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Good Old-Time Music on Valentine's Day

Sleepy and the Allstars
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Valentine's Day is big deal in Anguilla. Lots of couples go out, sweathearts receive flowers and teddy bears, and the really hot guys receive gifts from competing girl friends. And in 1997 it falls on a Friday, so the partying will be extra fun. For example, the Red Dragon Disco in South Hill is having two old-time string bands: Tanny and the Boys from St Martin and Anguilla's own Sleepy and the Allstars. With two bands to play off each other, the playing will be first class. Music should start around 10 PM. Tickets are $9 US in advance, $10 at the door. Put it on your calendar: Friday, Feb 14th. (Telephone: 264-497-2687)

Sleepy and the Allstars are a popular band at local restaurants and parties. Many Anguillans will only come out to dance for the Allstars. The band performs acoustic string music of a traditional Caribbean style. They can often be heard at the Hard Broke on Shoal Bay on Sunday evenings, at the Red Dragon disco on some Over-30 nights, and are available to entertain your party.

Members of the band:

For bookings or to find out where the band is performing next, call Sleepy at 264-497-2539 or Columbus at 264-497-2685.  Revised: October 28, 1997

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