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Guyana came back strong to earn a draw against the Leeward Islands in the Red Stripe Cricket match hosted by Anguilla. . . .

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International Cricket at Ronald Webster Park

The match ran January 9-12, 1998, but play was suspended on Sunday due to rain and began 45 minutes late on Monday due to wet conditions. Strong batting by Curtly Ambrose and Kenneth Benjamin gave the Leewards a 153 run lead, but Guyana scored 166 for 1 in their second inning to earn a draw.

For a quick course in cricket for those who are hopelessly confused, follow the links at the Explanations of Cricket page, especially Cricket for Americans.

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For West Indies Cricket information, visit this West Indies page.

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Driver's License Fee for visitors has increased from US $6 to $10.

Computer Acquired for Blind Student. What Next? The Anguilla Computer Club, using a donation from the Anguilla Financial Services Association and Gerry Riskin, has acquired a Pentium 180mz computer to assist young student Tyrone Richardson, who is blind and wants to become a lawyer. He canít read Braille as there is no one on Anguilla who is trained to teach the blind. A properly set-up the computer can teach him and allow him to reach his potential. We have been in contact over the net with blind individuals and organizations that have advised us as to what equipment and software to buy. Unfortunately this special equipment and software is more expensive than we had originally calculated. Anyone who would like to donate speech synthesizer, voice recognition, braile keyboard, or cash to this project should email the Computer Club.

Cap Juluca and Malliouhana Among World's Best. Once again Anguilla's two premier resorts have been rated among the "Best Places to Stay in the Whole World" by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

Another Historic Tour Available. In addition to the Thursday tour of Wallblake House, The Old Factory, and traditional old Anguillian homes (meet at Wallblake house at 10am), the Historical Society is now offering a Tuesday tour of archaeological and salt industry sites in Sandy Ground. This tour is led by former Chief Minister Sir Emile Gumbs and starts at the foot of the hill in Sandy Ground at 10am and finishes at the Salt Factory (Pump House) at noon. Each tour is offered at a cost of US $10.

Laundromats? Julia and Steve Farber of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania wonder "if there are any self-service laundries on the island. We're interested in finding out so we can decrease the amount of clothes we need to take." We haven't noticed any self-service laundromats, but A-1 Laundry will launder or dry clean your clothes for you. Their number is 497-3018 and they are located in The Valley, in the back of the complex across from Ruthwill Auditorium. Laundry is reasonably priced and ready in a day.

The Anguilla National Trust needs funds to attend an important conference of National Trusts. Anyone who would like to help out, email to or telephone 264-497-5297.

Art Festival Winners Announced

[Click to enlarge view of crowd The winners in the competition of Anguilla's International Art Festival were revealed on January 10th, 1998 during a reception at the Sonesta Resort. Artists came from around the world to Anguilla last summer to take part in the island's first festival. Upon returning home each created an art work inspired by Anguilla and submitted it to a competition here. 42 entries were received and judged by an international art jury.

Verna Hart of New York won the first prize of US$10,000 for her work, "Fresh Catch". Second prize was split between Lynne Bernbaum of Anguilla ("Goat Central") and Virginia Hobart of California ("Island Dream"). Honorable mentions went to Louise Brooks of Anguilla ("A Glimpse of Anguilla"), Claudia Post, an American living in St. Maarten ("The White House"), Martin Hitzig of the USA ("White House", a popular topic), Kathleen Field of the USA ("Anguillian Sunset") and Lester Gunter, a Jamaican living in NY ("Valley Goats").

