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Linking to the Anguilla Local News is easy, and encouraged. Once we post an article on our web site, we never move it or remove it. So you can link your web page to our news issues with the confidence that they will be there for years to come. And, most articles are cross-referenced by topic in our index pages, shown at the bottom of every web page, so you can link directly to a specific article if you wish.

How to link to the latest news?

Just insert this piece of HTML code at the bottom of your web page:

Visit the <a href="">Anguilla Local News</a>.

This always links to the main news page, which contains the latest news. This page is also stored under another page name based on the date, i.e., ... so if you want to link to a specific issue or article, you must link to the named page, not the main page. You can find links to all issue pages on the Back Issues page.

A Link Graphic You Can Use.

If you want to link with a graphic image, here is one you can use:

Read the Anguilla Local News

And here is the HTML code to paste in your web page to display this logo as a link to our site:

<a href=""><img src="newslink.gif"
width=468 height=55 border=0 hspace=5 vspace=5
alt="Read the Anguilla Local News"></a>

How to find the link address for a specific article?

To find the link address for an article, search our cross reference pages. For example, to find an article on the Roti Hut restaurant, click on the Menus link at the bottom of any page. This brings up a list of restaurants. Now click on the Roti Hut link.

When the Roti Hut article appears, highlight the web page address window and Copy it into the clipboard. Then Paste it from the clipboard into your web page. For example,

<a href="">The Roti Hut.</a>

When the Anguilla Local News started, all articles of an issue were combined into a single file. Therefore, addresses of individual articles looked like this:
where "" is our web site, "news9706.html" is the web page for June 1997, and "#rotihut" is the "anchor" for an article on Roti Hut restaurant. When you click on this link, it pulls up the entire June issue but positions you at the Roti Hut article. Unfortunately, retrieving the entire article can be very slow.

Therefore, articles are now also posted as separate files in the "" directory of our web site. For example, a link that only pulls up the article on the Roti Hut (and not the rest of the articles for June, 1997) is much faster and less confusing:

We are in the process of breaking up the old news issues as well into separate article files for easier referencing.

Linking to pictures?

You are welcome to link to articles that contain the picture you want. For example, if you want to give your readers views of Shoal Bay, insert a link to in your page. Please do not link to individual pictures, especially not as in-line images in your web pages, since this slows down our server every time your web page is accessed.

If you wish to use one our our images, please email us first for permission. You can then copy the image file to your own web site. Pictures come in three sizes: xxx-sm.jpg is small (200 by 133 pixels), xxx-md.jpg is medium (500 by 333) and xxx.jpg is full size.

 Revised: June 01, 1998

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