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 December 15, 1997 - Site Map.

Merry Christmas from Anguilla

To email a holiday greeting from the windsurfing Santa of Sandy Island, just click the button below:

Original card was produced by Chris Kay, dive instructor at The Dive Shop and the photograph was taken by Amanda Clement. If you would like to see the full-size original photo, click here.

Christmas Greetings from the Past. Charlotte and Clare Grap of Dunlap Illinois want to send Holiday Greetings to everyone in Anguilla:

"For those of you who might remember us as Peace Corps volunteers on Anguilla in 1981-1983 - we send our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a blessed and happy New Year. We think of you often and miss you always!"

Lots of Holiday Activites. As the holidays approach, the social activites reach a feverish pitch - so it is impossible to notify you of them all. Since our last news update on Dec 1, each primary school has had a Christmas program - these are wonderful community events, well worth attending. Many churches have had their Christmas programs and dinners. The Sunshine Theatre Company mounted a 3-day run at Ruthwill Auditorium (the production was extremely professional, with excelent performances from Felix Fleming, Rosanna Browne, and first-timer 17-year old Michelle Herbert in a difficult roles). The Friends of the Hospital held their annual Christmas Dinner for Seniors. And the taxicab drivers had a singing contest! To find out about such events, you must listen to Radio Anguilla at 1505AM or 95.5FM.

Christmas Extravaganza! Eight days and nights of holiday entertainment and celebration. Starting December 19th, Separation Day and a public holiday. Located at The Trough under the Mahogony trees on Coronation Boulevard in The Valley (the street under the trees next to the ball field and Ashley's Supermarket). Last year there were opening fireworks at the tree-lighting and a street jump-up dance, choir concerts, bake sales, string band music.

This year look for the same, plus Steel Orchestra and special events such as a special version of children's Story Time on Saturday at the Trough. No activities on Christmas Day, but look for a Boat Race at Sandy Ground on Boxing Day (Dec 26) and a car show at the Coronation Basketball court.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Project for Blind Child. The Computer Club has received a donation of $800 US from the Anguilla Financial Services Association to use toward the purchase of a computer for a blind high school student. Anyone with any experience in computers for the blind, software, hardware, donations, or support networks, please contact us before Dec 22nd. Thanks.

[Click to enlarge Lasana Reid, Pastry Chef]

Winners of the Culinary Contest.
An All-Anguilla cooking contest was held at Anguilla Great House on December 6th. Pictured here is Lasana Reid of Koal Keel, winner in the pastry category. Raoul Rodriguez from Hibernia was Chef of the Year, second place was Zeff Bonsey of Restaurant Ici, and bronze went to Deon Thomas from Cyril's Fish House (read about his brother's new woodworking shop on Mary Ann's Tropical Construction page. Bartender of the Year was Ron Webster (again!). The winner of the Rib-Off was Big Jim, featured in our recent report on Blowing Point. The winner for traditional foods was Mabel Gumbs for her corn soup and Cora Richardson with her salt fish patties and roti.

Oliver's Restaurant is new on Long Bay. We went for dinner there recently. It has an incredible setting above the sand and the surf, good food, reasonable if not cheap prices, a comforable lounge on the water, and it was packed.

Sandy Ground Village won the Best Village award in the Tourism week clean up, but all the villages have been spiffed up for the season.

Anguilla Network is project of Kenneth Harrigan and Lindy Tamn to book vacation villas and provide real estate services. Their office is located near the airport in the same building as Island Car Rental. Telephone: 264-497-4803. Fax 4804.

Architectural Digest. Frank Wendt reports that the January issue of "Architectural Digest" has an article on the new four-bedroom villa at CoveCastles Resort on Shoal Bay West (not East). If you have always wanted to look inside these striking buildings, now is your chance. The magazine has some spectacular pictures of the villa and the ocean views.

Where is Gwen? In response to email queries, I have discovered that Gwen, who used to cook for Uncle Ernie, has moved from Hardbroke further west on Shoal Bay (East) to the Fountain Beach Hotel, where she is now creating her speciality local dishes for lunch.

Cheddie's Carving Studio

[Click to enlarge view of Cheddie] Traveliing west on the main road, Cheddie's Carving Studio is a landmark to art lovers visiting Anguilla for the first or thirty-first time. Cheddie Richardson is not yet 30 years old, and carves some of the most beautiful sculpture from objects we all walk past everyday without thinking twice - driftwood.

