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Little Harbour is on the south coast of Anguilla, facing St. Martin, between Blowing Point and Corito Bay. . . .

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Little Harbour

Try not to confuse Little Harbour with Little Bay. Little Bay is located near Crocus Bay and the Valley, but it feels very secluded and is a favorite spot for boat excursions and snorkeling. Little Harbour is on the south coast, east of Blowing Point. It is more developed, surrounded by luxury villas and the Cinnamon Reef resort.
[Click to enlarge eastern shore of Little Harbour]

Little Harbour is the most protected bay in Anguilla, but very shallow. We sailed our Laser sailboat here when we didn't know what we were doing and needed to practice tipping it over and righting it. The bottom is more like a lake bottom than the bright white sand of most bays. Rich Hauser of Cinnamon Reef describes it this way

Yes, you can swim in Little Harbour 12 months of the year. The other beaches are more spectacular, but I enjoy it here for the privacy - with no day trippers, no yelling, and no plastic cups thrown around. And for the safety - no waves, no undertow, no pulling currents and with the reef we have, if you are new at sailing or windsufing, you don't have to worry about drifting off to Yugoslavia - you're staying right here !!!!
Little Harbour used to be a favorite with smugglers in the old days, according to the book Nuttin Bafflin:

[Click to enlarge  Little Harbour beach]

At Little Harbour, which is almost reef bound with only narrow and ill defined channels of entry, the smugglers set up cleverly placed small fires in John Guy's cave. These fires, which were visible at sea but invisible from land and therefore from the revenue officers, marked the channel through the reef. They were placed in such a way that a smuggler at sea would tack up or down the coast until the fires ashore lined up one behind the other. When this happened, it meant that the channel was dead ahead and he could safely enter.

Location on Map

Directions: There are two traffic lights on the main road between the Valley and South Hill. At the George Hill Landing light by the Cable TV office, there is a clearly marked street sign for Little Harbour Road. You can't miss it. It's the only street sign on the main road. However, don't take it. It does not go to Little Harbour!

Instead, follow the signs to Cinammon Reef/Palm Court Restaurant at the other light nearer the Valley. The road splits in 1/4 mile and you turn right. Follow this road, which was recently upgraded, straight toward the water. Just before Cinnamon Reef there is a turn to the left which you take. It goes to a small parking area with beach access. There is a private house on the left and Cinammon Reef resort on the right.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Conde Nast Travel. Kenny Schik says: Received the July '98 issue of Conde' Nast Travel magazine yesterday. The cover promised "Beach Bar Bliss". 30 places to hang out in the Caribbean. I eagerly opened it up to see if Anguilla had made it, and........ YES! The first page of the article showed Palm Grove! I turned the page, expecting that to be all, and nearly whooped when I saw the picture--people dancing and getting down at The Pumphouse! My wife and I didn't discover The Pumphouse till our second trip to Anguilla. We went there 4 nights in a row! We loved the food, bartender, waitress, the people from all over the world, and of course, Laurie. He treated us magnificently! Two pages later, a two page color photo of Shoal Bay Beach, taken from inside Uncle Ernie's! ARRGGHH! I miss Anguilla!!!!

Problems Emailing to Anguilla? Then try instead. Email addresses in Anguilla used to be or, but were switched to last year. Recently the mail processor on "zemu" was turned off to stop it being used by spammers. If your email to Anguilla is bouncing, just change the part of the address after the @ to and try again.

"Boysie" Given Best Funeral in Recent Times, as reported in Anguilla's local newspaper The Light. 28-year old Dale Rogers, aka Boysie, was a backhoe and heavy equipment operator from Shoal Bay village and very well liked. Boysie died Friday, June 5, following an incident while offloading poles in Corito. The tragic accident immediately sent shock waves throughtout the close-knit Anguillian community. Heavy equipment operators from throughout the island lined up their trucks and other heavy equipment along St. Mary's Road last Saturday as a mark of respect and the sound of air horns echoed through the strees of the Valley as the casket was borne from the church to its final resting place in the church's cemetary.

