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Practical Tips for Visitors

[Visit Prickly Pear with Chocolat] The Caribbean island of Anguilla is a relatively undeveloped tropical paradise--quiet and harmless. But, because it is such an unspoiled and unknown destination, there is not much practical information published about it.

Below are some useful tips for the visitor. These articles answer the most frequently asked questions.

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More Tips

More Practical Tips for Visitors:

Christmas Season Embargo on Boxes. This posting on the Net describes a problem that is common every holiday season: box embargo! During the Christmas season the airlines will not allow passengers to check boxes to the Caribbean. Put your gifts in a big suitcase or duffel bag.

Laundry? Julia and Steve Farber [email protected] of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania wonder "if there are any self-service laundries on the island. We're interested in finding out so we can decrease the amount of clothes we need to take." We haven't noticed any self-service laundromats, but A-1 Laundry will launder or dry clean your clothes for you. Their number is 497-3018 and they are located in The Valley, in the back of the complex across from Ruthwill Auditorium. Laundry is reasonably priced and ready in a day.

Postal Rates. On January 2, 1998, the cost of a letter to the US and Canada increases to EC$1.50, to Europe is EC$1.90, to the Caribbean is EC$1.00, and local letters go up from EC$0.20 to EC$0.30. There is a new EC$5 fee for clearing a parcel through customs at the post office.

Area Codes

The Anguilla telephone area code changed from 809 to 264 in Fall 1997.

Library Books. Here is a tip from a vistor:

As a librarian, I ask that you pass along this tip about the Library. For an $8 US deposit, they will allow you to check out unlimited titles. They have a wide selection of paperbacks and some hardbacks that make good "beach reading." Hours are 9:15 to 5 most weekdays (I think they close earlier on Wed.). Please suggest to people that they make their $8 deposit a contribution to the library when they return their last set of books. [editor: Good Tip for all our avid vacation readers.]

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