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For the third consecutive summer, the Anguilla Library Computer Club has run a computer bootcamp. . . .

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 August 21, 1999 - Click to enlarge pictures

Computer Camp - Summer 1999

Eighteen children and ten adults are spending July and August in the club's lab, learning to use the computer. One innovation this summer is the admission of some four year olds -- the club acquired some pre-school multimedia software designed for pre-reading children.

For pictures of all the children in the program, visit this link. Pictured above is Senegal, one of the students.

Computer literacy and interest in Anguilla is widening and growing. Government has purchased 60 new PCs for the schools and Dawn Reid (of the high school) ran another summer program for children, creating greater choice and options.

At the invitiation of the Government's Training Establishment, Professor Gaetano Di Palo returned to Anguilla again this summer from Naples to run the summer boot camp. He ran last year's program as well. He is assisted by Randy Hannan of Michigan (email: [email protected]).

This freed Gaetano's time to teach a new program: Introduction to Computer's for Beginners. Co-sponsored and organized by the Ministry of Women's Affairs (Lana Ho-Young), the Anguilla Beautification Club (Iris Lewis), and the Anguilla library computer club (Bob Green). Each attendee will receive a copy of a new book, Grown-Up's Guide to Computing, which is written in non-technical language for the general public.

Weather in Anguilla

The coordinates of Anguilla are:   18.1N 63.1W

Weather Summary Anguilla
Partly Cloudy 87F 30C 67% Humidity, August 21
Low temp since last news report 79F 26C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 58%
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Bret was a long ways from Anguilla in the Gulf of Mexico. Cindy turned to the North of Anguilla. Dennis passed Anguilla as a heavy rain storm on Sunday (Aug22), when it was just an unamed tropical wave. Then Emily briefly threatened a visit before turning away. Floyd threatened, then turned north to ravage the USA. Gert looked like a major danger, then turned north also.

The Parade of Troupes - 1999

[Click to enlarge] A favorite part of carnival in Anguilla is the parade of colourful and musical troupes.

For more information on the Parade, read a report on the 1998 Parade of Troupes and 1997 too.

The pictures here were taken by Indah Wallace, an Anguillian college-bound student and summer intern at Beachtech Center on Shoal Bay.

Click any picture in this story to see a full-size versoin of the same image.

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Events in Anguilla

Events, holidays, activities

Recycling. Anguilla has instituted a recycling program to glass. You can see the large bin for depositing bottles at the environmental health building across from Ronald Webster park.

Italian Students Working Here. Four students from the European School of Economics are in Anguilla for a six-week internship with various businesses on the island. Alfredo Falvo is at the tourist board, Allegra Pietropaoli is at the Anguilla Great House, Sebastino Mura is at the Ministry of Finance, and Nicoletta Russo is at the Financial Services Dept. This program is in its fourth year.

Caribbean Culinary Competition was held in Puerto Rico in July. Perhaps it was prophetic that Anguilla's super bartender, Ron Webster, had his picture in the Latitudes magazine article about the upcoming competition. Because Ron, the popular drink mixer at Restaurant Ici, finished triumphant. He won the title of Bartender of the Year at the 1999 "A Taste of the Caribbean" event. And his cocktail creation, Flaming Ronagra, received the Most Innovative Dish Award- the first time in the history of the regional competition that the award was presented to a cocktail. Webster's stellar performance also won him the Most Creative Rum Cocktail award, three gold medals. Ron has been so impressive in this and previous competitions, that he has been invited to return next year and judge the bartending competition. The level of competition was steep in culinary events, as well as Anguilla's National Culinary Team missed the finals by only a few points and finished up the three day competition with a Team Silver Medal.
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The Arts. The Second International Anguilla Art Festival was held in July and was a great success. See picture here of the sidewalk art exhibition at the post office.

Savannah Gallery reports in their summer newsletter that Anguillian artists Melsadis Fleming and Louise Brooks are winding up advanced studies in education at UK universities and return to teach at the high school.

Summer Tennis Camp for 4th Year!

[Click to enlarge] For the fourth summer running, Anguillian children have been offered a free summer tennis camp. The camp was created by Mitch Lake, who gradudated from college this year and plans to spend a year working for BET (Black Entertainment Network), the original and continuing sponsor of the tennis camp. Mitch is assisted by other young Anguillians, Damien Hughes, Shawn Romney, and Damien Brooks.

The 183 children who participated spent one week in a special clinic run by visiting tennis coaches, including Willie Shaw, head coach from Morehouse College, four coaches from Mitch's Alma Mater (Gardner-Webb University), and James Schor, the Caribbean sales rep for Wilson, another long-time sponsor of the camp.

Mitch and his team have a new Millenium Dream for Tennis in Anguilla: to create a professional tennis facility that can build on the existing tennis tourism, develop local talent and connect it with tennis scholarships, host regional tournaments, and even host the Seniors pro tournament someday.

For player profiles and dozens of more pictures, visit their web site at or send email to [email protected] for more information.

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Update on Gone Fishin' article. In our report on summer closing dates, we incorrectly reported that Luciano's Italian Restaurant was closing for September. They are not -- leaving another yummy place to eat during that month.