New Charter Boat Service. Late night water taxi service to St. Martin and regular Thursday night excursions leaving 7PM Cove Bay pier to Marigot's Marina Royale and returning at 11pm. Contact Eric Drai at 1-264-497-235-6088 or 590-271843 in St Martin.

Anguilla Dominates Athletics Match, according to a story in the June 24 St. Maarten Daily Herald: They were invited to tag along on the coat tails of the St. Maarten delegation that was to compete in the Dutch Caribbean Open Athletics Championship. But as it turned out, Anguilla's talented athletes quick took over to dominate the event, walking away with an impressive 6 gold and two silver medals... . The Anguilla team included Desiree Cocks, Timothy Brooks and Kirthly Richardson, all attending college in Missouri, and Shyrone Hughes.

B.E.T. Summer Tennis Camp

[Click to enlarge Mitchelle Lake] The Anguilla Tennis Academy, organized by Mitchelle Lake and Shawn Romney, begins on July 6th, 1998. This tennis camp is sponsored by Black Entertainment Television (BET) through Mr. Robert Johnson (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman). Tennis camp accommodates all kids ages 6-18 for morning sessions and adults for afternoon sessions. This is the third summer for the camp. The first year drew 70 children, the second 120, and no one knows how many this year!

Mitchelle Lake and Shawn Romney are two Anguillian students on tennis scholarships at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. They are both keen to promote the game on the island and are devoting a considerable amount of their vacation time to pass on their skills to Anguillian children.
[Click to enlarge Shawn Romney]

According to Mitchelle: "I am excited about this year's camp. The tremendous support shown by both local and international businesses towards the program depicts promise for the future of tennis on Anguilla". (First picture.)

Shawn also expressed his enthusiasm: "This year's tennis camp is a great opportunity to choose the future candidates to represent Anguilla in local, regional and internationl tennis tournaments". (Second picture.)

Assisting at the tennis camp will be Damien Hughes (Tournament Director), Twana Edwards, Corey Bowlin (Tennis Director at Malliouhana Hotel), Elizabeth Gibson (Tennis Director at Cap Juluca Hotel). In addition, four tennis players from Gardner-Webb University will be coming to Anguilla from July 19th - 26th. They will be participating in the tennis clinics and exhibition.

Be sure to support the tennis camp this year and visit the public tennis courts in The Valley during the month of July. Anyone who would like to help can phone Mitch at 1-264-497-3234 or email Shawn at

Guest article by Tara Carter

Two New Ways to Find Information

The Anguilla Local News has added a key word search facility. If you recall that there was once an article about Cap Juluca that had a picture of the bathrooms, you would just search for "cap juluca bathroom" and click Go. The search engine keeps track of every word in every story ever run in the Anguilla Local News.
The second new search feature is the Internet Yellow Pages for Anguilla. There are so many web pages that they have been created, that we have sorted them by topic and put them into a directory. We will attempt to list all known Anguilla web sites in this directory. Here is the topic list-- just click a category to give it a try.

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There is a site map at the bottom of all news pages, with fast links to selected news articles by topic. Clicking on Index/Links will bring you back to the Anguilla Local News search page, which contains both the key word search and the Yellow Pages.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 86F 30C 67% Humidity, Hazy/Hot June 30
Low temp since last news report 79F 26C
High temp since last news report 90F 32C
Low humidity since last news report 58%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

Summer Thunderstorms send lightning strikes that can threaten your electronic equipment. Most people know to have a Surge Supressor for their computer's power, but they don't realize that you need one for the telephone line as well. If lightning hits a telephone line, it surges into your house and right into your computer's modem card. Tania at had her modem blown out for the second time. Tania got a telephone "surge suppressor" from the phone company that plugs into the power outlet, thus connecting you to the power ground. You plug the telephone line into the input jack, then connect a new phone line from the output jack to your new modem (or fax machine!).