Cheddie started carving wood at the age of ten. He describes his first carvings as "messin' in wood", and gave the shapes he created to friends as gifts. As his talents developed, the carvings of walnut and mahogany merited special bases to be set on, and Cheddie decided on driftwood. After a while, the driftwood bases became as interesting to him as the sculpture, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Not giving out secrets for his special sources for driftwood hunting, Cheddie says the beaches of Anguilla and offshore cays are rich in his raw materials. A found piece of driftwood is studied for at least a couple of days before this artist touches it even once. Go for walk on a beach any day and study a piece of driftwood, then drive right over to Cheddie's and see the transformation. Astounding.

Cheddie's been in his west end studio for 5 years now. He's open Monday through Saturday 10 - 6, or by appointment. Telephone: 264-497-6027.

Guest Article, by Frank at the Savannah Gallery, Crocus Hill

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 82F 27C 64% Humidity, Sunny December 15
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 84F 28C
Low humidity since last news report 59%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

Soroptomists Host a Christmas Fair

[Click to enlarge the face painting] Christmas time in Anguilla is a time of fairs, pageants and fundraisers. The Soroptomists Christmas Fair takes place on the gardened grounds of the Governer's House in Old Ta. Imagine dozens of booths under shade trees, games on the grass, stalls selling everything from crafts and used books (at four books for $1EC) to Wallblake House T-shirts and potted plants from the Anguilla Beautification Club. The fair was held on Saturday December 6th and drew a big crowd, in spite of competing with the food fair at Rendezvous Bay where The Mussington's were playing.

This year's fair featured the high school steel band, with Dumpa leading them, a visit by Santa, face painting (see picture), sand crab races, a raffle, art, and lots of games. The Soroptomist ladies did a masterful job of enticing many other groups to take part: Optimists, National Trust, Archaeological Society, etc. This made the fair action packed and exciting.

In summary, the fair was fun and civilized with a huge, happy crowd. The money raised by the Soroptomists will be used to support their Day Care Centre behind the library.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

A Reason for Coming in March! The Highway Tyre Services and Sales in George Hill and the Optimists Club are holding a Team Triathalon on Sunday, March 29th, with biking, running and swimming, followed by a bbq beach party. More details in the next news issue, but if you can't wait call Optimist Art at 264-497-2369 for more details.

Events in the Next Two Weeks:

Fantastic Sunsets

Bayberry and Chinaberry are a pair of vacation villas between Rendezvous Bay and Sandy Point.
[Click to enlarge the sunset] More Web Information:
Read Jim's full article.
Laine Parnell's detailed description of Chinaberry.
The web page for these villas.
The Anguilla Villa Guide.

Jim Jordon, a long-time Caribbean hand, had this to say on the Internet about these villas:

The double villa is located just a few minutes from Blowing Point in an area that is known as Cul de Sac. Actually built as two separate buildings joined by a common courtyard, Bayberry is the main house and Chinaberry is the adjoining guest house. The two houses provide two sides for the courtyard, while a beautiful Spanish wall stretches across the front and a raised parapet walkway, connecting the two structures across the back, completes the enclosed area. Gayle [the owner] has done a masterful job of decorating both houses, as well as overseeing the gardenscaping of the tiled courtyard and all of the landscaping of the yards outside the walls. ... The walk looks out on Rendezvous Bay to the west and the sunsets viewed from this vantage point are as magnificent as any I've ever seen anywhere.

Update on Straw Hat Restaurant

A Visitor Raves.
Joan liked Straw Hat Restaurant the best, according to her posting: "...We liked it so well, we ate there twice! ... Both evenings, our table overlooked the water...nice touch."

Straw Hat Restaurant on the wharf at Forest Bay has a new chef this season, Bertrand Louguet, who will be a permanent part of Straw Hat (he's partner with Peter Parles). Bertrand has kept many of the most popular dishes from last season and has added a few new ones, along with an expanded wine list.

Food lovers can study the full menu for this season.

Dumpa, Master Entertainer and Teacher

Who leads the growth of quality steel pan music in Anguilla?
One Giving Guy.
Denise and Chris Graves write "Earlier this summer, Michael "Dumpa" Martin took some Anguillan school children to Philadelphia to perform in steel band competition. In August, the students from Philly had the opportunity to visit Anguilla and perform as well. His generosity in taking time to teach the dying art of steel pan to the children of Anguilla should be recognized. He is another reason why we all love Anguilla and her people."

Dumpa! And it seems as if he is everywhere on the island.

