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If you like the out of doors, Windward Point is an excellent place for you to take a hike. . . .

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 2000/02/27 - Click to enlarge pictures

A Hike At Windward Point

Forests of Popes Head Cactcus. Piles of driftwood along the shoreline. A long sandy beach of wild waves. A hill to climb, with a navigation light at the peak, and great views of Scrub Island and back over Anguilla toward St. Martin.

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Collins O. Hodge, Hero

[Collins Hodge] Anguilla's revolutionary stalwarts are being commemorated on the country's postage stamps:

"The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau has taken the initiative to perpetually honour the selfless service of those men and women who worked with great resolve, placing country above self in their quest for self determination.

"Heroes and Heroines of Anguilla's Revolution is intended to be a continuous theme to honour posthumously those who featured prominently in the struggle to liberate their country from servitude and poverty's ever tightening grasp. It is an honour to salute the work and memory of four Anguillans whose loyalty to country speaks volumes as their fitting epitaphs.
Ordering Stamps.
This collection can be ordered for EC$4.70 (about US$1.75). The Post Office now was a web site: Click Here. And they accept VISA cards! Send your order by fax to 1-264-497-5455.

Collins O. Hodge (1925-1978)

"Collins O. Hodge was one of the fearless instigators of the Anguilla revolution. He was among a nucleus of activists who advocated the return of foreign policeman from Anguillan soil.

"This was perhaps one of the most significant acts of the famous revoltion, for it sent a clear message to the existing powers that Anguillans were not tolerant of the status of Statehood which Britain, through Robert Bradshaw sought to impose through military might.

"This outspoken and militant leader became a member of the Anguilla council in 1967.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Satellite
Sunny 74F 23C 58% Humidity, Feb 26
Low temp since last news report 72F 22C
High temp since last news report 79F 26C
Low humidity since last news report 48%
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Nomination Day 2000

March 3 Election Results: Visit Site

Eighteen candidates register on Nomination Day for the March 3rd election.

Article by Brenda Carty

Friday February 18, 2000 was Nomination Day in Anguilla and a crowd of people was at the Court House from 10.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. to see and talk to the candidates. There are several parties in the election and a number of Independents. The Anguilla National Alliance (ANA) and the Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP) have joined to form the United Front. In this group are Osbourne Fleming, Victor Banks, Eric Reid, Kenneth Harrigan and Kenswick Richardson. The Anguilla United Movement (AUM) consists of Hubert Hughes and Albert Hughes. The Anguilla Patriotic Movement (APM) with Quincy Gumbs and Franklyn Richardson and in the Movement for Grassroot Democracy, John Benjamin and Joyce Kentish are the candidates. There are seven Independent Candidates: Rhona Richardson, Franklin Connor, Barbara Webster, Margaret Augustus, Valencia Hodge, Awandi I and Edison Baird.

The following is the list of candidates contesting the seat in each district:

Districts for Elections (incumbents listed first)

Introducing Apple Theatre Company

[Click to enlarge] If you haven't heard of Anguilla's Apple Theatre Company yet, keep an eye out for them this spring and summer. Apple Theatre is now planning their next musical theatre production Children of Eden to be staged in The Valley this coming July. The group is only three years old, but it is growing quickly in both membership and strength.

In March of 1998, a group of students began to learn improvisational acting skills through afterschool classes. They also rehearsed their first play during this time, Anne of Green Gables which was performed in the Ruthwill Auditorium in July 1998. The group was really inspired by the experience. The following summer they staged their second musical; an energetic production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which was extremely well-received by those who saw it. After this show the Apple Theatre Company was formed.
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"Apple" was chosen as the group's identity; an acronym for "Anguillian People Performing Live Entertainment." It seemed that the company, now expanded from the 23 members to close to 40 and growing, needed to define themselves and start building a place for themselves in the local cultural community.

They are working on becoming better-known and more stable. The group has actually expanded beyond the high school now - many of the original members have now graduated but continue to be active in the group. Members range in age from 11 to 20 years old, and there's loads of room for new people.