"When The Cat's Away"

[Click to enlarge view of play] The Sunshine Theatre Company gave an encore performance of their hit comedy to a full house at Ruthwill Auditorium. The very funny play was adapted to the local Anguilla scene by Director Felix Fleming (center in second picture), from the original farce by Johnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke.

Mildred, a long-suffering, frustrated wife (Chantal Lewis, right in first picture), plans a second honeymoon in Guadeloupe with her blundering fool husband George (Joash Proctor, far left in first picture). Then her high falutin', frigid sister Ethel (Noreen Gumbs, center in second picture) appears at the door having left her philandering husband Humphrey (Elson Gaskin, center in first picture) who is having an affair with his secretary Jennifer (Farrah Banks, right in second picture, winner of the Theatre Arts Award this year). The sisters decide to go on the trip together and leave the husbands behind.
[Click to enlarge view of play]

Jennifer won't go out with Humphrey because her roommate Shirley is suicidal (Nicole Simpson), so Humphrey blackmails George into double-dating. But a baggage handler's strike in Guadeloupe causes the lady's flight to be cancelled and things really get complicated!

Ruthwill Auditorium is in the Valley, next to St Mary's Anglican Church. The Sunshine Theatre Company is known for the high quality of its amateur theatricals, and for starting on time. The official start time was 8:05 and Director Felix Fleming dimmed the lights at 8:12.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

July 2. Caribbean Bonfire Pottery. Professor Patricia Fay is giving a multi-media presentation on Caribbean Bonfire Pottery at the Teachers' Resource Centre Auditorium (upstairs in the Library) on Thursday 2nd July 1998 at 7.30 p.m. The evening will include a lecture, slide presentation and display of clay pots from Nevis and St.Lucia.

July 4. Rotary Handover Dinner at Koal Keel. Contact any Rotarian or call 497-3575 for tickets.

July 4. Children's Fun Day in the Valley.

July 6. Computer Boot Camp starts, Monday through Friday. Children (9-noon) and adults (5-7pm) at the Computer Club.

July 6. Tennis Camp starts at Ronald Webster Park.

July 20-25. Tennis clinics and nightly exhibition play at Malliouhana and other hotels.

July 27-29. Anne of Green Gables presented by the High School Drama Club at Ruthwill Auditorium. Telephone Eleanor Stacey 497-8981 for more information or to help out.

Gone fishin' Info. During the summer months hotels and restaurants sometimes close for vacation and maintenance. Here are some closing and opening dates for restaurants. Most local eateries such as Smitty's and Rafes never close. And since Cap Juluca stays open all summer, there is always at least one gourmet restaurant to eat at!

Arista Foods South Hill. Aug 15 to mid-Nov.
Barrel Stay. Aug 15-Oct 15.
Blanchard's. Aug 1-Sep 30.
Casablanca (Sonesta). Aug 30-Oct 7.
CoveCastles. Aug 30-Oct14.
Ferryboat Inn Restaurant. Closed 2 weeks in September.
Gorgeous Scilly Cay. Sep 1-Oct 31.
Hibernia. July 15-Sep 15.
Koal Keel Restaurant. Sep 1-Oct 31.
Leducs. Reopening Nov.
Luciano's. Aug 31-Nov.
Mangos Restaurant. Aug 1 to mid Oct.
Old House. Sep 2-Oct 2.
Oliver's Restaurant. Aug 17-Oct 4.
Overlook. June 6 to mid Oct.
Palm Court at Cinnamon Reef. Sep 1-Oct 31.
Pump House. Aug 29-Sep 21.
Restaurant Frangipani. Aug 31-Oct 29.
Restaurant ICI. Aug 31-Oct 7.
Restaurant at Malliouhana. Aug 31-Oct 31.
Serenity. Sep 2-Oct 2.
Straw Hat. Aug 16-Nov 1.
Trattoria Tramonto. Aug 1-Oct 31.
Zaras. Closed for the summer.

