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Restaurant Ici

Restaurant Ici
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Where in Anguilla can you have a gourmet lunch barefoot in your wet swim wrap? Lisa and Alan Gumbs, who also own Koal Keel Restaurant, have opened a new restaurant, poolside at the Sonesta Resort. The setting is beautiful, right on the beach, overlooking St Martin, and the food is delicious. Not just my humble opinion, the chef Zeff Bonsey won a gold medal at the Caribbean Culinary Competition for best main course, and also on the team is Pascal Baronnier, who was named Pastry Chef of the year at the same competition.

Restaurant Ici is open for lunch and dinner. I loved the Spring Roll and the Sausage Pizza for lunch. For dinner, reservations are recommended during the tourist season. Telephone: 264-497-6999.

Here are a few extracts from their dinner menu:

Fruitwood smoked Atlantic salmon with dill-scented galettes, Sour cream & shaved red onion 13.00
Great Anguillian lobster cakes, heart of palm & Italian Parsley salad, Sofrito mayonnaise 12.00
Curry & lemongrass chicken satay with Asian greens & Tomato marmalade10.00
Main Dishes
Filet of Anguillian snapper braised with fruity Chardonnay On a bed of slow-roasted orange sweet Potatoes, Caribbean Vegetables & sprays of fresh lemon 20.00
Yellowtail snapper in a crushed herb crust, shredded potato Risotto, snap peas & carrot-lime vinaigrette 22.00
Anguillian rock grouper with piquant French mustard, Leek & oven-roasted tomato tian & root vegetables 22.00

That is only a sample of their menu. Food lovers can read the entire menu.

 Revised: December 01, 1997

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