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First Annual Flower and Garden Show

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Colour and greenery and enthusiasm burst out all over last week. [Click to enlarge] [Click to enlarge]

Anguilla had its first Annual Flower and Garden Show on February 6-7, 1999 at Ruthwill Auditorium and Grounds in The Valley. Lydia Gumbs of the ABC (Anguilla Beautification Club) was Chairperson of the event and headed up a hardworking team that arranged this demonstration of what can be done in Anguilla.

The flower arrangements entered for the competitions (picture top right) and the display of orchids from local gardens (picture top left) were breathtaking.

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The show was inspiring to those who would like some natural colour and beauty in their yards, but were perhaps discouraged by Anguilla's rocky soil. The beautiful purple orchids in the large picture above, look delicate, but thrive with no special care in local gardens.

The primary school children competed in a "beach bits collage" contest, there were displays on drought resistant gardening, herbs, goat resistant plants, and indigenous gardening, plus vendors with flowers and plants to sell, a bus tour to new Cuisinart Resort, and the Green Cuisine hydrophonic lettuce, face painting and games for the children, food and drink, and more...

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The show competition drew entries in numerous categories, from "arrangements of fresh flowers in a case or bowl" to "miniature arrangements of fresh flowers".

First place winners were Mona Harrigan, Rowena Carty, Mrs Panzetto, Ronetta Fahie-Richardson, Euxodie Wallace (see picture center left of his Desert Rose plant with amazing twinning aerial roots), Laura Richardson, Odette Richardson, Astrid Lewis (see picture bottom left), and Marva Thompson.

Second place awards went to Jasmine Hodge-Thomas, Bernice Fahie-Richardson (see picture lower right), Veronica Gumbs, Marjorie McClean, Luzh Gumbs and Catherine Rieman.

For pictures from the 2nd Annual Flower and Garden Show, Click Here.

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