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Every few weeks an email question arrives about sports fishing in Anguilla, but the sports fishing industry here is just in its infancy. You don't see a marina full of high-tech boats with flying bridges, because Anguilla doesn't even have a marina!

So here is everything I know, but I am not a fishermen.

Can visitors fish in Anguilla? I checked with the Tourist Office and they say, except for spear fishing, "No problem". A license is not required. Only belongers are allowed to spear fish in Anguilla.

What about fishing from the shore? Certainly, but I couldn't find anywhere that rents poles or tackle. So bring your own equipment.

Can I rent a bare boat? No, not without the captain. There are dangerous reefs all around Anguilla and local knowledge is essential.

What about deep-sea fishing? Yes, although I have never talked to a visitor who has gone deep-sea fishing. Hint, now I am "fishing" for people to send me their experiences. Here is a list that I have gathered of boats that advertise fishing trips:

Experienced sports fishermen Georget Petrilak writes:
I have gone out with Lionel Richardson, 497-2936, on Arvencia, a new 30' center console boat out of Crocus Bay. He is set up for line fishing (bottom fishing) and trolling with 2 rods. We have caught a lot of bottom fish as well as tuna, barracuda and snappers while trolling, called towing in Anguilla. The boat has dual 150 outboards and is a very good sea boat.

I have also gone out with Ed Carty, 497-2337, on his Hatteress 31 from Sandy Ground. He owns the Fish store in North Hill. He is set up very well with outriggers and usually runs 5 rods. He doesn't always agree to take people out, especially if you get seasick ! Very knowledgeable fisherman.

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