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On most Caribbean islands, cricket is the national passion, but on Anguilla it is boat racing. . . .

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Easter Monday Boat Race - 1998

Easter Monday is the first race of the season. From Sandy Ground around the western tip of Anguilla up the sourthern shore to Sandy Hill Bay, around a bouy, and back the same route to Sandy Ground. This report is for Joan Waskevich, who wrote

A friend of mine will be sailing in the Easter Monday boat race. He owns Bluebird, his name is Carl a.k.a. Shadra. Please include a picture of his boat in your next issue of Anguilla news, because of course they will be the winners, ha ha.

Bluebird came in first on Monday, De Chan was second, and UFO was third. We joined the race at the midpoint as they were rounding the buoy at Sandy Hill bay. Bluebird was in the lead, but De Chan was close behind. On the return leg, De Chan took the lead for a while, but Bluebird regained the lead to emerge victorious. (see the second picture above, which shows Bluebird touching the final flag and De Chan right behind them).

There was a new boat in the race this year, Oliver Brook's Miss Anguilla. See the third picture above.

What makes a boat race special in Anguilla? According to our house guests, it is the spectators. Scotty and Jan were on their way to a sailboat race in Antigua, and wanted to see an Anguillian race. We followed the crowd all around the island in our vehicle, trailing a dump truck with a party of 12 in the back, jumping from beach to beach to see who was in the lead. At the westernmost point of Anguilla, we joined a crowd of 200 at the end of a long dirt road, crowding the cliff edge and arguing loudly about their favorite boat. When the leaders suddenly had to tack to avoid hitting the cliff, the crowd let out a massive gasp and went crazy. We reached Sandy Ground just as Bluebird approached the flag (actually an inflated J&B bottle!) and joined the huge crowd of cheering fans.

[Click to enlarge view of boats] [Click to enlarge view of Bluebird at finish] [Click to enlarge view of crowd] [Click to enlarge view of taking down the sails]

News Tidbits from Anguilla

House of Assembly. Read about the second sitting of Anguilla's House of Assembly in the island's local paper, The Light.

Successful Art Show. Artist Lynn Bernbaum, who lives in Anguilla, has a showing this year at the Devonish Gallery in George Hill Landing. Featured are a series of sepia Caribbean scenes, each of which is highlighted by a single small splash of color which is also its name. The series is called "Spectrum" and has almost sold out--only two remain, Jaune and Bleu, Marche Port-de-Paix. You can see the works on this page.

Visitor Feedback

Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting email message for April, 1998:

Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 18:40:04 -0500
Subject: Beautiful Island and Friendly People

We have enjoyed really enjoyed your news letter, and used it to prepare for our visit 2 weeks ago. We have been looking at various islands for a place to rent for the winter. Anguilla was the last on our list and everyone on the other islands told us you won't like it, really nice beaches but too flat. We arrived expecting to visit the beach and go home. Well, the flight in from St. Kitts changed all of that!! We liked the geography of the island as we circled it in our small Carib airline plane. It is great to be so close to St. Martin and the other islands.

Clearly the other islands must be jealous. Anguilla does indeed have many beautiful beaches, but is also isn't flat and has many nice vistas on both sides of the island. It also has some of the best hotels and restaurants of the islands we have visited. But lastly and most important, it has some of the most friendly and helpful people we have met anywhere.

We decided to visit at the last minute and our travel agent booked us in the lovely Malliouhana Hotel. It and Cap Juluca (Pimms is a must for lunch or dinner by the water) are definitely first class establishments. We also made the mandatory trip to Shoal Bay Beach and Scilly Cay for lunch. Every where we went people went out of their way to talk to us, give directions, explain aspects of the island.

At this point we were hooked! We spent the rest of our visit looking for rental villas, land and homes for sale. Once again thanks to your web site we found a property which we really like and hope to complete the purchase as soon as possible.

Just to illustrate the helpful nature of the people, I want to recall an incident that happened just as we were scheduled to depart. I forgot and locked my glasses in the car and entered the airport with wearing my prescription sun glasses. Only at the airline counter did I realize my problem! I was heading to Europe on a business trip without my glasses. What happened at the airport was nothing short of amazing.

The LIAT staff called Island Rental Car, Malliouhana Hotel and several other to provide emergency assistance. Together with a constable and some baggage handlers they verified that there was no way to get into the car without a key or a lock smith. The hotel dispatched a manager with her cell phone in full operation. Island Rental rushed off to the far end of the island for the backup key and arrived in nothing short of record time. I travel 5 months a year and I have never had such sincere concern and assistance from such a diverse group of people. Thanks to all involved!!

You can expect us each winter!

Dave and Margaret Thomas, Ottawa, Canada

Read more email from visitors.

Vandalyn's Moving Market: Fruits and Vegetables

[Click to enlarge view of fruits and vegetables] You know the Caribbean is loaded with wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, and they don't come sealed in plastic wrap. What you really visualize is a friendly person bringing you delicious mangos and papayas, and passing your special requests on to the small farmers.

