public Holidays.

Residential customers remain elgible for TalkAway discounts. 10% off calls to three chosen numbers.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Sunny 84F 28C 69% Humidity, October 15
Low temp since last news report 79F 26C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 55%
Tropical storm web sites Link Alt
Anguilla weather forecasts Link Alt
New to Anguilla?
More Tips

When a hurricane crosses a Caribbean island, communications becomes very difficult. The most useful source for Anguilla information during a hurricane is the Anguilla Mailing List. Another useful web site is the Caribbean Hurricane Home Page, which has reports from correspondents on many islands.

Hurricane Jose passed about 20 miles south of Anguilla during October. Damage was minor, in spite of high winds. The torrential rains that followed left temporary "lakes" in every low point across the island, but they drained away into the coral within a few days.

Web Sites About Anguilla

Internet Yellow Pages: all known Anguilla web sites are indexed in this "yellow pages" directory.

The British Empire. For pictures from the British invasion of Anguilla in 1969, Click Here.

A Villa Rental Firm has three high-end Anguilla villas on their web site:

[Click to enlarge] The first person to send in the correct location of this door in Anguilla, wins a free one-year subscription to! Click to see the door larger.

Straw Hat Restaurant is reviewed in Epicurious. Plus the same site has two photos of Anguilla.

Brides Magazine's has an Anguilla page.

A Cap Juluca Wedding was reported on Canoe, a Canadian news site.

Wimco Villas has five Anguilla villas on its web site:

Pictures of Anguilla will be seen on this personal home page.

A Weddding in Anguilla. For pictures, Click Here.

A Honeymoon At Anguilla Great House: Click Here.

Cuisinart is a new highend resort being built on Rendezvous Bay. Their web site has a phone number in the states for a brochure: 212-972-0880.

Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
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