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[Click to enlarge view of play] The Sunshine Theatre Company gave an encore performance of their hit comedy to a full house at Ruthwill Auditorium. The very funny play was adapted to the local Anguilla scene by Director Felix Fleming (center in second picture), from the original farce by Johnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke.

Mildred, a long-suffering, frustrated wife (Chantal Lewis, right in first picture), plans a second honeymoon in Guadeloupe with her blundering fool husband George (Joash Proctor, far left in first picture). Then her high falutin', frigid sister Ethel (Noreen Gumbs, center in second picture) appears at the door having left her philandering husband Humphrey (Elson Gaskin, center in first picture) who is having an affair with his secretary Jennifer (Farrah Banks, right in second picture, winner of the Theatre Arts Award this year). The sisters decide to go on the trip together and leave the husbands behind.
[Click to enlarge view of play]

Jennifer won't go out with Humphrey because her roommate Shirley is suicidal (Nicole Simpson), so Humphrey blackmails George into double-dating. But a baggage handler's strike in Guadeloupe causes the lady's flight to be cancelled and things really get complicated!

Ruthwill Auditorium is in the Valley, next to St Mary's Anglican Church. The Sunshine Theatre Company is known for the high quality of its amateur theatricals, and for starting on time. The official start time was 8:05 and Director Felix Fleming dimmed the lights at 8:12.

 Revised: June 30, 1998

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