Update on Lloyds 40th Year. To celebrate their 40th year of operation, Anguilla's first hotel, Lloyds, held a cocktail party and celebration on July 31st. Dumpa played the steel pan, people from all over Anguilla overflowed the building, and the Lloyds presented awards of appreciation to their long-time staff: Merline Carty, Faustna Carty, and Hosapha Rogers Vanterpool. The family run property opened for business in July 1959. It was built and managed by David Lloyd, who saw the need for a full-service tourist establishment. At a time when there was no electricity, telephone service or resaurants on the island, Lloyds provided three home-cooked meals a day to guests, all for the price of $8 a day. Lloyd's wife, Vida, took over as manager when David died in 1989, and along with their children, David and Christine, maintains the same family atmosphere today.

Visit the Lloyds web site for more information, new pictures, etc.

Boat Racing 1999

[Click to enlarge] The national sport of Anguilla is boat racing and Carnival week is the climax of the racing season. Races are held all week, with the winners facing off in a final Champion of Champions Race. This year's winner was UFO from Island Harbour village.

These pictures were taken at the start of the August Monday boat race on Sandy Ground village. You can see the winner UFO in the first two pictures, then a typical beach crowd scene, then Harris "Mr. Cool" Richardson, explaining the rules to various boat captains, then the Romney Family Reunion pavillion, another crowd scene, and the start of the race.

You may enlarge any of the pictures here by clicking on them.

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Cheers has a web site for their charter service to the St Marteen airport pickup and for party cruises.

Holiday Villa! An affordable 2 bedroom villa is available for vacation use at Seafeathers Bay. Read more about it on this web page.

Roundhouse Villa, the Eyster's place next to Paradise Cove, has a new Internet domain name:

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The Light, a weekly Anguillian newspaper, has a web site (current issue link) with local news and announcements. Here are links to some recent issues:

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The island's other weekly, The Anguillian does not have a web site yet, but you can subscribe to the printed copy. Click here.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

[Click to enlarge] The high school drama club presented a musical drama in July, as they did last summer with Anne of Green Gables. The summer drama program was started in 1998 by Eleanor Stacey, a young Canadian from the interior of British Columbia. She returned to Anguilla this summer to organize and direct the 4 performances of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

[Click to enlarge]

The challenging part of Joseph was played by Jason Webster, pictured to the right in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The rest of the cast and crew (see below) did a great job on this challenging play, which is totally sung (there is no dialogue).

Cast List Production/Technical Credits
Joseph Jason Webster Director Eleanor Stacey
NarratorsJuanita Crawford Stage ManagerEmma Royden
  LaToya Mathew Assistant Stage ManagerNaiela Ghould
RuebenZeti Richardson Props ManagerNickesha Mathew
Levi Vanessa Croft Vocal Coach Erica Fleming
NapthaliCatriona Lake Lights Andy Brown
Asher Shanasha Webster Sound Dermel Franklin
Dan Kaira Richardson Set Construction Thomas Buffonge
Zebulun Ruel Phillip   Kevin Irish
Gad Nicole Bryan Hennis Painting Eleanor Stacey
Judah Danielle Hauser   Emma Royden
BenjaminPatville Harrigan   Eulanda Dupie
SimeonEulanda Dupie   Thiery Hughes
IsaacherTasha Wells   Kaira Richardson
Jacob Amobi Mwokiobi   Ruel Phillip
Jacob's WifesNiesha John, Musical Ensemble Lois Hazel
  Zonelle Richardson   Evan Brooks
  Shemilia Sutherland   Terone Carty-Hodge
Potiphar Joash Proctor   Julian Bryan
Potiphar's Wife Zonelle Richardson   Alan Coppin
Butler Patville Harrigan
Baker Patison Harrigan
Pharoah Csaesare Watley
Ishmalites/Guards Devon Ryan
  Victor Connor
  Wallace Richrdson
  Rupert Greenaway
  Theiry Hughes
Egyptians/Prisoners Kimara Richardson
  Shanicia Richardson
  Nakieta Rogers
  Roxanne Richardson
  Shermelle Lake
  Zonelle Richardson
  Shemilia Sutherland
  Kenisha Cocks
  Shakeema Carty
  Neisha John
  Kaira Richardson

Anguilla Community Foundation

The Anguilla Community Foundation was launched in May 1999. This is seen as an important event for the community, as it is an effort to raise a significant amount of permanent funds to serve the charitable and community needs of the island.

The Anguilla Community Foundation is being organized as a permanent collection of endowed funds for the long-term benefit of Anguilla. It will carry out various charitable purposes and has a long-term goal in increasing the assets held as permanent endowment for the island.

During the past year a feasibility study and the initial planning took place by a steering committee under the guidance of Carrolle Devonish, former president of the Philadelphia Foundation.

The committee hosted the Inclusiveness Committee of the Council of Foundations in February and at that time a community meeting took place to explain the foundation concept. The Social Security Board has acted as the incubator for the Community Foundation and is continuing to support its growth and development.

The steering committee has now become the board of the Anguilla Community Foundation and is composed of a broad range of Anguillian citizens. Members include Timothy Hodge. Sutcliffe Hodge, Eustace Guishard, Courtney Devonish, Emile Gumbs, Alecia Ballin, Leroy Martinez, Josephine Gumbs, Rhona Richardson, Othlyn Vanterpool, Stanley Reid, Joseph Payne, Errol Brooks, John Benjamin, Brenda Carty, Cardigan Connor, and Christopher Richardson. Carrolle Devonish has been engaged as the consultant for the project.

The Anguilla Community Foundation is presently identifying donors, educating the community, launching a logo competition and planning initial ways that it can help the community.

Report courtesy of Brenda Carty, The Daily Herald

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