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Summer Boot Camp 98 has started at the Anguilla Library Computer Club. . . .

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 July 15, 1998 - Site Map - Click to enlarge pictures

"Nino" Runs Computer Boot Camp

Our volunteer, Gaetano Di Palo ("Nino") from Naples Italy, is a Professor of Business and Accounting. He arrived July 2 and stays until the end of August. Nino has been a offered accommodations at Sonesta, La Sirena, Fountain Beach and Cinnamon Reef, as well as many private homes. Many thanks to all who helped.

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The children's program runs 9am-Noon, Mon-Thu and is already oversubscribed. Some of the children are amazing in what they can accomplish. They have created artistic maps of Anguilla, written articles in a word processor, etc. The adult class runs 5-7pm Mon-Thu and is also well attended. It will cover all computer basics up through MS Office, email, and web pages, using a network of four brand new 200MZ 686 systems on loan for the summer. And the new air conditioning makes it all very comfortable.
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Marsha Duncan, who has just completed 5th form at high school, is our student intern for the summer. Marsha is just what we need to sign up all the children and adults, make their membership cards, show them how to use the computers, and keep them in line.

If you want to drop in to observe, the club is located in the back of the Arts and Craft Building, next door to the library. We have also lined up another volunteer instructor, Francis Dierick of Belgium, who is an expert in web page design. Francis is planning to be in Anguilla Sep 15 to Dec 15th, so the lessons will continue after school and in the evenings, assuming we can find places for him to stay!

Earlier news about the Computer Club

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Photo Contest. Savannah Gallery is inviting visitors to submit their favorite photo from their last trip to a contest with proceeds going to send Slick Carty to the Paralympics in the year 2000. Entries will be displayed at the gallery during Carnival Week and the best in show winner receives a nice prize. All entrants receive beautiful notecards.

Open Mic every Friday at Billys, starting at 4PM, across from the post office.

Carol on TV! On The Learning Channel last Saturday night there was a program on beach culture, with a short segment on Sonesta Resort in Anguilla, including an interview with Carol Webster, their extremely knowledgeable concierge!

Bill Fishing on Rampoosin. Anguilla has a new sport-fishing boat, Rampoosin, a 38' Henriques Sportfisherman operated by Roddy and Susan Hays. 1-264-497-8868. fax 8869. Email.

Pyrat Charter Boat. Anguilla Rums has a new 35-foot charter yacht, named after their premium rum product. The boat was built by Rebel Marine and is captained by Kasha Brooks. 1-264-497-8727 or 1-264-497-3743.

The Studio Domino Club from the West End, captained by Cheddie Richardson, will be leaving on 17 July to compete for a week in a domino tournament in England. The members are (all Richardsons) Carol, Freddie, Livingston, Whitey, Alan, Sonny, Russell and Kenswick, and Liston, Bradshaw and Steven Hughes, Popaul Carty, and "Rasta" - all from the West End. The team raised the money for the trip by holding bar-b-ques, raffles and races. They will compete with teams from throughout England, as well as other Caribbean Islands. Their biggest concern is the fact the rules of English play are different then the "Anguillian" rules; however, the team has been practicing using the new rules and are confident they will have a good showing. (News courtesy Steve Donahue.)

Exotic Caribbean Flowers. Astrid Lewis imports them, from Dominica mainly: Red and Pink Ginger lilies, Bird of Paradise, Emporiums of various colours, Hawaiian Touch, Banana Flower, etc. Need flower arrangements for your holiday villa or business? Fax her at 1-264-497-6713.

Rotary Handover Dinner was held July 4th at Koal Keel restaurant, where President Bernie Stephenson turned the reins of the service club over to new leader Scott Hauser. The club completed their public gazebo across from Caribbean Commercial Bank and plan to donate another playground to Stoney Ground Primary School. This year meetings will be held at Paradise Lounge every Thursday from 6:30 til 8pm.

'Elbow 2 Elbow' Broadcasts Nightly

[Click to enlarge Rafael fleming] Look up at Crocus Hill from The Valley some night and you will see two red lights at the highest point in Anguilla - that is the broadcasting studio and tower of Eastern Caribbean Broadcasting. Some people don't realize there are two radio stations in Anguila: the government operated Radio Anguilla (1505 AM, 95.5 FM) and this private station at 105.7 FM.