The paintings are on display until January 31st at the Sonesta, daily from 10am to Noon and 4pm-6pm. Many are also for sale. Prices range from $375 to $4800.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 82F 27C 66% Humidity, Sunny January 15, 1998
Low temp since last news report 66F 18C
High temp since last news report 84F 28C
Low humidity since last news report 61%
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Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

Paradise Apartments, Starting at $65 Per Day

[Click to enlarge kitchen of Paradise Apt] Who says Anguilla is only for the rich and famous. Anguilla has a lot of local places to stay that are clean, friendly, and economical. For example, Ambrose Gumbs and his wife Luz Maria operate their Paradise Apartments on Rey Hill, with a wide view from The Valley to Sea Feathers Bay in the East. For $65 nightly you can have your own apartment in Anguilla with modern kitchen, twin or king bedroom, cable TV, maid service, and private porch. And they take credit cards. Cook your own meals. Small grocery across the street, or take a 10 minute walk to downtown Anguilla. Shoal Bay beach is only a 6 minute drive away. Telephone: 264-497-2168. Best time to call is between 3pm and 10pm. Ask about car rental package, honeymoon special, and long-term apartments.

Web Site: Paradise Apartment has a web site with lots of pictures, honeymoon specials, and package deals combining apartment and car rental. And they mention that they have long-term apartments for rent as well.

Updates and Feedback

Feedback on Nathan's Cove. Our Villa Guide links to all the web pages for Anguilla that we can find. A reader sent this report about Nathan's Cove on Meads Bay:
We just got back from Anguilla and stayed at Nathan's Cove. About our stay, Nathan's Cove was fantastic! It is really right on the beach and spacious, beautiful with full kitchen, Cable TV, VCR 4 BD/5BA. It is relatively inexpensive and just what we wanted.

Serenity Beach Bar. There is a new beach bar in front of Serenity Restaurant on Upper Shoal Bay. Great for getting a cool drink after a tough exploration of the beach.

Another Question on Fishing. Richard Kane asks a question not answered in our previous article on fishing:

Does Anguilla have bonefish and/or tarpon fishing on shallow flats?

Frangipani Restaurant has a new menu, but we don't have a copy of it yet, so our article is out of date.

A New Villa You Can Rent or Buy

[Click to enlarge Chinchary Villa view] Chinchary Villas has a brand new villa on Sandy Hill with spacious views of the coast and St. Martin. This villa has two stories with the living space and half bath upstairs with the view and the two bedrooms (each with private bath) and laundry room downstairs around the entry and stairway. It is set above a scenic bay and furnished with antiques, original artworks, and new furniture. The villa is currently booked until March, but after that you can rent it for $200 per day ($4000 per month, add 8% for Government), or buy the house and the 1/4 acre lot it sits on for $300,000. Telephone: 264-497-4259.

Web Site: Chinchary Villa has a web page where you can see many more pictures and detals.

Anguilla Boosted in USA Today

A full page article by feature writer Jerry Shriver on Anguilla appeared in USA Today newspaper on Friday, January 2, 1998. Jerry was one of the international judges during the culinary competition last December, and he highlighted Anguilla's high class cuisine in his article entitled Gourmet Paradise in Anguilla, with pictures of chef Zeff Bonsey and bartender Ron Webster.

Aside from beach strolling and water sports, there's little to do on this serene island of 10,500 inhabitants other than repose on the balcony of a luxurious villa, snicker at the cruise-ship hordes invading neighboring St. Martin and plot a restaurant itinerary.

Though just 16 miles long and 3 miles across at the max, Anguilla boasts nearly a dozen good-to-excellent restaurants and two of the region's richest wine cellars (at Malliouhana and Koal Keel).

You can read the full article on the Internet at the USA Today web site.

The Sunday Thing

[Click to enlarge view] Enjoy sunday lunch, sun, sea, and live reggae music at "Johhny Cakes" on Shoal Bay East. Gwen has taken over lunch at Fountain Beach hotel and calls her place Johnny Cakes. Now she is providing live music on Sunday afternoons, along with her reasonably priced lunch, and she calls it her Sunday Thing. Besides the regular daily menu below, she has specials, up to and including lobster!

The Sunday Thing Menu at "Johnny Cakes"
Fresh Red Snapper US $10
Grilled Chicken US $6
BBQ Ribs US $6
Chicken and Rib Deluxe US $8
All served with delicious local rice and peas, plus coleslaw. Assorted beers and beverages. Telephone: 264-497-9361.

