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First Student Oratorical Contest

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[Click to enlarge participants in Oratorical Contest] Tuesday evening, March 17, 1998, marked the First Annual Anglec-sponsored Inter-House Oratorical Contest at the auditorium upstairs in the Public Library. Anglec is the Anguilla Electric Company and "Houses" are virtual competitve units of the high school. It is a clever way to create competition when you only have one high school in the country.

In sporting and other events, there are teams from Orange House, Purple House, Yellow House, etc., but there aren't actually any orange or purple buildings in the school! Each student is assigned to a specific "house" when he or she begins high school, and forms teams with other house members from all age groups.

The big prize was a personal computer, going to the speaker receiving the most points, which was Miss Chantal Lewis (pictured front row, blue uniform). Chantal represented Orange House in the Senior Women's Division and Claudius Gumbs won in Senior Men (Yellow House). In the Junior section Miss Tonya Carter (Yellow) and Mr. Jason Webster (Purple) were the winners-—they had to recite a poem by memory. All students that took part received gift certificates worth $100.00 EC

Guest reporting by teacher Leroy Hill

 Revised: April 02, 1998

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