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Carnival is a week of local celebrations from July 28 to August 11 (the schedule), when many overseas Angullians come home to see family and party.
See the 1998 Queen Contestants

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Darelle Harrigan
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Sonia Richardson
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Kerril Duncan
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Karen Ross
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Karen Richardson

If you want to partake of it, find a local to explain things and remember that any event which involves young women dressing up will start at least one hour late. Here is a web page with some pictures of Carnival.

Update: The Anguilla Local News has a special photo report on Carnival 1997.

Miss Anguilla 1997

The five gorgeous contestants for Carnival Queen were presented to the public at a fashion show on Shoal Bay last Sunday afternoon: Click on any picture for a full-size photo.

Update: Winner for Carnival 1997 was Karen Ross.

Bands Festival Night

Axa International, Vita Band, The Musical Brothers, the Wild Oats, the North Sounds Band with Dano, and the Youth Sounds Band will each have 45 minutes to play their hits and their new releases. Each band usually comes up with new songs and records them for Carnival.


Calypso is a form of popular singing where the rhythm is variable, the lyrics are topical, political or even satirical, and the performers, who usually sing under an assumed name (such as "Dr. Splinter", last year's monarch), are expected to make up their own lyrics, sometimes on the spot. Don't expect Harry Belafonte, and don't expect to be able to follow the lyrics unless you have lived in the Caribbean for quite a while.

Update: Mighty Splinter Wins Again in 1997.

There will be two competitions this year: the first Leeward Islands Calpyso competition and the Anguillian Calypso Monarch Competition. As a warm up for the competing monarchs, the organizers are hoping to test them with a randomly selected tune, to which they will have to create a song based on a topic drawn just before the performance.  Revised: July 14, 1998

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