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A Classic Book on the Real Anguilla

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[Click to enlarge cover of Anguilla Beyond the Beaches] Anguilla Beyond the Beaches is an entertaining booklet on Anguilla's history and culture that sells for less than US $6. The author, Brenda Carty, says it "is intended for the visitor who wants to know more about Anguilla: beyond the beaches, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions." Other books by Brenda include Anguilla: Tranquil Isle of the Caribbean, co-authored with Colville Petty.

The booklet is sold at the Arts and Craft Center, Anguilla Drug Store, and most gift shops.

Here is a sample about the now defunct Salt Industry:

To reap the salt, crews of 4-6 men and women waded into the pond, poling a large flat-bottomed wooden boat called a "flat". With gloved hands the cake of salt was brought up from the bottom, rinsed in a basket and thrown into the flat where it broke into small crystals of salt from 1/2" to 1" in diameter. When full of salt, the flat was taken to the edge of the pond and loaded into barrels where it was taken on a concrete ramp to the salt heap, with the aid of a front end loader. Each flat held about 18 barrels of salt with each barrel weighing 300 pounds. The salt was left in large heaps until shipped to the factory to be ground into fine salt.

More books about Anguilla.

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