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Museum Opens Revolution Exhibit

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[Click to see full size picture] On May 29th 1997, the Anguilla National Trust opened an exhibit commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution. The exhibit is in their museum building in The Valley (down from the library). The Steel Band from the high school performed, followed by speeches, poems, music, and the cutting of the ribbon by Mrs.Daisy "Wong" Richardson, whose new collection of poems (Li'l Bit of Guinea Corn Porridge) was launched at the same event. This exhibit will run all through the summer, so don't miss it.

Anguilla's Revolution was an unusual one. No one was killed, the main issue was Britain's insistence on making Anguilla independent but subordinate to St. Kitts, and the result was that Anguilla became a colony directly administered from London. For more information, you can read an excerpt from Donald Westlake's entertaining history of the Anguilla revolution, "Under an English Heaven".
Update: The National Trust has published a book of poetry by Daisy Richardson. And read more about the museum exhibit on the site.

The National Trust has published the May issue of their newsletter on the web. Read about the Year of the Reef, the Revolution exhibit in the museum, the Iguana and Sea Turtle projects, and the full scholarship awarded to Trevor Gumbs (assistant landscape manager at Cap Juluca) to take a course at the Royal Kew Gardens.

June is Sea Turtle Month in Anguilla. We have hawksbill turtles that nest here and green turtles that forage for food here. The goal is to raise awareness of what the turtles need to thrive.  Revised: October 24, 1997

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