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The banyan tree is of the ficus family and has aerial roots. This specimen lives outside the reception area of the Malliouhana Hotel. . . .

[Click to enlarge Banyan tree]
 April 1, 1998 - Site Map.

A Banyan Tree in Anguilla

Anguilla may be dry and harsh and inhospitable for landscaping, but this garden shows what can be done with proper soil and a little watering, given Anguilla's plentiful sunshine.

Here is more information about banyans from the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. In fertile countries such as Hawaii, India or Southeast Asia, the banyan tree. sends down some of its branches (or aerial roots) into the soil, these take root, make new trunks, and eventually produce a great forest, in which it is impossible to tell the original trunk. And to finish off this appreciation of the banyan tree, here is poetry tribute from India.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Successful Optimist Triathalon. Last Sunday a triathalon race was held with bicycles, runners and swimmers. Organized by the Optimists Club and sponsored by Evan Gumbs of Highway Tyre Service, the race was split into serious and fun categories and ended with a beach barbecue at Sandy Hill for everyone, including spectators. Winner in the serious category were the Gluttons All Star team, consisting of Dumay Reynaud (cycle), Leroy Gumbs (runner), and Bernard Emanuel (swimmer). Funds raised will be used to develop recreation facilities in Welches village on the road to Island Harbour.
[Click to enlarge wood for Wallblake House]

Wallblake House Receives Wood Shipment. A large shipment of wood arrived at Wallblake House this week. The wood was purchased with donations raised by the Wallblake Trust, which was established to restore the old plantation building. The shipment includes beams to be used in rebuilding the roofs on the outbuildings and wallabee to be used for shakes (this is the same type of wood used on the original building).

Basketball Loss by 2 Points! On March 21, 1998 the basketball team of ALHCS (Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School) played a team from Milton Peters College in St. Maarten. The game was held at The Valley court next to Ashley's supermarket. Anguilla provided accomodations and food while St Maarten sponsored the tropy. Anguilla lost to St Maarten by 2 points, but are soon to travel to the neighboring island for a rematch. The starting five for Anguilla are Sheldon Connor (Forward), Delroy Hughes (Guard), Travis Simpson Guard), Argen Joseph (Forward and Captain), and Kelson Richardson (Center). Others on the team include Danny Laud, Lenard Gumbs, Rohan Richardson and Sherman Willians.

Sandy Point Beach

[Click to enlarge Sandy Point] When using the Blowing Point ferry to St. Martin, you may have wondered about that small beach which curves westward out to a sandy point. Naturally, it is called Sandy Point Beach, and it is the only beach in Anguilla with such an extended point (the point at Shoal Bay is not as distinct). It also has a reef and good snorkelling. And a great view of St. Martin.

Sandy Point beach has a small, resort on it, the Ferryboat Inn. The inn has a friendly restaurant and is family-run by John and Marjorie McLean (who is also a trustee of the Wallblake House Restoration Trust). One and two bedroom apartments and a two bedroom beach house, with reasonable rates of $140-250/night ($75-$150 outside the peak season). 264-497-6613.
[Click to enlarge Patsy's Villas]

Patsy's Seaside Villas is also right on the beach. Owned and operated by local Mitchell Connor (also skipper of the Cheers), this duplex offers two-bedroom apartments only 10 steps from the water. You can see it in the picture to the right. As Mr. Connor says, the only thing missing is fancy landscaping, but the location is ideal and the price is right ($900/week). Call any night at 264-497-6297. Business has been good and he is building another unit next door.
[Click to enlarge view of xxxx]

The Pavillion Hotel and a number of villas in the "Cul De Sac" area are also within walking distance of Sandy Point Beach.

