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Anguilla has a new and different beach restaurant at Cove Bay. . . .

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Smokey's At the Cove

Smokey's is the only business on this entire long curved white sand beach. In the picture above, you can see the view across the bay toward Cap Juluca resort, but you don't see their guests on this beautiful beach very often - they have their own.

The picture to the right shows Chef Leonard Sharplis (aka Smoke) who is also chef at the upscale Koal Keel restaurant in The Valley.

Smoke and helper Neville did an excellent job of upgrading the existing building into a tasteful beach restaurant. They did the carpentry and painting themselves and the results are very nice. Smokey's is suitable for either a casual beach picnic or a more serious meal, since they have shaded patio dining in addition to their dining room, plus picnic tables and a volleyball net on the beach. Smokey's has an interesting menu: a step up from standard beach bbq, with noticeable gourmet touches, but still locally-based and reasonably priced.

Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays.

Telephone: 1-264-497-6582

Directions: starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then left again and past the airport entrance, the straight through the roundabout. Continue on the main road, keep left at the next roundabout, past the left turn for Blowing Point ferry, all the way into the west end. Turn left at the Shell station just past Cheddie's Carving Studio and go straight to the beach (ignore left for Sonesta). Just before the beach you turn left on a dirt road and should find Smokey's in 200 yards on the right.




Anguillian Fish Chowder with homegrown Vegetables and Garlic Crouton 8

Bullfoot Soup with Cornmeal Dumpling, Tanya, Potato, Pumpkin and Vegetables 6

Islands Greens in House Dressing 8

Fish Croquette in Creole Sauce 8

Crayfish Wonton with a Sweet N' Sour Sauce 12

Smokey's Sacafete: Chicken Roti, Finger Fish Patty, African Chicken, Honey Ribs, Seafood Kekab 12



(All Entrees Served with your Choice of Rice and Peas or French fries and Johny Cake)

African Chicken Wingettes in a Five-Spice Sauce 8

Curried Goat 10

Fish and Provisions 10

Honey Baby Ribs 9

Grilled Snapper with Fresh Lemon 14

Grilled Lobster Half 16

Stewed Chicken 10

Creole Burger 8



CheeseQuake 6

Coconut Tarte 6

Chocalate Tarte 6

Keylime Pie 6


All prices are in US Currency.

15% Service Charge will be added to your bill.

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Visiting Coaches Loved Carimar

[Click to enlarge] Every year, the Carimar Beach Club generously donates accomodations and tennis court usage for Anguilla's free summer tennis camp. Not only do the children appreciate Carimar's generosity, which is worth more than $2500, but so do the visiting tennis coaches who stay at Carimar. Here is a letters of thanks from one of the visiting coaches:
When we arrived, we had no idea that Anguilla would be such a wonderful place.

Carimar Beach Club provided a place where we could relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the island simultaneously. The location of the hotel afforded us an easy access to both the famous Meads Bay Beach and the The Valley. As we went out to the tennis courts day after day, I was reminded of the fairy tale stories and the day dreams that I had both heard and had years before.

But then I thought, this is no fairytale story, neither is a daydream, in fact, what it is is an experience of a lifetime. I really do not know how many people are awarded an opportunity to render service to humanity and at the same time enjoy tranquility wrapped in blue.

And it is to this end that I wish to thank on behalf of Lindsay, Jason, Matthew and myself, Mitch and Damien for affording us the opportunity to come to Anguilla and assist them in their exceptional program. In addition, we would like to thank the managements and staffs of the Carimar Beach Club, and American Eagle (Anguilla) for ensuring the possibility of our trip and stay to Anguilla. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hannah Valdez.

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And from another coach returning for his second Tennis Camp:

Carimar is an extravagant resort located in a quaint, but beautiful area of Anguilla called Meads Bay. Carimar lies right on the beach shore and provides its guests with many accommodations to help them enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the island. The condominium type rooms are incredibly delightful and are equipped with all major components of a regular household. The staff has an impeccable ability to make one's stay there very pleasant. They are cordial, bright, and are always willing to to do anything and everything necessary to ensure that one's stay is enjoyable, memorable and the best ever.

This is my second year staying at Carimar Beach Club and it continues to be my preferred resort in Anguilla. I highly recommend Carimar to anyone wishing to enjoy the most beautiful beaches and landscapes I have ever seen.

Until next time,
Jason Allen

For more details on the tennis camp, visit the web site. To find out about Carimar Beach Club, visit the web site.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Sunny 82F 27C 78% Humidity, September 17
Low temp since last news report 79F 26C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 62%
Tropical storm web site Link Alt
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For tracking hurricanes, the coordinates of Anguilla are:   18.1N 63.1W

Bret was a long ways from Anguilla in the Gulf of Mexico. Cindy turned to the North of Anguilla. Dennis passed Anguilla as a heavy rain storm on Sunday (Aug22), when it was just an unamed tropical wave. Then Emily briefly threatened a visit before turning away. Floyd approached, then turned north to ravage the USA. Gert looked like a major danger, then turned north also.

When a hurricane does hit a Caribbean island, communications becomes very difficult. A very useful service is provided by the message boards for each island on the Caribbean Hurricane Home Page. These allow people on the island to post reports as they get Internet access, and people off island to post requests for information on family members, etc.

Memories of Anguilla 1994

Here is a recent email from a visitor who hasn't been to Anguilla since 1994, but still remembers it warmly.