Sunday entertainment is unlikely to continue into the low season. Be cautious about entering the ocean at this end of the beach - try 100 yards eastward where the inshore shoals end.

Web Sites About Anguilla

Click to read more at Beachshack Web Site.

Nowell Rogers Jr, Palm Importer and Computer Programmer. Nowell, the son of Nowell Rogers, Sr., Anguilla's Chief Engineer, is a computer programmer who has worked in the Dominican Republic, Houston and Miami. By a strange coincidence, he has has programmed the same Hewlett-Packard servers that your reporter works on. Nowell and his father have started a new venture, importing palm trees and other plants from the Dominican Republic to Anguilla. Read all about Nowell, his Christmas Palms, and "sugar soil" compost in the January 9th, 1998 Progress Report of the Beachshack Tropical Construction Web Site. Nowell can be reached at 264-497-5468 or email to

Videos of Anguilla. The Anguilla home page has two on-line videos of Anguilla, in QuickTime format.

CoveCastles Grand Villa is featured in this web page at Dick Zebo's Caribbean Rentals site. This is the same villa displayed in an 8-page spread in the January issue of Architectural Digest.

La Sirena has a web site with information in both German and English. Topics include Anguilla facts, Anguilla activities, how to transfer from St. Maarten airport, and facts about Hotel La Sirena. See an extract below in German, with links to English version!

Hilfe für die Weiterreise

Hotel La Sirena, Meads Bay, Anguilla
La Sirena main pool
Kleine Hilfe für die Weiterreise von St. Maarten nach Anguilla.

Sie werden auf dem Flug nach St. Maarten ein Formular erhalten, worin Sie Ihre Personalien und Passangaben eintragen müssen. Nach der Ankunft in St. Maarten begeben Sie sich als erstes in die Ankunftshalle, wo Sie die "Immigration" (Passkontrolle) passieren müssen. Hier zeigen Sie Ihren Pass und geben Ihr im Flugzeug ausgefülltes Formular ab. Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie bei der Hoteladresse "Transit" eingetragen haben. Nach der "Immigration"' kommen Sie in die Haupt-Ankunftshalle.

Weiterreise mit Flugtaxi (Buchung erforderlich)

Mit Air Anguilla: Kurz vor oder nach der Immigration (Passkontrolle) wartet ein Angestellter auf Sie mit einem Schild, wo Ihr Name daraufsteht. Sobald Sie Ihr Gepäck erhalten haben, werden Sie zum Taxiflugzeug gebracht. Flugkosten: US$ 80.00 für Hin- und Rückflug, nur Hinflug: US 50.00, nur Rückflug: US$ 30.00 pro Person. Kinder bis 12 Jahre bezahlen jeweils die Hälfte.

Mit Tyden-Air: Gleich nach der "Immigration" (Passkontrolle) befindet sich auf der rechten Seite ein Schalter der Fluggesellschaft Tyden-Air. Sie werden dort bereits erwartet; bitte melden Sie sich. Sobald Sie Ihr Gepäck erhalten haben, wird sich ein Angestellter um die Weiterleitung kümmern und Sie zu Ihrem Taxiflugzeug bringen. Flugkosten: US$ 85.00 pro Person für Hin- und Rückflug. Kinder bis 3 Jahre sind gratis, für 4 bis 8-jährige wird US$ 64.00 berechnet, ab 9 Jahren gilt der volle Preis.

Für die Einreise nach Anguilla benötigen Sie ein Einreiseformular, welches Ihnen entweder von Air Anguilla, am Schalter der Tyden Air oder nach dem Flug von der Immigration in Anguilla ausgehändigt wird. Der Flug nach Anguilla dauert ca. 5 Minuten.