I dropped in one night recently so that our student employee Daniel Fleming could interview DJ Rafael Fleming (also his Uncle). Daniel did the interview live on the air, first in English, then in Spanish, since Rafael's nightly program, Elbow 2 Elbow, is bilingual. His program has listeners in St. Martin, Antigua, Saba, and St.Barts too.

Station Owner Mellow Cello programs standard Caribbean-Pop music during the day, but nightly at 7PM Rafael shifts the emphasis to Spanish music. Rafael sees his Elbow 2 Elbow program, which has been on the air since May 1997, as one way to bring people together. He likes to bring the Spanish culture to the radio audience, but also to promote the local Anguilla bands such as AXA and Mussingtons. Visitors are welcome at the studio, or call 1-264-497-3919 to dedicate a song.

"Big, Better, Best" Show 1998

"The Bigger, the Better" is a commonly heard phrase, But Anguillians put a new twist on it as the first ever "Big, Better, Best" Fashion/Talent show came to life at the Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre on Friday, June 12th, courtesy of Anguilla's Custom Department. The Five voluptous beauties confidently strutted on and off stage for four appearances: Introduction, Sports Wear, Talent and finally, Evening Attire. These attractive ladies, "De Big Chief" (Carol Brooks), "Big Bumper Ann" (Shirley Hughes), "Sweet Miss Lucy" (Amorelle Bryan), "Heavy L" (Lorraine Brooks), and "Big Betty Lou" (Sandra Richardson). Weighing in at over 200 lbs. each, these young women were indeed big, but undoubtedly beautiful and talented as well.

The talent segment thrilled the audience as the participants peformed an array of monologies, songs and dances. The audience favourites were without questions the Comedic Monologies by "De Big Chief" and "Heavy L".

However, the talent segment wasn't the only side-splitting part of the evening. MC Shamash hosted the show in his usual provocative and risque, but exquisitely humorous fashion. Rossana Browne elegantly assisted him as the moderator for the evening.

This unique extravaganza proved to be quite a success for a first time run. There were a few Kinks (the show started over an hour late and the breaks between each segments were extremely long), but they can and will hopefully be ironed out in time for "Big, Better, Best" 1999.

Guest article by Jeannine Connor

Queen Contestants for Carnival 98

[Click to enlarge view of xxxx] Carnival is a week of local celebrations from July 30 to August 10 (schedule), when many overseas Angullians come home to see family and party. The contestants will compete in a Swimsuit Pageant on July 26, 1998 at Anguilla Great House Beach Resort. Start time is 4:00 PM and admission is US$4 (EC$10), children for US$2 (EC$5).

The final pageant will be held on August 6th during Carnival week at Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre, 8:30 PM. Keep in mind that events involving young ladies dressing up often start an hour late.

[Click for full view.]
Kara Hughes
Miss Tropical Shipping/Haskins Ltd.
[Click for full view.]
Sonia Richardson
Sponsored by Callaloo Resort

[Click for full view.]
Marissa Gumbs
Miss National Bank of Anguilla
[Click for full view.]
Sharon Hodge
Miss Anguilla Electricity Company Ltd.

Click on any picture for a full-size photo.

See Last Year's Queen Contestants!

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 88F 31C 60% Humidity, Sunny July 14
Low temp since last news report 79F 26C
High temp since last news report 90F 32C
Low humidity since last news report 56%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

July 18, Noon to 2PM. Health expert Hattie will give a luncheon and lecture on how to feel great at Rendezvous Bay Hotel. 497-6549 to reserve a place.

July 18, 9PM. Pre-Carnival Reggae Bash. The MC is Shamash, the famous chef at Zaras, and he has regional reggae bands and Hot Shot. Nominal start time is 9PM.

July 25. Second Annual Miss Ecstasy Caribbean Beauty Contest with competitors from many islands.

October 3-7. Taste of the Caribbean competition in Puerto Rico. Anguilla's team did very well last year.

Sir Emile at Wooden Boat Show

[Click to enlarge view] Sir Emile Gumbs and Anguilla's boats were featured in the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival in Washington State. Sir Emile Gumbs returned to Anguilla Monday evening from Seattle, Washington, where he participated in the 22nd annual “Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival” held July 3rd thru the 5th.

The “Festival” is sponsored by Seattle’s “Center for Wooden Boats”, a one-of-a-kind floating museum, dedicated to the preservation of wooden boats, boat building skills, and educating current and future generations about their history.

