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Here is a recent email from a visitor who hasn't been to Anguilla since 1994, but still remembers it warmly.

From: Anita Revell (email: [email protected]) 
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999
I visited Anguilla from Tampa, Florida, USA in the spring of 1994. With the Americans there doing tourist things (I was born and raised in Miami Beach/Miami), I left them behind and asked the question, "where do the locals go?" And with the answers away I went ... downtown to eat (I didn't go to Anguilla to eat American food! ... please!!), then off to explore the island.

I ended up at the northwest end of the island eating ... of course my favorite ... lobster. I cannot however remember the name of the restaurant, bar, stage-in-the-sand with a band/singer place.

I have many times related the story of the best lobster I have ever eaten; it literally melted in my mouth. I brought home many of the postcards by Lydia which I framed and my memories of falling in love with a little wonderful island in the Carribbean.

It was no wonder to me that after Luis people helped each other instead of stole from each other. My face was in a perpetual smile while I was there; I miss you all greatly. And I would love to be there RIGHT NOW!!

Anita Revell
now living in Nashville, Tennessee

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