Carnival: July 31 to August 10.

El Carnaval 1997 estubo lleno de colores, Divertido y Bullicioso

Toca para ver mas grande. Carnival Report translated into Spanish by Daniel Fleming.

Reporte especial del carnaval 1997: 12 días de músicas, Regetas, excursiones a la playa, Fuegos Artificiales, bailes en las calles, Conciertos, concursos, Paradas, juegos infantiles y artes gráficos. Ahora todo el mundo necesita un buen descanso. Carnaval es el único momento que en Anguilla (Español) casi no se trabaja. Comiensa el jueves por la noche con una ceremonia de apertura y Fuegos Artificiales,y en 1997 un grupo maravilloso de bailarines de calles vinieron desde philadelphia. Termino la semana despues con la Ultima Vuelta de carrozas'.

La semana de carnaval en Anguilla tiene tantas actividades que sólo un hombre de hierro o alguien de veinte años puede participar en todos. Este reporte solamente muestra el sabor de la semana de carnaval.

Hay tres tipos de eventos durantes la semana del carnaval:

.... Más (Español)

Web Sites About Anguilla

Anguilla Information in Spanish on the KMPG web site (Español).

Personal Home Page. Young Miguel Connor who supervises the web sites in Anguilla of Public Data and who created the web site, has a personal home page.

ProRealty has a couple of interesting new pages: a list of recent real estate transactions, and an article on The High Value of Low Impact-Villa Tourism & Real Estate.

A (Very) Rough Guide to Anguilla on the Beachbum site.

Curiosity Shop has moved their web page.

Hansa.Net Makes the Financial Post. This June 20th article from Canada's Financial Post newspaper highlights Lynwood Bell's efforts to bring Internet commerce to Anguilla and other Caribbean islands.

New Email Addresses:

FerryBoat Inn:
Scilly Cay:
Red Dragon Disco:
Dive Shop:
Gifts and Liquors Unlimited:
Danny Laud:
Daniel Fleming:

The Pumphouse

[Click to enlarge view of Pumphouse] The Pumphouse is a bar and restaurant in a historic building of Sandy Ground village. The place is friendly, they often have live entertainment after 9 or 10pm, and they draw quite a crowd.

The menu is simple, the portions are large, the food is well prepared, and the prices are right.

Here is part of a review of the Pumphouse by first-time visitor Laine:

The Pumphouse was my very first, I swear, in my lifetime, experience of actually sitting at a bar, you know, the long wooden thing. I had never done that! This place makes it easy, too easy and I could see myself propped up there day after day, just watching Donna languidly swirl around mixing drinks. (I love to watch anyone good at their job, it's like a ballet)...

Pumphouse May 1998 Menu
Grilled Marinated Rib Eye Steak with Fries $18
Classic Caesar Salad $8
Caribbean Jerk Chicken Caesar $10
Pumphouse Pizza $8. Choice of toppings $0.50 each.
Big Beef burger with fries. $8
[Click to enlarge staff]

Honey Mustard Chicken Nuggets. $6
Onion rings. $3
Garlic Bread $2
Fries. $3

Fresh Grilled Tuna on Caesar Salad $16
Classic French Onion Soup $5
Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich with Aidi fries. $11
15% service charge is added on.

[Click to enlarge old pumping equipment]

The building itself is the old pump house that was part of the salt industry that used to thrive in Anguilla, and the pumps are still there.

The Pumphouse has music several nights a week. Read our guest article on night life at The Pumphouse.

Location on Map

Directions: from the roundabout near Vista Market, take the new road down into Sandy Ground. Follow the road around the edge of the salt pond and you will find the Pumphouse on the right at the end of the village road. Telephone 1-264-497-5154.

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