We have such a service in Anguilla, Vandalyn Fleming's Moving Market. She sells wholesale and retail produce right out of her pickup.
[Click to enlarge view of Vandalyn]

Vandalyn distributes fresh fruits and vegetables from Dominica (beautiful bananas, fantastic grapefruit, etc.), Seamoss drink, Nutmeg, Ginger, and other spices, Coconut, Yams (sweet potatoes, Dasheen, cush-cush, tania), baskets, straw hats, mats (by request!), and lots more depending upon the season and customer demand.

She sells wholesale to Proctors Supermarket, Ashley and Sons, Hillstreet Restaurant, Lynettes's Bakery, and many others. But she will also sell retail to anyone who would like regular or even one-time deliveries of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. If you see her in her delivery truck, don't forget to give a friendly honk. Telephone: 264-498-4190.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 79F 26C 73% Humidity, Overcast/Windy April 15
Low temp since last news report 75F 23C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 58%
Tropical storm web site Link
Live 5-day weather forecast Link

Today, Tony Buccitelli asked:

Just wanted a firsthand account of Anguilla's recent weather patterns. A group of us are coming down this Saturday (April 18). Weather reports that I've seen show rain and partly sunny conditions with night time temperatures in the 50s. Is this true and is it expected to continue?

Don't worry. The weather has been odd, but not that odd. The temperature in Anguilla has not been in the 50s since the last ice age.

The WeatherPost forecast I linked to has had wrong data for the last two months. I have switched my link to the RainorShine web site The weather in Anguilla is normal - 75 at night 82 in the day, except that the winds have been unsettled (coming from the wrong direction, no wind, high winds with overcast sky for a few hours, etc.).

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

On Friday, April 17th, there is an Old Time Shindig with string bands: Tanny and the Boys from St. Maarten meet Sleepy and the Allstars of Anguilla. Tickets US$10, $12 at the door. At the Red Dragon Disco in South Hill. Nominal starting time is 9am (not possibly before 9am -- try 10 or 10:30 as a good guess).

Sports Day

[Click to enlarge view of students] A regular event in Anguilla is the student's Sports Day, when teams from all the primary schools and the "houses" of the high school compete in track and field events. The events are held in the Ronald Webster Park, which is next to the high school and also has the cricket field. There is a parade of the teams and a band and the competitions last all day.

Spectators are welcome, but there is a small charge. Sports Day is usually announced on the radio and in flyers on the window of Ashley's and Fairplay supermarkets.

On the recent Sports Day during spring break, the winners in the Primary School division were:

  1. Stoney Ground Primary School
  2. Road Primary School
  3. Valley Primary School

Our one high school (Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School) is divided into "houses" (yellow, orange, etc.) so that there can be competition. The standings after this Sports Day were:

  1. Yellow House
  2. Maroon
  3. Pink
  4. Orange
  5. Purple

Photos by Teacher Leroy Hill, report by student Danny Laud.

Requests for Information

We have had three requests for information this month that need answering.

Public Tennis Courts. There are public courts at Ronald Webster Park and East End village. Are they open to visitors? What about scheduling conflicts with PE classes from the school? Where are some good places to play tennis at night under the lights? Click to send answers!

List of Church Services. Anguilla has many churches and visitors are welcome to worship along with church members. But, where is a list of the churches, their locations, service times, and contact phone numbers? Click to send answers!

Public Comment on Rocket Launches? I received the following email from the Virgin Islands recently, by way of the Anguilla Home Page:

My name is Carl Holcombe. I'm a newspaper reporter in the Virgin Islands at the Virgin Islands Independent, a new start-up newspaper owned by the 150-year-old newspaper, the St. Croix Avis. Beal Aerospace is apparently coming to the USVI to build a rocket assembly plant. I'm doing stories on this and I'd like to talk with some people from Anguilla to see how they feel about having the launch facility located there [on Sombrero Island].

Thanks for your help, Carl. Telephone: (340)774-7576. E-mail:

Debate Team Wins Again

[Click to enlarge debate team] After months of preparation and practice, the Anguilla high school debate team travelled to Antigua and has returned victorious. The Anguilla team of Tara Carter, Damien Harrigan, Kishma Bryan and Marlon Lake was travelled to Antigua with their principal Rodney Rey, teachers Sharon Richardson and Curtis Richardson, and many supporters.

The Leeward Island Debating Competition was once again of a high standard and very successful. The contestants were the pick of the English-speaking Caribbean's students, the future lawyers of the region.

On Night One, Anguilla defeated Nevis - topic - The Internet should be regulated.

On Night Two, St. Kitts defeated Antigua - topic - CAPE is a step in the right direction.

On Night Three, Anguilla defeated St. Kitts in the finals - The main reason for the decline in West Indies Cricket is that West Indians no longer understand the political importance of the game.

The overall best speaker was awarded to Tara Carter of Anguilla. This was the Anguilla team's third win in the competition (including last years contest here on the island), and they look forward to next year's competition in St. Kitts. They would also like to publicly thank everyone who donated to their trip and helped with their coaching.

