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[Click to enlarge] Every year, the Carimar Beach Club generously donates accomodations and tennis court usage for Anguilla's free summer tennis camp. Not only do the children appreciate Carimar's generosity, which is worth more than $2500, but so do the visiting tennis coaches who stay at Carimar. Here is a letters of thanks from one of the visiting coaches:

When we arrived, we had no idea that Anguilla would be such a wonderful place.

Carimar Beach Club provided a place where we could relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the island simultaneously. The location of the hotel afforded us an easy access to both the famous Meads Bay Beach and the The Valley. As we went out to the tennis courts day after day, I was reminded of the fairy tale stories and the day dreams that I had both heard and had years before.

But then I thought, this is no fairytale story, neither is a daydream, in fact, what it is is an experience of a lifetime. I really do not know how many people are awarded an opportunity to render service to humanity and at the same time enjoy tranquility wrapped in blue.

And it is to this end that I wish to thank on behalf of Lindsay, Jason, Matthew and myself, Mitch and Damien for affording us the opportunity to come to Anguilla and assist them in their exceptional program. In addition, we would like to thank the managements and staffs of the Carimar Beach Club, and American Eagle (Anguilla) for ensuring the possibility of our trip and stay to Anguilla. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hannah Valdez.

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And from another coach returning for his second Tennis Camp:

Carimar is an extravagant resort located in a quaint, but beautiful area of Anguilla called Meads Bay. Carimar lies right on the beach shore and provides its guests with many accommodations to help them enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the island. The condominium type rooms are incredibly delightful and are equipped with all major components of a regular household. The staff has an impeccable ability to make one's stay there very pleasant. They are cordial, bright, and are always willing to to do anything and everything necessary to ensure that one's stay is enjoyable, memorable and the best ever.

This is my second year staying at Carimar Beach Club and it continues to be my preferred resort in Anguilla. I highly recommend Carimar to anyone wishing to enjoy the most beautiful beaches and landscapes I have ever seen.

Until next time,
Jason Allen

For more details on the tennis camp, visit the web site. To find out about Carimar Beach Club, visit the web site.

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