From: Anita Revell (email: [email protected]) 
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999
I visited Anguilla from Tampa, Florida, USA in the spring of 1994. With the Americans there doing tourist things (I was born and raised in Miami Beach/Miami), I left them behind and asked the question, "where do the locals go?" And with the answers away I went ... downtown to eat (I didn't go to Anguilla to eat American food! ... please!!), then off to explore the island.

I ended up at the northwest end of the island eating ... of course my favorite ... lobster. I cannot however remember the name of the restaurant, bar, stage-in-the-sand with a band/singer place.

I have many times related the story of the best lobster I have ever eaten; it literally melted in my mouth. I brought home many of the postcards by Lydia which I framed and my memories of falling in love with a little wonderful island in the Carribbean.

It was no wonder to me that after Luis people helped each other instead of stole from each other. My face was in a perpetual smile while I was there; I miss you all greatly. And I would love to be there RIGHT NOW!!

Anita Revell
now living in Nashville, Tennessee

Read more visitor reports.

Student's Art Recognized on Stamp

[Click for picture of Pope Head cactus] Last year Anguilla held an art competition for school children. The theme of the contest was "Hidden Beauty of Anguilla". Some of the winners had their art recognized and selected to appear on Anguillian postage stamps.

Here is the $3.00 stamp showing a scene of pope's head cactus by high school student Daryl Thompson.

For two of the other student stamps, Click Here and Click Here.

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Feedback on Luciano's Restaurant.

Kevin and Carol (email: [email protected]) wrote on Thu, 9 Sep 1999:

We were so glad to see that Luciano's has been recognized in your news page. We visited Anguilla in early August for a week, and dined at Luciano's twice because of the WONDERFUL FOOD and extremely pleasant and friendly staff. The pesto sauce was terrific, as was the gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce. Also, they served the best beef carpaccio that we've ever had! Many thanks to the owner and staff for 2 terrific meals. BON APPETIT!

Kevin & Carol.
(Connecticut, USA)

Malliouhana Receives Wine Spectator Grand Award

Wine in Anguilla! A top wine publication, Wine Spectator, has awarded Anguilla's Malliouhana Hotel with its Grand Award. Malliouhana's restaurant joins only 81 other restaurants world wide which have received the award.

The hotel's wine cellar has 25,000 bottles and 1150 different kinds of wind which were chosen almost entirely by hotel founder Leon Roydon and sommelier Albert Lake Jr. Mr Roydon credits the 41-year old Lake, who has been with the hotel since it opened, with much of the success of their wine program.

"I had an interest in wine from my first day at Malliouhana", Lake explains, "and I realized that there was nobody on Anguilla that was serious about learning about wines, so I saw it as a career opportunity. ... Once my 9 to 5 was over then I went home and studied. A lot of guests provided me with books, but I've also spent about $75,000 in developing my skills. I owe a lot as well to Mr. Roydon and the support of the Malliouhana for my training."

Web Sites About Anguilla

Internet Yellow Pages: all known Anguilla web sites are indexed in this "yellow pages" directory.

Building Site for sale above Cap Juluca on this web site.

Little Mermaid Bar and Restaurant has a web site including pictures of their impressive Gnip tree, parties, pool table, and bar. See if you can recognize Dawnette Bryan, Gaetano Di Palo, and Randy Hannan plus others in these pictures.

E & L Babysitting Service has a web page at

Shoal Bay Scuba has updated their web site at add information on dive equipment, the staff, and a new guestbook. is the new web site (of Anguilla Maritime Research and Shoal Bay Scuba) for the ancient Spanish shipwreck "El Buen Consejo": is the web site for Fairplay Jewelry and Perfumes in The Valley. Their email is [email protected], Mary Ann's tropical construction page has been updated with cross references between each building and the reports of its construction, plus more building news from the summer, including:

Lynne Bernbaum, an accomplished artist who lives in Anguilla, is away in Spain for an exhibition of her art in Madrid. And she now has her own web site at, including numerous examples of her most recent works. has been updated with more pictures of the children and adults who achieved computer literacy this summer, including the PC Beginners Course organized with the Ministry of Womens Affairs and the Beautification Club.

Summer Web Page Class. In August 1999. Web site Instructor Randy Hannan (you can email Randy at [email protected]) from Michigan visited Anguilla for the month at the invitation of the Government training establishment and took part in the computer club's summer boot camp. Randy took over a group of young people and adults and taught them to create web pages. Here are nine of the student web pages: [Click to enlarge]

In addition, Jamel Lake created the Little Mermaid web site during the course.

Tropika Brokerage. According to this press release a Canadian firm is setting up a web brokerage house in Anguilla.

The Beacon, 1967. There is an excerpt from Anguilla's first newspaper at this this web page.

Sombrero. Here is a web site for information on Anguilla's Sombrero Island (where rocket launches have been proposed):

Visiting Artist. Sandy Meyer who visited Anguilla this summer as a water-color instructor and participant in the Arts Festival, now has her own ArtNut web site.

The Light, a weekly Anguillian newspaper, has a web site (current issue link) with local news and announcements. Here are links to some recent issues:

Issue 310
Issue 308

The island's other weekly, The Anguillian does not have a web site yet, but you can subscribe to the printed copy. Click here.

Anguilla Tennis Academy has updated their web site with pictures and information from the 1999 summer camp:

Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
Computer Boot Camp Parade of Troupes
Summer Tennis Camp Traditional Boat Races
Students Produce Musical New Community Foundation

About Anguilla

Anguilla is a low, dry, coral island in the North Eastern Caribbean, six miles from St. Martin. Click Here for a map showing Anguilla's relative location. Anguilla has beaches, hotels, villas, and restaurants. The web pages about Anguilla have been gathered into an Internet Yellow Pages by topic:

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