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Computer Camp - Summer 1999

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For the third consecutive summer, the Anguilla Library Computer Club has run a computer bootcamp. Eighteen children and ten adults are spending July and August in the club's lab, learning to use the computer. One innovation this summer is the admission of some four year olds -- the club acquired some pre-school multimedia software designed for pre-reading children.

For pictures of all the children in the program, visit this link. Pictured above is Senegal, one of the students.

Computer literacy and interest in Anguilla is widening and growing. Government has purchased 60 new PCs for the schools and Dawn Reid (of the high school) ran another summer program for children, creating greater choice and options.

At the invitiation of the Government's Training Establishment, Professor Gaetano Di Palo returned to Anguilla again this summer from Naples to run the summer boot camp. He ran last year's program as well. He is assisted by Randy Hannan of Michigan (email: [email protected]).

This freed Gaetano's time to teach a new program: Introduction to Computer's for Beginners. Co-sponsored and organized by the Ministry of Women's Affairs (Lana Ho-Young), the Anguilla Beautification Club (Iris Lewis), and the Anguilla library computer club (Bob Green). Each attendee will receive a copy of a new book, Grown-Up's Guide to Computing, which is written in non-technical language for the general public.

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