Directions: Driving toward the ferry terminal, turn right at the last opportunity, go past entrance to Ferryboat Inn and turn left on dirt road that runs down close to the beach. The last picture here shows the view from the point looking back to the ferry terminal.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 81F 27C 67% Humidity, Bright Sun April 1
Low temp since last news report 75F 23C
High temp since last news report 84F 28C
Low humidity since last news report 56%
Tropical storm web site Link
Live 5-day weather forecast Link

Weather has been unsettled again, with wind some days, rain most nights, even rain during the day once. As earlier this year, westerly winds caused problems. When the wind blows the wrong direction, American Eagle cannot take off with a full load. As a result, we and 16 other people were bumped from a Tuesday flight to San Jaun. American tried to get us a ferry to the St Martin airport, but various things went wrong and by the time we got there, we were too late to get on the San Juan plane.

We did, however, get one good thing out of the trip. We discoverd Cheers. Cheers was the boat chartered by American to take us to St Martin airport. It was very comfotable and fast and is available for charter cruises, trips to St. Barths, and airport pickup ($250, which may be cheaper than staying overnight, if there are several of you). Telephone: 264-497-6297.

Budget Anguilla: Willy's Inn

[Click to enlarge William Gumbs and Willy's Inn] If you turn south at the traffic light in South Hill, you will pass Willy's Inn about half way to Blowing Point village. Proprietor William Gumbs says that has been in operation for 8 years and has 18 efficiency apartments, each complete with bath, kitchen, ceiling fans, TV, hot and cold water, and air conditioning on request. The two-story building has a nice view overlooking the Caribbean and St. Martin.

This is where the students attending the Financial Cryptography conferences stay. The conference organizers even made a web page so that attendees can see exactly what Willy's apartments look like.

The apartments are modest size at 20' x 12' or 20' x 14', but the rates are also modest year round, at $50 single, $75 double, with group rates available. Telephone: 264-497-6225. Fax: 264-497-6819

Guest article by student Danny Laud

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

Don't forget to watch the Easter Monday boat race festivities on Sandy Ground. Races usually start between 11 and 1pm and the sail boats return to Sandy Ground before dark. There is music and food on the beach and a lively crowd!

First Student Oratorical Contest

[Click to enlarge participants in Oratorical Contest] Tuesday evening, March 17, 1998, marked the First Annual Anglec-sponsored Inter-House Oratorical Contest at the auditorium upstairs in the Public Library. Anglec is the Anguilla Electric Company and "Houses" are virtual competitve units of the high school. It is a clever way to create competition when you only have one high school in the country.

In sporting and other events, there are teams from Orange House, Purple House, Yellow House, etc., but there aren't actually any orange or purple buildings in the school! Each student is assigned to a specific "house" when he or she begins high school, and forms teams with other house members from all age groups.

The big prize was a personal computer, going to the speaker receiving the most points, which was Miss Chantal Lewis (pictured front row, blue uniform). Chantal represented Orange House in the Senior Women's Division and Claudius Gumbs won in Senior Men (Yellow House). In the Junior section Miss Tonya Carter (Yellow) and Mr. Jason Webster (Purple) were the winners-—they had to recite a poem by memory. All students that took part received gift certificates worth $100.00 EC

Guest reporting by teacher Leroy Hill

Updates and Feedback

[Click to enlarge chef Pressure King]

Update on Pressure King. The ambassador of Shoal Bay doesn't just rent umbrellas and lounge chairs, he also cooks. This over achiever has a side business catering dinners for people. He will get all the ingredients, including fresh fish and crayfish, bring them to your house, then prepare and serve your dinner. Very yummy. To make arrangements, see the chef on the beach or call him during the day at Uncle Ernie's, 264-497-3907.

Calvin Bartlett Apartment for Rent! On backroad in South Hill, overlooking Sandy Ground, Calvin has his second-floor apartment available for a renter, also an office on the ground floor of the same building. Reasonable. Visit his web site.

Visitor Feedback

Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here are some interesting email messages for April, 1998:

Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 19:51:27
Subject: What a Wonderful Place!