New Visitor Training Program

Here is what you need to know for your first visit to Anguilla:
Comfort: 80F day and night. Casual dress. No ties. No swimsuits in town. Airco not needed.
Perils: Use sunscreen at the beach. Do not touch coral. Guard against mosquitos.
Money: Bring US cash and travellers checks, plus your credit cards. No ATM machines.
Phonet/Net:: Reliable but expensive. Consider Internet-by-the-minute.
Driving: Stay to the left. Don't worry about horn beeps. Bring your license.
Manners: Say "good morning" before stating your business. Wave to strangers.
More Tips: Pets. Gratuities. Ferries. Marriage. ...

Web Sites About Anguilla

Domain Names. The Anguilla "domain" on the Internet is .ai and the person in charge of registering Anguilla domains is Vince Cate. Vince will register any Anguilla domain name for your web page, such as for the CCB bank or for your personal home page. As long as the web page has some relationship to Anguilla, the service is free. Read all about it at this web site., Mary Ann's tropical construction page has been updated with another month's worth of building news, including progress on the "Silicon Isle" technology center.

History of Anguilla. Here is a brief synopsis of the island's history on the Expedia web site.

Scuba Diving. Two divers have set up a web site about there dives around the world, including Anguilla.

Comments on Bali Hai Vacation. Here is a visitor review of their April stay at Bali Hai villa near Blowing Point. For links to all villas on Anguilla with web pages, visit

New Stamps Announced. This stamp collecting site has descriptions of new issues announced by Anguilla, but no pictures.

The Overlook Restaurant

[Click to enlarge view of Overlook staff] What restaurant has great seafood, reasonable prices (for Anguilla!) and a wonderful view of Road Bay and Sandy Ground?

The Overlook is the new home of Cyril's Fish House, which was previously in Island Harbour. They have the same staff, and the same chef, Dion. The menu is expanded, but includes all the old favorites such as Garlic Crusted Snapper. They have been packed since they opened last winter.

Directions: Overlook is located on "backroad" along the cliff in South Hill. When you pass the Methodist Church going west and make the sharp left turn, you can actually see it just down the cliff. However, it is on a one-way road that can only be entered from further west. Take any of the turn offs away from St. Martin on the main road west of the Blowing Point traffic light, such as the turn off for Rafe's BBQ. Then follow the cliff road to Overlook and park across the street in their lot.

Overlook Restaurant - Menu

Chilled Gazpacho with Lobster or Crayfish medallions $7.50
Hearty Conch Chowder with potatoes, spices and herbs $7.25
Zesty Red bean Soup with vegetables and corn dumplings $6.95
Garden greens and vineripened tomatoes honey dijon vinaigraitte $8.50
Baby lettuce and Gorgonzola with house dressing $10.95
Grilled chicken over greens and warm balsamic vinaigraitte $9.50
Vine ripened tomato and mozzarella with basil oil $10.95
Warm goat cheese with poached fruits and toasted walnuts $10.50
Crisp golden calamari and spicy tomato salsa $8.25
Tempura Fish bites and capers fines herbs $7.50
Morsel of Conch stew on homemade flat bread with local condiments $8.25
Lobster Pancakes $9.00
Medallions of Jerk-kingfish and smoked mozzarella $8.50
Fish Entrees
Seared Tuna Teriyaki with pickled kale $21.50
Garlic Crusted Snapper and Sour Lemon Mojo $21.95
Roasted Grouper with Red Curry Sauce, west indian sticky rice and mango chutney $21.9
Kingfish creole and garlic polenta $21.25
Mesquite mahi-mahi with red onion marmalade on local sweet potato fries $21.95
Wood grilled whole fish with lemon grass broth and pimento aioli $19.95
Baked Stuffed Shrimp with Oriental vegetable & Crabmeat $24.95
Grilled Anguillian Lobster with drawn lemon butter $35.00
Local crayfish broiled to perfection $38.00
Chicken & Meat
Roasted Jerk Chicken with Sweet Plantains $17.95
Shitake stuffed Chicken breast $18.95
Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb and Darphine Potatoes $26.00
Grilled Black Angus and House Potatoes $24.50
Marinated Pork Chops with Candied Sweet Potatoes $22.00
Penne in Sundried Tomato Basil Pesto with marinated grilled chicken $19.50
Angel Hair & Lobster Marinara $21.95
Chefs Vegetarian Special Platter $17.95
Creme Deluxe of Vanilla Toast, Poached fruits and Cinnamon Crust and Rosemary Drip $6.00
Chocolate Rum Cake in Grand Mariner Sauce $6.50
Keylime Cheese Cake with Tropical Fruit Compote $6.50
Creme Caramel Flan with Roasted Pineapple Sauce $6.50
Commish Lee's Vanilla Rice Pudding with Candied Tropical Fruits $6.50
Island Dairy Ice Cream $5.50

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