[Click for larger view of Dumpa]

Each night he plays his steel pan with an accompanying guitar at a different tourist venue, such as Malliouhana, Eclipse, and Scilly Cay. Then on Friday and Sunday nights he and his full band (Dumpa and Anvibes) play to a local dance crowd at Hardbroke on Shoal Bay. And during the day he teaches steel pan at the primary schools. Dumpa also trains and leads the high school steel band, which has improved tremendously in the last two years and now performs at numerous events: opening of the national museum, careers day, 15 year anniversary of Social Security, the Soroptomists Christmas Fair, etc. And they play with musical elegance and style.

Dumpa and Anvibes have a CD of their music entitled Pan Fusion. It is a most listenable and professional CDs produced by an island band. Lively, Caribbean beats of soca and calypso plus jazz and ballads. You can usually buy it at the Anguilla Drug Store and gift shops around the island.

Updates and Feedback

More on Money and Exchange. "Please can you tell, me are there ATM machines in Anguilla?" asks Rob Blaney of Chicago. The answer is "not really". The Scotiabank has one, but it only works for those with a local account at the bank. For more information on money, banking, and exchange, read our earlier article.

Update on Fishing. We recently ran an article on fishing in Anguilla and asks for feedback from experienced sports fishermen. Georget Petrilak writes:

I have gone out with Lionel Richardson, 497-2936, on Arvencia, a new 30' center console boat out of Crocus Bay. He is set up for line fishing ( bottom fishing ) and trolling with 2 rods. We have caught a lot of bottom fish as well as tuna, barracuda and snappers while trolling, called towing in Anguilla. The boat has dual 150 outboards and is a very good sea boat.

I have also gone out with Ed Carty, 497-2337, on his Hatteress 31 from Sandy Ground. He owns the Fish store in North Hill. He is set up very well with outriggers and usually runs 5 rods. He doesn't always agree to take people out, especially if you get seasick ! Very knowledgeable fisherman.

Update on Amy's Bakery. Guest reporter Danny Laud provides an update on his article about Amy's Bakery: "Amy has a new place next to their bakery called Amy's Place. It's like a little snack bar. They sell iced tea, lemonade drinks, sodas, malts etc. and sandwiches, pizzas & other snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With tables and chairs inside this is definitly a nice tourist attraction."

Web Sites About Anguilla

The Light is on The Web. Read Anguilla's local newspaper, published by George Hodge, including editorials and recent back issues. Some articles of interest: is the finalized web site for Claudel Romney's large villa and conference center at Lockrum. This is a point of land between Little Harbour and Blowing Point.

Viewfort on Crocus Hill have a web page at with lots of pictures. As the highest point of Anguilla, the vacation apartments have a fantastic view of Crocus Bay and St Martin both., Mary Ann's tropical construction page has more building news, including the completion of the guest villa roof.

Our Menus Page. Check out our restaurant page for numerous places to eat in Anguilla, including menus, directions, and customer reviews.

Serenity on Upper Shoal Bay

The eastern end of Shoal Bay beach has a serene place to laze on the sand, snorkel, sip a cool drink, and have a meal.

[Click to enlarge Shoal Bay beach lounges]

At Serenity Restaurant you will probably be greeted by Petra, the charming petite hostess. Or by Ken Rogers, the owner, who also owns The Old House Restaurant in George Hill.

Serenity offers:

Directions: located on the gravel road between Shoal Bay and Island Harbour. From The Valley, take the paved road through Little Dix, turn left for Shoal Bay, then turn right at the Serenity sign just before you reach Uncle Ernie.

All prices in US dollars. 10% service charge is added

Serenity Breakfast Menu Dec97
Chef's Specials
Baked Eggs in Tomato Shells ...8.95
with Ham, Bacon or Sausage ... 9.95
Eggs Benedict ... 8.95
with Ham, Bacon or Sausage ... 9.95
Serenity Specials
Choice of Juice, Croissant, Coffee or Tea ... 5.95 Pancakes or French Toast, Choice of Juice, Coffee or Tea ... 7.95
with Ham, Bacon or Sausage ... 8.95
Eggs any style, Choice of Juice, Coffee or Tea ... 7.95
with Ham, Bacon or Sausage ... 8.95
Ala Carte Fruit Fair
Toast ... 2.25
Croissant ... 2.95
2 Eggs with Toast ... 5.95
French Toast ... 5.95
Pancakes ... 5.95
Serenity Omelet ... 9.95
Fresh sliced Pineapple ... 4.95
Half Grapefruit ... 3.95
Fresh Fruit Cup ... 5.95
Fresh Fruit Platter ... 11.95

Side Orders
Ham, Bacon or Sausage ... 2.95
Hash Browns ... 2.95

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