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Who To Call in a T-Shirt Emergency?

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[Click to enlarge Gem Exclusiv T-Shirts] What is that cute pink store across from the CCB bank in The Valley? That is the Gem-Exclusiv T-shirt and gift shop, run by Dennis Lloyd and his family. What makes it unique, besides having one of few new buildings in Anguilla that is cute and colorful, is that the family designs and prints the T-shirts themselves at home. Dennis and his wife Yasmini started the business about four years ago. Young son Denya does a lot of the designs and younger daughter Demi helps out with whatever is needed.

They print the T-shirts in their basement, where they have their own color separation equipment, four-colour silk screen press, dryer to set the inks, light box, etc. Many of their designs incorporate the Anguilla flag, in a four-colour process. In stock they have the designs for many of the organizations on the island, so they can make up extra shirts in a hurry. Recently a visitor came into the store and wanted to take home T-shirts from Road Primary and Valley Primary Schools, but in a special colour. No problem. Dennis just nipped home and made them up.

Gem-Exclusiv also does T-shirts for sports clubs and domino teams, as well banners and signs. The one-time charge to make up a basic one-colour screen for your team or family vacation is US$20, then $12 per T-shirt for as many as you need. For a small number of shirts, they use a quick screen machine which only costs $5 setup, then $12 a T-shirt again (but the screen wears out after 30 or 40 uses).

Sometimes there are T-Shirt emergencies in Anguilla, in which case Dennis and Yasmini can go from a drawing to a dozen finished T-shirts in two hours or less! Last weekend there was a softball championship. One of the teams was so confident of victory that they had a "Champions of 1997" T-shirt designed ahead of time. At game time, Dennis stayed right by the press with the shirts ready to go. When the game was won, the team called by cellular, he produced the shirts and delivered them to the victory party and motorcade.

Gem-Exclusiv is open from 8 am to 6 pm daily. Telephone: 264-497-3345/3869. Fax 2639.

 Revised: December 31, 1997

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