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Since "Joseph" the group has met regularly and has been pursuing fundraising to help raise the next show. Children of Eden by Stephen Schwartz (composer of "Pippin," "Godspell," and the recent animated film "The Prince of Egypt") is a musical storytelling of the Biblical story of creation from the very beginning through to the story of Noah and the Ark. It's also a sincere look at the relationships between parents and children, and the beauty of generations of families knowing each other. It's a very touching show with beautiful music.

Young people in Anguilla who like to dance, sing, or act, or who want to learn more about musical theatre are encouraged to get involved in this show. Auditions will be happening in late June, so keep checking the web for more on the time and place. If you have any questions, or you'd like more information on the program or the Apple Theatre Company, email Eleanor Stacey at, or speak to people you know who are members.

Article by Eleanor Stacey

Anguilla Diary: February 13, 2000 to February 26, 2000

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Saturday, February 26, 2000

Keene Villas Web Site. Alecia Ballin and her daughter Alex operate Keene Enterprises in The Valley (across from the Social Security Building). Their businesses include home improvement supplies such as tiles, sinks and light fixtures, real estate, property management, villa rental and a gift shop at George Hill (Alecia's Place). For the villa rental business, they have created, a brand new web site with pictures and details on all their villas: Click Here.

Seafeather Villa Web Page. Leroy Hill has created a new web page for the "Seafeather" 2 bedroom vacation villa in the east end of the island ($200/night high season, $125 low season): Click Here.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Be Aware. The Primary School BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS recently joined together for a fun outing at Forest Bay Beach.
We had 150 Club members, 6 advisors and 20 parents who enjoyed the sea, the sand, the refreshments and the camaraderie. The get-together was planned for three main reasons.

We wanted to show members how beautiful Anguilla’s beaches truly are and how unattractive they can become if not cared for properly. Forest Bay was a perfect example of both types. In some areas there were picnic leftovers, debris from boats, and glass bottles. In other areas the beach was sandy and inviting. We, of course, did our share by cleaning some of the area.

The second reason was to reward all of the Club members for becoming active, dues-paying members, for maintaining the premises of their respective schools and for assisting the Environmental Health Unit (EHU) in collecting glass bottles for their recycling programme.

Lastly, we wanted to make sure that the FUN in our motto “Environment is FUNdamental” was not just lip service.

Planning is already advanced for the second annual summer CAMP BE AWARE, this year adding swimming and life saving lessons. To raise money, CAMP BE AWARE is raffling two round trips from Anguilla to San Juan (donated by American Eagle). Tickets are US$5 each, available 10 March until the first day of camp, 10 July.

For any further information on the CLUBS or CAMP or to buy raffle tickets, contact Teacher Art at email, call or fax at 264-497-2369, If you would like to join any of the BE AWARE CLUBS you may mail checks to PO Box 959, Anguilla, BWI and declare which Club you would like to receive your dues. If you have no specific club in mind the money will be divided among the 7 CLUBS.

For more details, visit the BE AWARE web site, Click Here

Caribera Villa. This new 8-bedroom luxury villa near Blowing Point has a web page at Villas of the World site: Click Here.

From Impoverished Grad Student to Patent-Holding Entrepreneur. Instant news report from Financial Cryptography 00 conference in Anguilla from Wired: Click Here.

ID-less ID. Instant news report from the Financial Cryptography 00 conference in Anguilla from Wired: Click Here.

More Voters This Year. Read about it in the Daily Herald: Click Here.

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Anguilla in "Wired". IBM researcher proposes combination of encryption and digital cash to stop spam (report from Wednesday of the FC'00 Conference at the Inter-Island Hotel): Click Here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

German Translation of the February 13, 2000 news is ready: Click Here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Anguilla on NBC TV. Catch glimpes of Anguilla all week on the Ainsley Harriott Show, according to a story in the Daily Herald: Click Here.

Cerulean Villa. A new elegant web page for this elegant villa: Click Here.

Monday, February 21, 2000

Villa 3 Dolphins is a 5500 sq ft villa on the coast between Blowing Point and Little Harbour, with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, air conditioning, pool, and access to a very private, small beach: Click Here.