While your newsletter helped prepare us, we were still amazed with the absolute perfection of Anguilla. We stayed at the Allamanda, again better than the glowing descriptions by previous tenants, ate at many of the restaurants with reviews in the newsletter (as a matter of fact, we ate only at restaurants with reviews), bought the wonderful sandwiches at Le Bon Pain, and visited 8 of the seeming endless spectacular beaches, a different one each day. Our favorite outing was Sunday at Scilly Cay, which surpased all of the reviews we've seen published!

We will return, and next time will bring our friends, but we promise we will do nothing to spoil your paradise! Please keep up the neat newsletter. I look forward to the 1st and 15th of each month so I can read it and enjoy news about the places we visited and share the feedback of other visitors.

Dick and Diane Westbrook, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 19:47:34
Subject: Kudos

I have been enjoying your website for the past year. You are doing a fabulous job. I am a technology coordinator at a private school in New York and I noticed recently that students in Anguilla have gotten involved in writing guest articles of interest to tourists. I am very impressed with the quality of their work and the valuable and pragmatic application of the technology.

My husband and I are coming to Anguilla in April for our annual R&R as we have done since 1984. We usuallly rent a cottage as we invite friends or family but this year we are alone and will stay at Allamanda. And Shoal Bay is still my favorite beach.

I applaud your efforts and admire your lifestyle!

Maureen Sheehan, The Berkeley Carroll School

Read more email from visitors.

Paul Ward, Volunteer In Paradise

[Click to enlarge view of xxxx] Paul Ward had a dream - to escape the dark, cold winters of Oslo, Norway on a warm, friendly tropical island. Paul is a Norwegian Computer Analyst with a Masters Degree from California. Paul volunteered to help out at the Anguilla Computer Club and the club found a room in a private home for Paul. For the eight weeks that he was here, the club was able to open five days a week and Paul taught a serious, small class every Tuesday night. Paul had a great time, helped many local children and adults learn to use the computer, improved his scuba diving and even put up a web page about his experience.

Upon return to Norway, Paul wrote "Good to be back, but I get tears in my eyes when I tell people about Anguilla." He plans to return next winter, and bring his Norwegian collegues with him. Now if the computer club can just find a computer analyst for July and August who wants to escape the oppresive summer heat of the eastern USA or the Australian winter!

Web Sites About Anguilla

Anguilla Travel Services is a new venture by Clive Carty, offering travel arrangements, accomodations on Anguilla, villa and property sales, and investment opportunities. Web page:, telephone 264-497-3613.

Jamaica Jim has pictures of his trip to Anguilla and a very detailed report as well.

Anguilla Great House is a locally-owned resort on Rendezvous Bay. Visit their web page.

The Light, Anguilla's weekly newspaper, has stories at their web site, including the ordination of Canon Errol Brooks as Anglican Bishop.

Anguilla Collection is an unusual web site, featuring jewelry by Andre Previn's wife, Heather, Lady Previn.

Caribbean Sea View is Clement Ruan's brand new apartment building overlooking Long Pond, St Barths, and St Martin. Air conditioned, fully equipped, starting at $600 per week. Web page:, telephone 264-497-4662.

Government Buildings Under Construction

[Click to enlarge new Courthouse] New public buildings are going up in Anguilla this year at a fantastic pace. Work on two major projects is ahead of schedule and due to be completed before the end of 1998. These buildings are near the old police headquarters and the National Bank of Anguilla.

The new Courthouse and Parliamentary building (first picture to the right) is being constructed by Oliver Brooks, from a design by architect David Kenworthy. Oliver says that things are going well on the 11,600 sq ft building, which will provide an air conditioned setting for the House of Assembly, the courts, and judge's chambers, holding cells, etc.
[Click to enlarge new police headquarters]

The second project is the new Police Headquarters, a large two story complex next door to the existing Secretariat (second picture to the right). The project manager is Gareth Orchard, of local firm Orchard, Romney, Beck and Associates and the architect was David Brazier. When finished it will provide Anguilla with all the modern police facilities, including training facilities and a secure intelligence area on the floor.

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