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[Click to enlarge] For the fourth summer running, Anguillian children have been offered a free summer tennis camp. The camp was created by Mitch Lake, who gradudated from college this year and plans to spend a year working for BET (Black Entertainment Network), the original and continuing sponsor of the tennis camp. Mitch is assisted by other young Anguillians, Damien Hughes, Shawn Romney, and Damien Brooks.

The 183 children who participated spent one week in a special clinic run by visiting tennis coaches, including Willie Shaw, head coach from Morehouse College, four coaches from Mitch's Alma Mater (Gardner-Webb University), and James Schor, the Caribbean sales rep for Wilson, another long-time sponsor of the camp.

Mitch and his team have a new Millenium Dream for Tennis in Anguilla: to create a professional tennis facility that can build on the existing tennis tourism, develop local talent and connect it with tennis scholarships, host regional tournaments, and even host the Seniors pro tournament someday.

For player profiles and dozens of more pictures, visit their web site at or send email to for more information.

 Revised: August 18, 1999

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