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Watersports. The Tourist Board has a list of watersports operators on their site: Click Here.

Sunday, February 20, 2000

In the archive

Italian Translation. The February 13, 2000 issue of the Anguilla news has been translated by Gaetano Di Palo. To read it, Click Here.

New Mill for Farmers. The Daily Herald has an article about a milling plant in South Valley: Click Here.

Hurricane Forecasting 2000. According to the BBC, the National Hurricane Center is adding a new technique for predicting the strength of hurricanes: Click Here.

Saturday, February 19, 2000

German Translation. The news for January 30, 3000 has been translated: Click Here.

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Carib On-line

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High Praise from a Stamp Collector. Wolfgang Weitlaner (email: collects stamps, but in a special way. He collects registered letters from each country, with carefully selected stamps on them. He asked me how to approach the Anguilla Post Office about his philatelic request. I pointed him at the Post Office web site (Click Here) and verified that the Post Office does take VISA credit cards. He faxed his needs to the Post Office at (264) 497 5455, and here is how Wolf describes the service:

Hi Bob!
i was receiving the envelope from Lelia Richardson - the boss. she was doing the best imaginable job. Much better than all the other post-offices. I am very very glad. Payment on credit card was superb working!!! She even has some old stuff on stock, which she will forward me....
Cheers Wolf
Now Wolf wonders if Anguilla's Travelling Post Office truck has its own cancellation. He could add a special registered letter mailed from the truck while is is delivering mail to the villages.

White Gazpacho. Chef Maurice at Leduc's Restaurant has a wonderful appetizer called "White Gazpacho", which is a chilled soup of ground almonds and garlic with grapes and grated apples. We had it last night, along with a Warm Goat Cheese salad, Twice-Roasted Crisp Duckling and Grouper Filet prepared with a tomato and olive sauce. All were excellent. The menu changes slightly on a regular basis, but for a recent menu, Click Here.

Friday, February 18, 2000

St Gerards Garden Party. This fabulous night of dining, drinking and dancing, with music by Sprocka, is March 11, 2000. Read about last year's party: Click Here.

The Anguillian Sports Link. Zack Kenworthy has created a web site for his sports journalism from The Anguillian newspaper, including archives back several months: Click Here.

Political News from The Daily Herald. Here is a link to an article from yesterday's newspaper: Click Here.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Cryptography Conference to Start. The Fourth Conference on Financial Cryptography will start in Anguilla February 21st, 2000 (Daily Herald story): Click Here.

Good Morning Anguilla. According to rumors, the Good Morning America program will be broadcasting live from CuisinArt Resort in Anguilla tomorrow morning (Friday, Feb 18) . [Actually, it was just a beach shot for a "Virtual Vacation" segment.]

Anguilla in the Open Directory. DMOZ is an interesting idea: a web site search directory organized by topic, but with links maintained by volunteer editors who include summary descriptions and highlight the best sites.. In the last year it has grown fantastically. For example, their Anguilla listings are very useful: Click Here.

Build Your Own:

Overseas Connection. This villa management firm represents upscale properties around the world, including 6 on Anguilla. They produce an impressive Villas magazine and have a web site: Click Here.

Video Presentation. Carimar Beach Club has added video presentations to their web site: Click Here.

Monday, February 14, 2000

Another Anguilla Guide. Caribbean Adventures has yet another web site on Anguilla. This one is nice looking and provides a reasonable overview, but the specific information is not up to date: Click Here.

Romance. A page from the Tourist Dept web site on getting married in Anguilla: Click Here.

Sunday, February 13, 2000

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Cuisinart Opens Spa. Venus Spa covers three stories and 6,000 sq ft and is air conditioned and carpeted. It includes a fitness room, hair salon, massage therapy center, personal trainer, weights, etc. Memberships are available to residents and tourists alike. For more information, call 1-264-498-2000 ext 3820. [From the AHTA newsletter.]

The Joy of Anguilla. Peg Gregory is opening a show of new works at the Devonish Gallery, February 19, 2000. The show will run until March 3, 2000. For more information: Click Here.

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