During the three day show, Sir Emile shared the unique maritime heritage and modern wooden boat racing of Anguilla with the people of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, working with Caribbean Concepts, who sponsored his visit to Seattle, he helped promote Anguilla as a vacation destination. (See picture above of Rina Faamoe/Scott of Caribbean Concepts). [Click to enlarge view]

While in Seattle, Sir Emile stayed in a Houseboat on Lake Union, which was provided by the Center for Wooden Boats. He was also able to visit the Hiram Chittenden Locks in Ballard (picture), which separates the fresh water lakes of Seattle from Puget Sound, and was given a personal tour of a ship at the US Naval Base in Everett.

Guest article by Dennis Sumption

Updates and Feedback

Update on Tennis Camp.

This is the 3rd year of Summer Tennis Camp in Anguilla and this year there are over 200 participants. Mitch Lake has given out over 200 t-shirts and caps emblazoned Anguilla Tennis Academy to the children attending summer tennis camp! And Shawn Romney has received over 40 email messages as a result of our original article (he is very excited and thanks everyone who wrote to inquire or support). A French tennis pro from St. Martin visited the camp and is now working on a tournament for the young players of Anguilla, St. Martin and St. Maarten. New court lights have been installed. Mitch Lake, Shawn Romney and Damien Hughes run this free public server during their university break and now you can read all about it on their web page,

Feedback on Pavillion Hotel.

Good Morning. I just returned from Anguilla at midnight this morning and I stayed at The Pavillion and loved it - thought the accommodations were perfect and very fairly priced. I miss Anguilla already!
Regards, Kathleen Shea

Web Sites About Anguilla

Webdesigns is a new web page design service in Anguilla, operated by Leroy Hill President of the Computer Club.

Frangipani Beach Club now has a detailed web page, with lunch and dinner menus, room pictures, and much more. This small, high class villa hotel on Meads Bay has an excellent French restaurant.

Shoal Bay Villas has a new web page at

Second Arts Festival is planned for summer 1999. They have started a web site at which currently only lists the dates, but soon will show details of how artists can attend and enter the competition., Mary Ann's tropical construction page, has two month's worth of building news, including another new book on tropical construction, traditional concrete gutters, custom kitchen cabinets made on the island by Kenneth Maynard ("Columbus").

Recent News Stories from The Light are available on the net, including Eight Nebulizers Donated, Alex Adams Breaks Batting Record, and Teacher Patsy Publishes New Book of Poems.

Anguilla Tennis Academy has a web page at with lots of pictures of the children that you can click to enlarge. Find your child!

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La Palma Restaurant and Guest Rooms

[Click to enlarge view of xxxx] Did you know you can get a waterfront room on Sandy Ground beach for $75 a night? You can, at La Palma guest rooms, where for 10 years proprietor Maire Richardson has offered 3 spotless units, and she cooks meals in a small restaurant as well.

The guest rooms are upstairs where you get a nice breeze, but they have ceiling fans as well. Room #1 has the best breeze and a small kitchenette, Room #2 has twins or a kingbed with small kitchenette, and room #3 is waterfront with a double bed and fridge, but no cooking facilities. All rooms come with private bath.

Telephone: 1-264-497-3260 (guest house), 1-264-497-6620 (home). Fax: 1-264-497-5381.

Marie prepares West Indian Cuisine, Local Drinks, Cakes and Pastries. Dinner is served at 6:30, or whenever you want, but call first. You can eat inside or out, and she has a walled party area, where you could hold a small wedding reception, family reunion, graduation party, etc. Nothing fancy, but right on the beach, clean and friendly.

La Palma Dinner Menu
Bull Foot
Pasta Salad
Toss Green Salad
Sweet Corn
Fish - Fillet, Joint, Whole
Curried Goat
Stew Oxtail
Shell Fish
All main dishes served with rice & peas, potato, vegetable & coleslaw NB: All prices subject to change
La Palma Lunch Options
Monday: Bake Chicken, Macaroni, Potato, Steam Cabbage or Stew.
Tuesday: Pork chops, or Spareribs, Rice, Stew Peas, Lettuce and Tomatoes.
Wednesday: Variation.
Thursday: Stew Chicken, Rice and Peas, Cole Slaw.
Friday: Pialla, Meat Soup, or Stew Meat and Dumpling.
Saturday: Pea Soup, Macaroni Pie, Sparibs, Papaw Aguatin.
Sunday: Stew Meat, Buttered Carrot, Cole Slaw, Bake Chicken, Bake Potato, Sweet Potato, Pineapple.
Carrot Cake
Cheese Cake
Fresh Fruit Salad
Ice Cream
Tea or Cofee

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