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[Goat painting, Copyright 1996 Lynne Bernbaum] Lynne came to Anguilla in February 94 and fell in love with it. So she transferred her art career here from the SF Bay Area and settled in. She works in water colors, mostly Caribbean subjects. The sample here is from a watercolor exhibited and sold at the Governer's Tea in 1996; it is Copyright 1996 by Lynne Bernbaum. Click on it to see a larger graphic.

Lynne has shown her paintings at Courteney Devonish's gallery since August 94 and in Madrid Spain alsok, starting in 1999. You may see Lynne's work at the Devonish Gallery, West End, Anguilla (telephone: 264-497-2049, email: [email protected])

Update: Lynne also gives art classes in Anguilla from time to time, for novice children and adults. Contact her at 264-497-5211.

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