Nach der Landung in Anguilla gehen Sie in die Ankunftshalle und passieren die "Immigration"; wo Sie das ausgefüllte Einreiseformular sowie Ihren Pass vorzeigen. Sie werden dort auch Ihr Gepäck vorfinden und müssen jetzt nur noch den Zoll passieren. Manchmal nehmen es die anguillanischen Zöllner ziemlich genau, seien Sie geduldig. Willkommen in Anguilla! Ausserhalb der Ankunftshalle befindet sich ein Taxi-Stand. Die Fahrt zum Hotel La Sirena dauert ca. 15 Minuten. Die Kosten betragen US$ 16.00 pro Fahrt für 1 bis 2 Personen. Für jede weitere Person wird ein Aufpreis von US$ 4.00 berechnet. Kinder bis 4 Jahre sind gratis, ab 5 Jahren gilt der volle Preis.

Der Flug mit Tyden Air/Air Anguilla kann bei uns im voraus gebucht werden. Auf Wunsch können wir für Sie auch den Transfer vom Flughafen zum Hotel und zurück bereits in der Schweiz organisieren. Die Kosten betragen dann US$ 36.00 für 1 und 2 Personen, jede weitere Person plus US$ 10.00.

Weiterreise mit der Fähre (keine Vorabbuchung möglich)

Nach der Immigration nehmen Sie Ihr Gepäck in Empfang. Gleich ausserhalb der Ankunftshalle befindet sich der Taxi-Stand. Die Fahrt nach Marigot (Ferry to Anguilla) dauert ca. 20 Minuten (Kosten ca. US$ 14.00). Die Fähre fährt ab 08.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr alle 30/40 Minuten, dann wieder um 17.40 Uhr und 19.00 Uhr. Im Hafen in Marigot schreiben Sie sich gleich in die Passagierliste ein und bezahlen eine Abfahr-Taxe von US$ 2.00 pro Person. Kurz vor Abfahrt der Fähre wird der Zugang zum Steg geöffnet. Die Überfahrt dauert ca. 20 Minuten und kostet bis 17.40 Uhr US$ 10.00, nachher US$ 12.00 pro Person. Sie bezahlen direkt im Boot während der Überfahrt. Bei der Ankunft müssen Sie wiederum ein Einreiseformular ausfüllen. Sie passieren die Immigration und gelangen zum Zoll. Auch hier nehmen es die anguillanischen Zöllner ziemlich genau, seien Sie geduldig. Willkommen in Anguilla! Sie finden einen Taxi-Stand direkt nach der Ankunftshalle, die Fahrt zum Hotel La Sirena dauert ca. 15 Minuten und kostet US$ 14.00 für 1 und 2 Personen.

Hotel La Sirena
Anguilla Informationen
Aktivitäten auf Anguilla

Hotel Information
Anguilla Information
Anguilla Activities
St. Martin Transfers

La Sirena hotel

Wir wünschen Ihnen einen schönen Aufenthalt im Hotel La Sirena!

La Sirena Hotel is popular with visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland because the staff speaks German as well as English.

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Linking to the Anguilla Local News is easy, and encouraged. Once we post an article on our web site, we never move it or remove it. So you can link your web page to our news issues with the confidence that they will be there for years to come. And, most articles are cross-referenced by topic in our index pages, shown at the bottom of every web page, so you can link directly to a specific article if you wish.

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Teach Yourself to Speak Anguillian

Anguilla is an English speaking country, but the local dialect of English can be puzzling for new visitors.

For a jump start on your studies, buy a copy of the Dictionary of the Anguillian Language at the National Book Store in the Social Security Complex. For example, Tief - Thief. E.g. 'You too tief'--You are a thief/You like to steal.

For example, if you have never visited Anguilla before you probably don't know the true meaning of above and below:

In Anguilla you quickly learn what above and below mean. If you don't, you will be totally lost. When you ask for someone and the answer in a one-story building is "She in the room above", look to the East, not Up. And below means toward the West End. Another way to remember this is that above is upwind in sailing.

For a quick introduction in six lessons, use our Anguilla Language Course.

Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
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