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Every saturday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 AM is "Children's Story Time" at the library, hosted by Judith Sadler-Bryan, and broadcast live on Radio Anguilla (AM 1505, FM 95.5). Judith always starts with a story of Ananse the clever spider, who tries to trick the other animals and get out of work. When I dropped in, guest story teller Charlotte Berglund read the story "Ellie and Ollie Eel". 11-year old Tamara Hodge and six-year-old Marie Harris read stories to the assembled children and the radio audience also. Little Marie (see picture below) was concentrating so hard on getting the words right, that her voice sometimes dropped to a whisper. No problem--Judith summarized each page for us as she finished it. The children who participate in Story Time can earn a book of their own to keep.
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Visitors are welcome to drop their children off for Story Time too. And starting August 13th, the Library will host a three week story telling workshop for 10 to 12 year olds.

Librarian Jane Greel says that when a child gets turned on by reading, they soon devour every book in the library. Anguilla has a great new library building with room for lots more books. Bring along any books for young readers that you aren't using anymore and drop them off at the Library main desk, attention Jane Grell. Especially welcome are picture books, folk tales, mystery stories, and reference books. Do you have a bookshelf of a well-loved juvenile series: Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys or the Baby-sitters Club or Encyclopedia Brown? And Jane says not to forget the adult readers: paperbacks are fine. She never has enough romances, mysteries, or best sellers to satisfy the demand.

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